Sunday, August 27, 2017

Trump Pardons Arpaio, Who Didn't Meet the Justice Dept. Guidelines for Pardon

Korte, Gregory (2017, August 27). Trump's Arpaio Pardon a Breach. USA Today, A1:
"Arpaio didn't meet the Justice Department guidelines for a pardon. His conviction was less than five years ago, he hadn't expressed remorse, and he hadn't even applied to the Office of the Pardon Attorney" 

Trump feels that he is above the law. His conduct epitomizes the arbitrary consolidation of power in the executive branch, a process that is antithetical to democracy.

Trump supporters are deluded if they do not recognize the man's contempt for civil liberties and due process.

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  1. When it comes to pardons the Constitution is the LAW. What you mean is that you do not like either Trump or Arpaio. I wish you would say that rather than implying that the pardon was unlawful which it was not. Obama regularly violated the Constitution but I do not recall you getting upset about that because you rather liked Obama. In one striking instance, Libya, he failed to get Congressional approval, and Leon Panetta told the Senate Obama got his Okay from the UN! Now that was a president operating above the Law. And we now have a once operating nation in shambles. Trump is not perfect but he is human which is almost unique for American presidents.
    Speaking of pardons check out Clinton's pardon of Mark Rich which brought in one million dollars to the Clinton Foundation from Rich's wife! Strangely Hillary would be a better president for a nation like the USA; her lack of integrity and humanity would match the nation's current mood.

    1. William you very much overgeneralize my comments about Obama, as I was very critical of his drone warfare, his treatment of the BP oil spill, and the denial of any risk from Fukushima.

      I don't like Arpaio because his cruelty revealed his true ethos and corrupted any claims he might make about justice on the matter of immigration

  2. I suspect that most persons over 70 are too old to be in public office or running a large business. For one thing they can help but be out of date. It is their time for reflection. Arpaio was too old for the job.

  3. The fairy tale world continues. The newest target of our neonazi and kkk saviors at brietbart and trump inc is antifa. But wait a minute, most Americans are Heinz 57 mixes. The indiginenous people here are brown. 99% of all Americans are appalled by Nazis and kkk so, what's up with the antifa bull?
    If you want to read something interesting about arpiao , check Ted Tall.


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