Thursday, February 4, 2016

Asteriod Potentially Comes Closer to Earth than Moon

I thought NASA announced that it knew of NO asteroids that would be anywhere close to Earth for years!
Close call? Asteroid could pass Earth by 11k miles, 95% closer than the moon. RT, 4 Feb, 2016 02:53

A recently discovered asteroid is scheduled to fly by Earth in March, but NASA can’t quite tell how far away it will be when that happens. One estimate is as close as 11,000 miles, about 95 percent closer than the moon...


  1. Here is an article by Busby about the IRCP radiation model. The ICRP model sucks.

    The really crazy bastaards who will say anything to keep nuclear power and use hired gun scientists to say a hormesis fantasy is real say this. The lnp model is not perfect. If you want to have more accurate data calculate the amount of radionucleides in samples. bq data has its limitations.
    Most ofThe morons who claim hormesis exists are not life scientists and they have a stake in nuclear power. Initial exaggerated swelling when living tissue is exposed to low level radiation is an inflammation response than can chronically become exaggerated.

    Thousands of cancers patients undergo radiation therapy daily in the United States daily for cancer now. Their are massive amounts of data there from radiation therapy and they all disprove the made up hormesis scenario. Such drivel.


  3. There is a strong preoccupation now with the end of the world. Personally I would choose something other than one connected to nuclear energy, radioactive materials, etc. It is now an accepted fact that about 12,800 years ago the earth encountered a comet with the result being a long period of lowered temperatures; around 1200 years later a part of that comet impacted the ocean but this time the temperature went up. And then maybe 75,000 years ago a super volcano occurred in Indonesia which greatly effected the earth's temperature. But the earth recovered. Nuclear material is almost everlasting and would side line the planet for millions of years. I would prefer for the earth to be inhabitable by something long before then.

  4. I did not fully understand how much heat eache reactor like indian point reases into bodies of water daily. Indian point releases the equivalent heat of a hiroshima bomb into the hudson river twice daily. So muchs waste. So much more environmental danger than we were ever allowed to know. Madness. Thanks William


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