Monday, November 4, 2019

Carbon Kings and Sovereign Power

The Energy 202: Big oil and gas companies are winners in Trump's new trade deal. The Washington Post

EPA to scale back federal rules restricting waste from coal-fired power plants. (2019, November 3). The Washington Post.
Agency chief Andrew Wheeler argues that Obama-era rules ‘placed heavy burdens on electricity producers.’ Critics call the changes unwarranted and potentially dangerous.

Eric Lipton (2018, August 20). As Trump Dismantles Clean Air Rules, an Industry Lawyer Delivers for Ex-Clients new York times Monday august 20 2018. The New York Times,
The top air pollution official in the Trump administration had been a lawyer for polluting industries. They are now benefiting from his new role. 

Hiroko Tabuchi (Oct. 24, 2019Updated Oct. 25, 2019). Government Loophole Gave Oil Companies $18 Billion Windfall. The New York Times,
Some of the biggest oil companies in the world, including Chevron, Shell, BP, Exxon Mobil and others, have avoided paying at least $18 billion in royalties on oil and gas drilled since 1996, according to a new report from the Government Accountability Office, a nonpartisan agency that works for Congress. The companies, which hold government leases to drill in the Gulf, continue to extract oil and gas from those wells while not being required to pay royalties, a right the industry has gone to court to defend.

Connecting the dots helps us understand who is really running the show....

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  1. Got the new 5G brought to u by Verizon, Elon Musk and ATT?

    Can they hear you better now?

    Can They Irradiate you to Death more effectively now?

    Can they send 50000 more rockets and 12000 more satelites into orbit, that will create thousands of tons more space junk in earth orbit?
    Such a great windfall for Elon Musk and wall street.
    The real cost is trillions of dollars to american Taxpayers and a deadly cost to life on that is so close to the edge.
    Wall street, the billionaires, the generals will profit handsomely from this deadly boondogle and truly everyone loses.
    This is part of what the , 2 trillion tax cut for billionaires that Trump has done, funds.


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