Saturday, December 22, 2018

Volcanic Activity and Earthquakes Seem Excessive: Is Geological Activity Increasing?

This month there have been several large (in excess of 7.0) earthquakes in Russia (here), in the South Pacific (here), and now in Indonesia an active volcano caused a tsunami that just killed in excess of 43 people and injured in excess of 584 (here).

Is the ring of fire more active than usual?

In May of 2018, a blogger at Accuweather responded NO to this question but I have to wonder whether that answer would still hold true?


  1. This appears to happen every time the sun goes into a kind of hibernation when its magnetic fields are said to oppose each other (which a Russian astrophysicist says is occurring now). The earth's magnetic field weakens; then more earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. One cycle is 206 years in length and one is about 400 years in length. At least these claims can be checked. The Maunder Minimum lasted from around 1640 to1715. The boundaries are fuzzy. Another period began in the late 13th century and last through the 14th. Famine and the Black Death. Of course this goes completely against global warming, since if this understanding is true we are in for global cooling. We could be in for a time more exciting than anyone wants.

  2. What we need are two graphs showing volcanic activity and earthquakes for the past thousand years. If the several astrophysicists are correct we should see spikes on both graphs coinciding with distinct cooling periods. I am sure such graphs exist but have not located them yet. Were science not so politicized the three graphs superimposed would already have been presented on the front page of the NYT showing that we are headed into a time of considerable food shortage . . .that is, assuming I am correct. But we can't have that, can we. Does this account for China's interest in Africa and Venezuela? I have checked and there is a dropping off of grain production due to bad weather in both northern and southern hemispheres. However, we are using induction,and there is no guarantee that past cycles will replicate now as they did. Something new could occur that throws everything off. But if the growing zones move towards the equator very much we will have problems. Can you imagine cold winters in Arizona? Snow occurring regularly in Miami? There is not much in the way of records for North America in the 17th century west of the Mississippi. However, there must be some expert who has read what exists in the way of diaries and reports by the Spanish.

  3. What Happens if a VEI-7 Eruption Occurs When Harvard’s Geoengineering Program is Live?

    Some good graphs here:

  4. Are these disasters getting some assistance with government run weather modification programs? What are they doing with HAARP? What technology do they do they have that we don’t know about?

    If these people are crazy enough to want to open up black holes and more nuclear facilities, we already know that they are insane.

    1. They live in mental worlds surrounded by others living in mental worlds and often lack any significant contact with the everyday world most live in.
      I think Adapt 2030 is presenting a somewhat extreme vision of the climate future, but he does present useful information. "As Awareness of the Grand Solar Minimum Grows What’s Next for Society"

      Areas that are currently considered too hot to be great places to live in will become attractive to people with money. Southern Libya, areas of south east Iran, in general the Sahara . . . Arizona may become a bit chilly? I really don't know but it may be a bumper time for the End of Worlders! Could Death Valley become the best place to live in CA? Actually I think the West is supposed to even become warmer while the East gets a lot colder.

  5. yes I have done quite a bit of work on this matter. And am the first person that I can see that has come up with the dismal reality that when you get "quiet sun" you got both of these reinforcing mechanisms at the same time.
    1) Cooler temps due to more clouds, due to more Galactic Cosmic Rays nucleating clouds.
    2) More volcanic and earthquake activity as the GCR at 1000s of time stronger than normal Gamma Rays and can nucleate gases in Magma up to 2 miles deep.

  6. ) Hawaii Volcano (Kilauea)

    2) EQ right on the old Caldera for Moana Loa (Kileaua is on the far flank of Moana Loa). Incidentally Moana Loa is the "largest" volcano on the planet, at least height wise. I have not deep dived on the Yellowstone "volcano" but that seems more like a magma chamber to me.

    3) EQ surrounding Moana Kea

    4) Super rare large deep earthquakes.

    5) Largest EQ ever on the North Slope of Alaska

    6) Huge Earthquake on Indonesia Take the Pressure off Hawaii WITHIN HOURS!

    7) Largest Earthquake Ever In Venezuela

    8) Large 6.2 Hits Oregon's Underwater "Blanco Slip Plate"

    9) Large EQs in the Hilina Slump, Possible 1000' Tsunami Hawaii, Hitting Cali at 150'

    10) On June 14th, the USGS was told in no uncertain terms, to downplay the risk with the Volcanic Eruptions and especially the danger of the Hilina Slump 1000' Tsunami.

    11) 6.9 in Indonesia at the Infamous Rinjani Volcano. The last big Eruption was in 1257 AD which blow out sailors ear drums 40 miles away. It also happened at the beginning of Quiet Sun. Quiet Sun started the Volcano, and then together with atmospheric reflection AND Quiet Sun nucleation of clouds led us into regime changing Little Ice Age.

  7. The last time around there were few people able to keep track globally (1640 to around 1715)though there may be enough records to put together a good picture. Apparently very little has come out of South America. Time for the scholarly historians to come forth. Will this be a SUPER SOLAR MINIMUM, or will some ancient unknown cycle kick in after the sun has a short nap and warm things up again, so that grapes can be grown in Iceland?

    Four feet of snow in Morocco is impressive. If you run a diagonal from the south west tip of Montana to Mississippi you divide the nation into two parts. The eastern part gets colder and the western part warmer or at least stays the same. I can foresee massive green houses using geothermal energy and well protected from hail. Oh, and they can pump in CO2 to hasten growth. I wonder if Al Gore would like to buy some shore property on Hudson
    Bay at this time?

    Now Mt Etna has had a massive eruption. And Rome is imitating Paris and San Francisco by becoming filled with garbage and homeless people. Si la vie.

  8. I think we can be fairly certain that the Navajo and Hopi have histories of the last solar minimum. What was the climate like back then in Arizona/New Mexico?

  9. I foresee a great population reduction during the next eight years. This will primarily occur as a result of global cooling. Around the year 2100 the climate will become mild again and for a long time.
    The global population will drop to about eight hundred million with about 40 or 50 million in the USA. The US will be quite energy and food independent. The nation will be more communal than now with lots of social organizations locally. Nationalism will be the concept, not globalism. Governments will shrink. Large families will again be the norm as well as a traditional life style. In many respects life will resemble the 19th century. Personal freedom will increase. Lots of creativity and invention. A pretty happy time on earth.
    Wars will be very infrequent and small. Russia and the US will take leadership roles and do much to prevent crime and military conflicts.


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