Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Not Feeling Well Again

I couldn't breath in San Francisco Sunday and Monday morning.

I come home to Phoenix. I can breath in Phoenix Monday afternoon much more freely.

Tue morning it rains in Phoenix.

My sinus acts up and I have trouble breathing Tuesday.

Wednesday I feel like I'm getting sick. My throat aches and my sinuses hurt. My chest is tight and I must use my inhaler. I have a migraine that is not resolved by two Amerge triptan tablets.

My husband and son tell me about all the sick people at work and at the high school. Lots and lots of them. Mostly similar symptoms to what I'm experiencing, but worse than mine.

The most recent Aug 12 - Aug 25 State of Arizona Dept. of Health Statistics "Influenza and RSV Summary" reports LOW levels of activity (available here

Of course, the activity could have picked up quite a bit in the last 17 days. I'll check for updates.

Perhaps it will be an early flu season....


  1. Majia,

    I'm so sorry that you aren't feeling well. Did you fly? After my short flight to Portland in June, I was very sick when I was there, and while I was better when I got back (ironically, to SF), it still took me a long time to fully recover.

    When we were about 36-37,000 ft, our Inspector geiger read 1200+ CPM in 10 minute averages. Someone just reported something similar on the radiation thread. I have seen it so often, that I think we have to assume it is 1000+ when we fly.

    If you drove, well, I hope that it is the flu. I think that the Bay Area was hit hard the week of Aug 20-25 (the jet stream was here for the first time in a long time), but if you came after that, it hasn't been as bad, in my estimation, although on Monday, it did seem like iodine was elevated, and news from So. CA is not good.

    I hope that you feel better soon. We just followed Wild Turnip's links and started making Liposomal Vitamin C and that seems help. I would still go to my goddaughter's graduation again, but I would take off more time and drive.


  2. Majia, there was a major release from Fuku last week. It collected in that low-pressure area on the Mexican border. We know there was krypton-85, and it's pretty obvious there was radioactive sulfur. Who knows how much tritium and other nuclides.

    My skin is starting to erupt again, and it hasn't even rained since the Fuku event. Coughing up sputum.

  3. Hi No Nukes and Bobby1

    I saw your disturbing post Bobby about the krypton-85

    It seems we have been dropped inside a mirrored madhouse where nothing is quite the way it appears but threats loom.

    No Nukes: I did fly. I hate flying now.

    I'm a bit better today so my reaction in Phoenix was definitely related to whatever came down in the rain.

    My friend Clyde's analyses pretty conclusively indicate that tritium from the Palo Verde nuclear plant is probably nearly always in Phoenix precipitation and tritium is a beta emitter.

    Stuff from Fukushima could be there also.

    40% of the air pollution in Phoenix air is from Asia. "Asian Pollution Linked to Air Violations in the US." The AZ Republic Mar 5, 2012, p. A2.

    A madhouse alright.


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