Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Wuhan Lab - Why Now?

There was evidence from January 2020 that the SARS-CoV-2 virus escaped from a lab. See my post

The question is why now is this coming to the fore and why the abrupt shift in messaging on the lab?

I have some ideas but I’m interested in your as well...


Wehner, Peter. (2021, June 2). NIH Director: We Need an Investigation Into the Wuhan Lab-Leak Theory. The Atlantic,


Steven Zeitchik (2021, May 30). Leading scientist says that without a full investigation of lab leak theory, the world will face ‘covid-26 and covid-32’. Baylor College of Medicine’s Peter Hotez adds his voice to a chorus that includes prominent Democrats and Republicans.The Washington Post,

“There’s going to be covid-26 and covid-32 unless we fully understand the origins of covid-19,” Peter Hotez, a professor of pediatrics and molecular virology and microbiology at Baylor College of Medicine and a leading expert on the virus, said Sunday on NBC News’s “Meet The Press.” He said coming to firm conclusions about how the virus emerged was “absolutely essential” in preventing future pandemics.



Wuhan Lab Theory Is a Media Warning: The news business is headed for trouble if it won’t control its biases as other professions do. (May 28, 2021). The Wall Street Journal,


  1. If nothing else, it creates another group of scapegoats for their divide and conquer strategy. It's better to pick us apart than risking us coming together against the common enemy.

    I hope you are well. I know of two people that received the vaccine(s) and soon developed shingles afterwards. Possible viral activator.

  2. Boeing and other weapons makers farm out parts manufacturing, to Chinese companies. It's all a big con. The neoconservatives under he buwh,made it quit clear they were going to pursue biological warfare research to the hilt. What makes you think, there are not several labs around the world farmed out to do biological warfare research ,for the Pentagon with it's trillion dollars budgets? How naive. It will not end ,tillt is another major mistake.

    A nuclear war, from a tactical nuke or space accident is more likely. I will call a nuclear reactor catastrophe, this year in the USA. I say this because, their have already been several tropical storms in the southern USA that are somewhat covered up. There have eenb tornadoes. Flooding is
    about to break out pretty hard. The west is in a terrible.drought.

  3. For those leaving personal attacks read this: I tolerate diverse points of view at my blog because I believe in political pluralism. Allowing people to post comments that I disagree with is dialogue. However, comments that are personal slurs will not be allowed.

  4. Moab was a Japanese internment camp during ww2. My family doctor and dozens of freind in cluding Japanese americans Ed Abbey the my friend.lance who started eart first! have succumbed to cancer from the uranium mill in the middle of town. The down wind area I was in . 5 nuke.bombs they detonated under the river to frack natural gas they can't use. My son has hypospadia by bro fagile x my 6 foot 5 bro. was in special ed and went eng Ms tox doctorate degree I'm am part native and tall and lean and I design electric vehicles not a scummy racist murderer.though half my family are racist mennonites

  5. Mostly it is distraction, and distraction from the Arizona vote recounts as a prime issue. Also, stiring up trouble with China, and pushing the Asian hate crimes things (by BLM and Antifa funding). But just plain distraction is a big one. Also Fauci being allowed to twist in the wind, his job is done, now he can be demonized whilst being handed millions on a fake book deal.

    1. Up is down, black is white, the Earth is flat, war is peace, hate is love, greed is happiness, lies are truth, magical thinking is the new enlightenment, black lives don't matter, protesting is communistic, eating and injecting plutonium is good for ya. Wildfires are caused by not enough clear cutting, murder all the wildlife because man has dominion, start a nuclear war because Donald Trump Is Jesus, cancer is acne, seeing is blindness, the grand Inquisition was based on critical thought, shoot your neighbor, everyone should have their own nuke bomb, psycosis and threats are civility and hope. Illness is caused by masturbation and.what Eve did in eden not viruses and bacteria or anything else. Yada yada yada

  6. Biden is terrible. I stayed in the Ukraine, after Chernobyl. It is collapsing . Many sick people. The same is happening in Japan since Fukushima. The right are mostly racist Mad-dogs. That won't fly in any coalition. Liberals are not leftists. They are centrists and irrational neoliberals.
    It will take something like what happened in China or germany, to nationalize banks and, form a new economy not based on financialization, to change things. Something planned and, with a concerted mandate. A concensus of change w a coalition and hopefully not any bloodshed.

    The problem is, how fragile and tenuous the USA is. Many reactors, are on the verge of failure in the USA. When they go, it will be a full-blown extinction event. I saw half a town, in a usa nuke sacrifice zone, die of cancer.

    Japan and the Ukraine are collapsing from the health costs of cancer, birth defects, other health problems from the ongoing extreme nuclear catastrophes, that occured there . The USA is very close to that .

    The landscape is not cut and dry or black and white. It's a slippery slope with, three, or 4 interconnected crossroads, w the possibilities, of multiple deadly outcomes .
    1. The crossroads of climate-change, industrial and nuclear poisoning,
    2. politics, Banning started this nihilistic early road to extinction . So far little to no rational leadership w this variable
    3.Infrastructure problems collapsing societal cohesion. There probably will be a reactor meltdown.

    Some of the ignorant right will disconnect from their Dunning-Kruger effect of the ignoramuses and manipulators. Maybe a coalition is possible, to help stop the ongoing fatal radioculide dementias and poisonings. The march to nuclear war and Oblivion.

    4. The march into complete societal economic, and environmental breakdown
    Will occur if there is extreme civil unrest and people become too crazy and unhealthy


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