Thursday, April 28, 2016

More Than 1,000 Quakes in Kyushu Since April 14, 2016

Number of earthquakes exceeds 1,000 in Kumamoto area. THE ASAHI SHIMBUN. April 28, 2016

[Excerpted] More than 1,000 earthquakes with an intensity of at least 1 on the Japanese scale of 7 have hit Kyushu since the seismic activity started on April 14, the Japan Meteorological Agency said April 28....


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  1. Yep Japan is an earthquake ridden place. A very seismically active region. perhaps one of the most earthquake prone places on earth. Gotta wonder how any human would be stupid enough to buill a nuclear power plant there or want to reopen or keep any there a after Fukushima. Hard to imagine the irrationality.


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