Saturday, April 16, 2016

Unbelievable Censorship of Japan's Recent Earthquakes

I find it extraordinary that The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and The Washington Post have NOT run a single story in their print and online versions respectively of the earthquakes in Japan.

NHK reports that the second earthquake has been measured as a 7.3, with 41 people reported dead, and over 170,000 people evacuated. How can this story not be newsworthy? The airport and port are closed and so are major roads and the bullet train:
Scale of quake damage growing. NHK April 17, 2016, The major earthquakes continuing to jolt areas in Japan's southwestern region have so far left a total of 41 people dead.

Early on Saturday, a magnitude 7.3 earthquake hit areas in Kumamoto Prefecture in the Kyushu Region. It registered an intensity of 6-plus in the prefecture on Japan's seismic scale of 0-to-7...Utility services have been disrupted. Hundreds of thousands of households are without electricity, gas and tap water.
Yesterday, on the front page of the print edition The Wall Street Journal ran a story "Japan's Subzero Rates Cast Chill Over Markets" (4/15/2016, A1, A7) but there was no mention of the first earthquake anywhere in the print version of the paper.

Today's WSJ print version has no mention at all of the earthquake in the front section and if there is any mention anywhere else its so buried I cannot find it.

The electronic version of the The New York Times from yesterday and today carry no mention that I can find of the earthquakes in Japan.

Today, The Washington Post has an article on "Why Mr. Obama Should Visit Hiroshima" (editorial) but like the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, there is NO story on the earthquake that I can find in the electronic version delivered to my email.

I do NOT understand how two significant earthquakes in a geologically active zone with 41 people reported dead, over a hundred thousand evacuated, and an operational nuclear plant in the vicinity are not newsworthy, particularly given the risks are not over:
Seismic activity poses increasing risk. NHK,

Gen Aoki, the head of the agency's earthquake and tsunami monitoring section, said the buildup in seismic activity means there's an increased risk that buildings will collapse and mudslides will occur. He called on residents to stay safe.

It is my conclusion that there is a deliberate and concerted effort to help protect Japan's economy from bad news, even during the occurrence of large earthquakes that pose the potential for catastrophic results.

I really don't know what else to say. Its really unbelievable.

My thoughts go out to the people of Kyushu region whose tribulations are being disregarded in order to perpetuate myths about the global economy.



  1. japanese government does not give a damn about citizens. land of fake smiles

  2. Whatever the reason it is a corporate reason. Probably shoring up Japan's economy.

    "Solar Magnetic Fields and Earth’s Largest Earthquakes"
    The science here looks convincing for the large ones.

    Jim Stone proposes an earthquake machine claiming that a powerful earthquake needs to be a much deeper one than the latest?

    If that is true, then one group is protecting and another is destroying Japan's economy! Go to Jim Stone for interesting alternative views on most everything.

  3. Prayers and well wishes for the people of Japan. They have had enough of this.

  4. jim stone is a spook. japan has always been earthquake prone since i was born fool. there were earthquakes all the time when i was a child. where do people come up with such whit. think think think. that is what your brain is for

    1. He doesn't say they are all so caused but simply that this one is too shallow. Check it out. He might know something we don't.

    2. Screw jim stone. Go ply bull to someone else. Spooks are ahatts.

  5. My feeling about the Why is that to talk about earthquakes in Japan is to include Fukushima in all reports as one cannot be talked about without mentioning the other. Because our government is also responsible for the Fukushima coverup, our US government funded corporate-owned media is still in collusion with Japan's Abe government keeping the lid on the facts, both present and past. They refuse to talk about Fukuland so they can't talk about current news either.

  6. List of earthquakes in Japan with publicized casualties.

    Sensationistic opportunism, ignorance, misinformation, witheld information about casualties, withheld information about earthquake dangers around nuclear powerplants in Japan, lies, are no better than the cover-ups and deception surrounding Fukushima. Many ancestors have died from earthquakes in Japan. Very sad that peopleturn to spin and deception to throw people off the horrendous consequences of these things. It is also a desecration of the dead. Sickening.


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