Friday, September 14, 2012


Medical checkup subsidy halted for nuclear plant workers on NHK Sept 12, 2012: "The Health Ministry says jobs at the Fukushima plant can no longer be considered emergency work. That means workers should be treated the same as any other nuclear plant."

(video available at Enenews 

Majia here: Somewhere a group meets. The group is comprised of TEPCO business executives, TEPCO major share holders and, perhaps, Japanese government representatives. Perhaps others are included from influential nations.

This group calculates liabilities that can be directly and irrevocably pinned on the Fukushima nuclear plant disaster. The group weighs costs. It considers its capacity to suppress information. It then decides upon the extent of expenditures.

Apparently, this group considers workers who sacrifice their health and, perhaps, their lives at the Fukushima nuclear plant as completely and altogether EXPENDABLE.

This group sees no value in expending any cash on risk mitigation for these workers.

I want to know how this group is any different than the Nazis who built gas chambers?

Perhaps one might argue that the Nazis' crimes were more pre-meditated.

And its true that the Nazi final solution was quite a plan.

However, the Japanese, Americans, British, Australians, French, Canadians, Russians, and Chinese have known, with the Germans, that nuclear plants are extraordinarily dangerous and prone to accidents.

The history is very clear. I've read it and if you have any questions you should see Paul Langley's nuclear history blog

All the governments of these nations supported and promote nuclear power despite knowing the dangers of the plants because of delayed heat and waste. These governments knew also about the true dangers of contamination from radioactive isotopes such as uranium, plutonium, cesium, iodine, etc.

These governments made it possible for Fukushima to happen.

When it happened there was NO PLAN and so the plant just continues to spew radioactive isotopes for a year and a half.

The containment effort appears to be incredibly lack-luster and the workers who must face Dante's inferno on the surface of planet earth are essentially EXPENDABLE.

Let me say - these people who knew,

these people who had no plan,

these people who have failed to contain the releases into the atmosphere and the ocean,

these people who will not pay for extra health checkups for Fukushima workers,

these people - I say - are evil....

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