Sunday, September 9, 2012

Anti-Nuke Lawmaker Denied Shika Nuclear Plant Tour

Majia here: Now why would Tepco deny an opportunity to "prove" that all is well to an anti-nuclear activist?
Nuke plant operator refuses tour for anti-nuke lawmakers. Asahi Shimbun Sep 7, 2012

[Excerpted] Hokuriku Electric Power Co. in late August refused a request by Social Democratic Party leader Mizuho Fukushima and other party officials to tour the Shika nuclear power plant in Ishikawa Prefecture because they support a phasing out of nuclear power, sources said.

The Toyama-based utility told the SDP officials that they "could not afford to deal with people who did not share the understanding for the need of atomic energy," according to the sources....


  1. A friend of our family has family members in Fukushima. They are circulating a petition to get more cleanup done.

    Please visit and sign the petition. I will have this link stored on a posting at my blog. Simply type Nukepro into a Google search, and then use the search box for "petition"

    1. If your friend has family members in Fukushima, they don't need more cleanup. The plant is still spewing daily.

      They need to get out.

      "Petitions" are useless, and most likely just a method to collect information on anti nuclear activists.



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