Tuesday, May 28, 2019


Captured by the Industries They're Supposed to Regulate:  Breaking stories on both wireless radiation threats from the FCC and the escalating national nuclear peril with the NRC

5G Resistance Grows; Group of Experts Sues FCC

Litigation by feisty retired regulators challenges the Federal Communications Commission accounting shenanigans that harm all U.S. telephone users. Plus reports from the May 15 national day of action on the crisis of 5G!

and on the nuclear front: Halting Holtec - A Challenge for Nuclear Safety Advocates

Concerned citizens are challenging the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's industry-serving decisions on the burgeoning and lucrative business of managing deadly-forever radioactive waste.

The Official Trailer for our forthcoming documentary on America's radioactive waste dilema:

SHUTDOWN - The San Onofre Story is here.

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