Thursday, November 8, 2018

Red Line Crossed?

The world has gotten so weird when progressives are demonstrating against the firing of Jeff Sessions:
'A Red Line Crossed': Nationwide Protests Declared for Thursday at 5PM After Jeff Sessions Fired. Common Dreams (2018, November 7),
Right after Trump forced Sessions to resign, the White House announced that Matthew Whitaker—a DOJ official who has shown open hostility to the probe by Special Counsel Robert Mueller—would now serve as acting AG and be put in charge of the ongoing investigation.
Mueller's investigation is allegedly at risk by firing of Sessions and replacement with Matthew Whitaker.

Read a critical account of Sessions' record here:

Interesting times we live in....


  1. It seems like a lot of things are very manipulated. Most people in america despise trump and the republicans.

    1.Repeated and attenuated Propaganda
    2.Voting suppression
    3.Election fraud: Ivanka Trump owns a computer voting complany for hells sake
    5.Threats of major violence like nazistyle tribunals against opposition,
    6.Mixed messages put out in the corporate media that are nothing short of repetitive-malicious brainwashing and diversion
    7.Absolute manipulation of the internet targeted at individuals we get a parallel universe.

    The parallel universe in the dystopian hellverse, reflects little of what is going on or, how most people really feel.

  2. We're not shedding any tears for, nor are we protesting for, Jeff Sessions. He'll likely be remembered as the worst Attorney General in American history.

    We're protesting Trump installing a hack to obstruct Mueller's investigation.

    5pm TONIGHT.

    Join us: (link:

    Trump and the repuklicans are stealing everything that is not nailed down in a country that is already hurting.
    Besides breaking the emoluments clause a thousand times, tax fraud, making deals with the the saudis and russians for multiple nuclear reactors there through Michale Flynn, Trump has commited a hundred other felonies

  3. In a collapsing empire, each choice made by those who rule us becomes progressively worse. Self-loathing is the end result of such a spiritually compromised people who would allow any of these psychopathic clowns to run their lives. This is often manifested through hatred and violence towards others.

  4. Not one of the above comments presents trustworthy or useful information. Most people in the USA do not despise Trump--look at his massively attended rallies. Nazi is a buzz word used by ignorant people. Mathew Whitaker is not a hack and only a very experienced expert would be able to make such a judgement. And, no, Jake Tapper is not an expert on anything, even himself. The comment of freefall is so heated up I will leave it alone. What is the point of using comments to let off steamy emotions? How about giving reflection a go? Trump and most of the members of Congress are doing their best to do their duties. Unless you have been president or a Congress person you are not really qualified to give out such toxic comments at all. At least pursue some education and use whatever intelligence you have to achieve something.

    1. Propaganda troll willy. Entire comment propaganda.20 different lies. If you do not like comments and content you can go somewhere else.

    2. I have a Master's Degree, asshole. I've played the game and understand the program. Here it is:

      The Oligarchy (including their political puppets on the Right and the Left) are the ruling class. The peasants are the ones who vote for which group should rule them. Those in uniform are in place to protect the Oligarchy from the peasants once they (the Oligarchy) steal everything they have.

      I'd be much less emotional if I was a slave who believed myself to be free like you.

      Even a dumb animal will put up a fight when it realizes that it's being led to the slaughterhouse.

    3. Well, I would never have guessed that you even had a BA degree. In what area of women's studies or Hispanic studies or . . . Your pean to the oligarchy goes back a long way and has been the tool of revolutionaries since when? when was the first peasant revolt?

      You are one of peasants unless I am mistaken and are pissed at those who got a MS in engineering and are making good money now while you work in a fast food joint?

      Smart people with or without MA's realize that being angry is hard on their system and learn equanimity.

    4. You have no future, fool. Embrace your servitude to the system.

    5. Plenty of MS Engineers, Masters degrees, PhDs- feel screwed by the duopoly and the Oligarchy. It is hard to say, if Willy is real. He sounds like a partisan propaganda robot, or at least AN operative. Comes here to blatantly Harrass Majia. Majia is a polymath. SHE IS A professor. She has is an expert on autism.

      The troll does not like Women, college Professors, Teachers , People of Color, Millenials, people of diverse cultures, philosophies or even religions. It revels in it's bigotry.

      This troll repeats all the memes and propaganda talking points it is programmed to use, mechanically. It only comes out at a certain point.

      My good friend has a Masters in Civil Engineering. He lives in Denver. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer a month ago.

      He grew-up around the radioactive cesspool of the west. He has 5 years at best. He lost his pancreas, gall bladder, and part of his colon. He is pretty sick. 58 YO.

      I have been telling him about Utah, Rocky Mountain Weapons reservation, Fukushima, for about 4 years now. He feels pretty screwed overby our governemt. He is a down-winder and so was his aunt, younger and only-brother, and Grandfather who died of cancer, Has 2 kids.

      The pancreatic cancer, is an adenocarcinoma. High probabilty it is radionuclide induced.

      Perry is the most ProNuclear goon in many years. He is pushing for a nuclear accident. Trump wants nuclear Drones, TACTICAL nukes, nuclear war.

    6. Sorry to hear about your friend. It’s a common fate for many that will continue to increase while organizations make more money promising cures that mostly pay for administrative salaries.

      The game is rigged and profits are made at the expense of someone else. The only way to win is to not play the game. But that’s easier said than done when trying to feed your family. Regards.

  5. "The world has gotten so weird when progressives are demonstrating against the firing of Jeff Sessions." Actually the same thing happened when the hated Comey who screwed Hillary's chances was fired. These behaviors are not rational but emotional . . . once Trump is the enemy, then whatever he does is evil--like Satan. Many Progressives and Liberals are the descendants of Hell Fire Protestants; and their ancestry is showing. It hard on people's health to go about all wrought up as apparently these people do. Does it ever occur to any of them that nothng is so bad for a person's health than hatred and chronic anger? What an irony that people concerned about affordable health care treat their bodies as enemies to be sudued with hostility.

    Mueller's track record is not a good one. We could have asked Whitey Bolger, but someone tranfered him to a prison where his life was to be short lived. Even Newt Gingrich who ought to have known praised Mueller early on for an integrity he did not possess. As for Weisman he has the Supreme Court over turn two of his conviction due to Weimann's trickery. I am surprised he was not disbarred. So let us not shed tears for the Special Counsel which hss been a money and time waster.

    Still messy as it is the USA still is the only nation on the planet with so much freedom. You can doubt the Holcaust here and not end up fined or in jail. Or mob Tucker Carlson's home and not get beaten up by police and locked a wsy for a while. We should appreciate our freedoms. Read the Gulag Archipelago and see how other nations deal with people. It is a scary book so I dare you to read it.


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