Saturday, April 2, 2016

"Just in Time" Nuclear Weapons?

Over the last week, Japan's governmental authorities have insisted publicly that the nation has the constitutional right to possess nuclear weapons:
Abe Cabinet says Article 9 does not ban possessing, using N-weapons. THE ASAHI SHIMBUN April 2, 2016

The Abe Cabinet has decided that war-renouncing Article 9 of the Constitution does not necessarily ban Japan from possessing and using nuclear weapons.

In an April 1 written answer to opposition lawmakers in the Diet, the Cabinet also says the government “firmly maintains a policy principle that it does not possess nuclear weapons of any type under the three non-nuclear principles.” ...
Majia here: The Japan Times essentially ran the same story:
Constitution does not specifically ban Japan’s use of nuclear weapons: Cabinet official JIJI Mar 19, 2016

Japan’s Constitution does not necessarily ban the use of nuclear weapons, Yusuke Yokobatake, director-general of the Cabinet Legislation Bureau, said Friday.

“We don’t think that the use of all kinds of nuclear weapons is prohibited under the Constitution,” the head of the constitutional watchdog told the House of Councilors’ Budget Committee in response to a question from Shinkun Haku of the opposition Democratic Party of Japan.

But “the use of weapons, not just nuclear arms, is restricted under domestic and international laws,” Yokobatake also said, adding that the use of nuclear weapons by Japan is unrealistic.
Majia here: At issue is Paragraph 2 of Article 9. According to the Asahi article above (first article), Article 9 does not preclude Japan from maintaining the minimum level of armed forces required for self-defense. Apparently, some within Japan's government feel that nuclear weapons are the minimum level of force required for self-defense. Hence, nuclear weapons are not precluded.

However, even while articulating the constitutional grounds for Japan's capacity to possess nuclear weapons, governmental authorities insist the country does not, in fact, have them.

I have argued in my books, especially Fukushima and the Privatization of Risk (Palgrave, 2013) that Japan doesn't actually need to have nuclear weapons on hand (in complete form) as they have more than enough enriched uranium and plutonium and missile technology to assemble and deliver an arsenal of nuclear weapons sufficient to destroy most life on earth.

Remember that the Japanese pioneered just-in-time technology.


  1. most japanese engineers and people affiliated w companies that were tied to american mil- industrial contractors know japan has had bomb for some time majia. Not that it makes much didfference anymore. japan is a dead country. tokyo is uninhabitable. probably most japanese knew the fuedle fascist corporate controlled govt had a bomb.

  2. I'm sorry for Japan. And for all the other countries that are being contaminated by nuclear waste.

    This article from the Japan Times demonstrates the level of insanity in Japan (we could make comparable assessments for US, Russia, UK, etc)

    Plutonium from Japan to be disposed of underground in New Mexico. The Japan Times,Kyodo Apr 2, 2016

    [excerpted] “Japan is working to complete the removal of more than half a ton of highly enriched uranium and plutonium, which is the largest project in history to remove nuclear material from a country,” Obama said.
    Japan already removed 331 kg (730 pounds) of plutonium and hundreds of kilograms of highly enriched uranium from the Fast Critical Assembly, a research facility located in the village of Tokai, Ibaraki Prefecture, in line with the 2014 pledge.
    ....However, the materials recently transferred from Japan are only the tip of the iceberg. Currently, Japanese utilities possess over 47 metric tons of separated plutonium, which is equivalent to about 6,000 nuclear bombs. [end]

  3. As has been shown by the nuclear waste exploding in nevada. from wipp. , there is no safe way or place to dispose of nuclear waste. Busby proved that even casking rods is inherently unsafe because of heat decay from the isotopes in the rods generating gas and explosions. Its hard to accept how badly they have lied and are lying. They are killing us and everything in plain sight in acts of murder. My uncle, my friend bragged to me about japan having a bomb for years. It was not unknown. The only way to get truth is through whats not supposed to be talked about.

    Anyone who goes to tokyo now is putting themselves in mortal danger.

    Some of the worst nuclear contaminated areas in the united states are in the areas of the most expensive real estate in the world is. thats how stupid and gullible americans are. many of our retirements are vested in nuclear projects all over the world. we lived so called higher standards of living from all the chicanery of the military industrial complex and its relation to oil, nuclear pp, nuc weapons, nuc meds. everything a total web of death and self deciept.

    Look at Santa Fe New Mexico. 10 miles from Los alamos. A mountainful of plutonium and nuclear waste . Playground of billionaires. Only billionaires can afford to live there. Ted Turner, Jane Fonda, Shirley Mcclain
    Dennis weaver built an earthship house there and later died of cancer. Lots of denial, lying, stupidity going on there. Work your way up to the top of the neoliberal capitalist pinnacle to live on a radioactive hellhole. Doesnt matter how pretty it is. Shows how superficial americans are.

    1. Aspen Colorado is a billionaire playground where you cannot even buy gasoline at a gas station without a triple platinum visa card. Where you will likely be run out of town by a cop or security co. goon if you look even the least little bit out of place.
      Four nuclear bombs were detonated within 60 of aspen permanently contaminating the headwaters of the colorado river and water tables around aspen. The nukes were from nuclear explosion fracturing experiments that were conducted in western Colorado in an effort to release gas from shale.
      Project Rulison, named after the rural community of Rulison, Colorado, was an underground 40-kiloton nuclear testproject in the United States on September 10, 1969, about 13 kilometres (8 mi) SE of the town of Grand Valley, Colorado (now namedParachute, Colorado) in Garfield County. 
      Garfield county is the same County Aspen is in.
      Project Rio Blanco was an underground nuclear test that took place on May 17, 1973 in Rio Blanco County, Colorado, approximately 36 miles (58 km) northwest of Rifle.
      Three 33-kiloton nuclear devices were detonated nearly simultaneously in a single emplacement well at depths of 1,779, 1,899 and 2,039 m below ground level. The tests were conducted in fine-grain, low-permeability sandstone lenses at the base of the Fort Union Formation and the upper portion of theMesaverde Formation.
      Much of the . They were Project Rulison in 1969 and Project Rio Blancoin 1973. In both cases the gas radioactivity was still seen as too high and in the last case the triple-blast rubble chimney structures disappointed the design engineers. Soon after that test the ~ 15-year Project Plowshare program funding dried up.
      Aspen was also downwind of all the nuke detonations from Nevada.


      Look at how proud those nucleopes are of themselves. These should be listed with listverse as part of the 20 worse nuclear contaminations , planned catastrophes, insane accidents in history because all they did was permanenetly contaminate everything with risotopes. The gas they released is now permanently radioactive. The watershed for the colorado river longest river in the united states west is permantly contaminated from those underground detonations along w being contaminated from all the u mills mines on it and radioactive runoff from nevada.Hey no worrys it was all just fun and games! Stuff that glen seaborg and Crazy man eddie pulled from their bags of tricks!

      Which brings us to Malibu The most expensive beachfront property in the us and probably the world. Three words: Santa Susana , Fukushima . Cindy Crawford, Increased Thyroid cancer at her sons highschool. Alec Baldwin leaves so cal over fuku concerns. He is a memeber of RPhP see below.
      Malibu is very close to santa susana

      Then there is Manhatten new York. Certainly some of the most expensive real estate.


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