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Happy Mothers Day as We Destroy the Conditions for Successful Reproduction

Many people discussed the Fukushima disaster at Enenews but some of the most insightful comments were posted by The Blue Light, who warned of unmitigated releases from Fukushima Daiichi:

The Blue Light. April 6, 2012 at 11:54 pm · Reply
As I pointed out in another thread several physicists and I worked out how much ceasium137 is contained in spent fuel at Fukushima. We took into account average burn up of the fuel and decay since the fuel was removed from the reactors and several other factors. 
The estimates for the amount of ceasium137 that has been released into the environment so far has been independently calculated to range from 10 to 60 kilograms. The spent fuel on site contains between 12500 to 16300 kilograms of ceasium137. A more accurate figure was impossible to calculate due to a lack of available data from TEPCO.

When all the other radionuclides are taken into account then life in places like Hawaii could become impossible, even a short term exposure could be fatal. This could also be true for any fallout hot spots in north america. Countries like the United kingdom, Denmark, Germany, Norway and Sweden which are connected to Japan by the northern jet stream would also be gravely effected.
Within a year, global background radiation levels would rise by as much as a factor of thirty.  This would truly be a global disaster.
The fires at the plant spreading the radiation were controlled but the ruined reactors continue to contaminate the ocean and the atmosphere, albeit at a reduced rate.

Japan is not the only place that is being contaminated:

Akio Matsumura (2019, April 30).When will Californians wake up to the Risk to Children from Nuclear Radiation? Dissident Voice,
...According to a radiation simulation map by the Centre d’Enseignement et de Recherche en Environnement Atmosphérique (CEREA), along with research by Professor Hiroaki Koide, of Kyoto University, radiation levels in the state of California seem to be higher than those of the city of Hokkaido in Japan. As it is understandable that scientists have not yet calculated the cumulative impact of radiation on the West Coast 40 years from now, we therefore need the International Assessment Team to analyze the current situation and to dedicate the best expertise and resources to plan both short- and long-term strategies. It must also be noted that prevailing winds carrying airborne radiation from Fukushima do not stop at the western U.S. coastline. Indeed, this is both a national and global issue
The US is actively pursuing its own Fukushima as it extends licensing for aging reactors, approves uprating of fuel that increases meltdown risks, and refuses to shut reactors in danger of imminent flooding from climate change.


Japan’s nuclear safety chief raps Tepco’s attitude on Fukushima No. 1 crisis, restarting other reactors. Kyodo/The Japan Times, July 10, 2017

The head of the Nuclear Regulation Authority told Tepco’s top management he questions their attitude toward decommissioning the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant and the company’s ability to resume operating its other reactors.



  1. The hilevel waste from nuclear reactors, is the most dengerous material possible. Full of Plutonium isotopes. Various Uranium isotopes, cesium isotopes , of strontium 90, cobalt60, long lasting  radioidine etc.
    If a person came withing a 30 or 40 feet of 100 pounds of unshielded-used reactor rods, it will kill u in 30 minutes.  
    The rods must be cooled from residual heat from fission but, can still generate decay heat from the nature of the radionuclides accumulated in them as fission byproducts . The hilevel, waste radionuclidess , are really much more dangerous than the original uranium that decayed into them , in the process of fissioning.  They have lied and brainwashed us so much.

    The hilevel reactor nuclear waste is extremely reactive. It generates gas and its own heat. It is potentially explosive if not stored properly if there is such a thing.
    THE PLUTONIUM IN IT IS VERY PYROGENIC. That means its is very volatile and can catch fire easily.
    Holtec is not an american company. Holtec controls most of the hilevel nuclear waste in the world and, america now. They are not securing it or puting it underground. Holtec is parking 10s of thousands of tons of the most volatile, dang
    gerous substances known, in shoddy steel containment, on concrete pads in New Mexico, Texas and Idaho.

    Holtec is not burying the used fuel rods. They are importing Hi level nuclear waste from France and Japan to be dangerously stored in New Mexico , West Texas and idaho. Perry the Doe sec, is getting millions in kickbacks on the sweatheart deals, which is what he did to West Texas, when he was the governor of texas and as a lobbiest later.
    How much worse can it get? Wait and see

    The us has been taking nuclear waste and materials, from countries like Russia and France for a while.  It is massively increased and  intensified, under trump with this slimy crook, Rick Perry as DOE sec.

    Germany is poised to dump a lot here. The russian deal, has been in the fine print of some arms treaties. It is all very subterfuged-secretive,  rotten and evil. Massive nuclear dumps and hilevel parking, over the largest freshwater aquifers in murica. Perry and Trump dont care and they are accelerating it. One would think people would give a damn, post fukushima.

    There is a deal in the works for America to take high-level nuclear waste feom China.


      not so many survivora of people who moved from chernobyl to kiev


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