Friday, December 21, 2018

Johnson & Johnson Hits Bottom for Social Responsibility

Lisa Girion (2018, December 14). Johnson & Johnson knew for decades that asbestos lurked in its baby powder. Reuters,

Reuters has produced a significant collection of evidence incriminating Johnson&Johnson in the deliberate cover-up of asbestos risks from its baby powder.

I remember in high school my friends and I would cover ourselves in that powder. I remember the baby scent and the talc in the air at my friend's Sue house as we would "get ready" to go out together....

Why would Johnson&Johnson deny this low probability but catastrophic risk from its product?

Because human life is collateral damage in their financial formulations.

I'm done with this company.

First there was the scandal with Risperdal, the powerful anti-psychotic drug that causes massive weight gain, lactation in men, and diabetes that Johnson&Johnson got approved as a first line drug treatment for children with autism (see here). The doctor who promoted this drug nationally for use in kids was receiving big bucks from the company for years ( here ).

Then there was the series of (over-the-counter) product contamination problems that Johnson&Johnson could not fix and would not acknowledge publicly until exposed for sending reps into stores to buy defective products to keep them off the shelves, rather than acknowledging publicly that their children's tylenol and other products were contaminated!

What a shameful record Johnson&Johnson!!!!!


  1. If you put baby powder on cloth stained by oil as soon as you can it works very well . . . I guess we used some baby powder with our four children when they were babies. Asbestos was a well kept secret back then.

    But what I find astonishing is that persons of celebrity who once participated in peace marches are greeting Trump's withdrawal of troops from Syria and then from Afghanistan with anger. I guess they like the USA as the world's police force. There was a time however when liberals would have cheered these withdrawals, but they have now joined up with the Neocons. Well, they did vote for Hillary who would have continued as much war as possible. She would have been looking for another Libya. Any guesses what nations?

    1. Personally, I would’ve never dreamed that their powder would be hazardous. Fooled again.

      As for the troop withdrawal, it could be that they are being brought back to America to deal with the upcoming collapse. Order-followers are much more dangerous than talcum powder and they can be used on US at the psychopath’s whim.

    2. I do agree that the neocons are powerfully influential in the Democratic Party. By neocons I mean that group of ideologues found across political parties who believes in direct re-making of the world in a particular American model that incorporates neoliberal capitalism with more repressive/authoritarian governance. Neocons are not really "liberal" in the classical sense of laissez-faire.


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