Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Homo Sacer at the US-Mexico Border

Giorgo Agamben, an Italian political philosopher, warns against the condition of "homo sacer" when human life is denied basic rights afforded citizens.

We can see how people are stripped of basic human rights in many social contexts, but the most recent chemical assault against impoverished immigrants seeking refuge at the US-Mexico border is a particularly poignant example.

I'm ashamed that President Trump encouraged the border patrol to act aggressively and violently against poor and impoverished people, including and especially small children.

The US has a direct role in de-stabilizing central American, whose trajectories the US has secretly and not-so secretly engineered for over a hundred years.

Those officials who approved firing tear gas against children were inspired by a president who calls himself Christian but misses the most obvious lesson of that religion, which requires succor of the poorest and most vulnerable among us, a lesson taught in multiple tales ranging from the birth of Jesus to the Good Samaritan.

I am ashamed as an American that my country is stripping extremely vulnerable people of the most basic protections of human life:

Abby Haglage (2018, November 27). Doctor says tear gas used at the border can cause permanent skin burns and breathing trouble in kids: 'It is absolutely horrific' Yahoo https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/doctor-says-tear-gas-used-border-can-cause-permanent-skin-burns-breathing-trouble-kids-absolutely-horrific-231507151.html


  1. The male immigrants admitted to placing the women and children in front as shields so they could throw stones and evade reprisals. However, for mothers and children to be put on a long journey through Mexico is to begin with a stupid and inhumane action. Apparently during the Obama Admin tear gas was used eighty times but probably muted by the media since they favored Obama.

    I think it fair to say that President Trump can not be blamed for the conditions of Latin American nations but Hillary certainly can and previous presidents. I know it makes life a great deal simpler to have one individual to blame. Trump, Satan, Hitler, Stalin, the Devil . . . no one is blaming Congress for failling to create legislation that addresses the situation and allow for a wall.

    How many do we let in? One million? Ten? Fifty million? Who should decide the number?

    FGM provides no health benefits; it can and does create even severe health problems. It is a cruelty to little girls. I am sure they would prefer a few breaths of tear gas. Why is this subject still a rather silent one? It seems to me that all the nations wrath is focused on Trump. What about Sharia Law? Most people even highly educated ones know virtually nothing about Islam which is really more political ideology than relgion. And as a religion it is very second rate or even third rate! As an ideology it resembles International Communism. Certainly not ideal for women. Communism at least recognized women as the equal of men.

    It seems to me that the obssession with Trump is a form of social and political sloath. Were it not for Trump "journalists" would have to work some for news items.

  2. Why are Latin American nations less successful than the USA? It probably mostly has to do with the people who imigrated from Great Britian bringing along their Protestant Ethic. The very type of person that is roundly criticized in contemporary universities. Aggressive men seeking wealth and power and having a large country full of resources. And their brand of Christianity. Catholic South America had a different ethos. Maybe if Latin American had in the 18th century converted to Protestantism things would have been different. Maybe it can be traced to the difference between Northern Europe and Southern Europe. Why has Germany been such a power house? Why are Europeans becoming so docile that immigrant men are raping their women with out much outcry or resistance? Race, ethnicity, history, etc. Evidently nationality does play a major role.

    However, no matter how much blame flows out from American citizens Latin America will not magically transform so that only a fool would leave the paradise of Honduras! Blame does not have a good track record for creating desirable change. Too many people have a child's view of the world and human existence.

    1. Murica is a place where most of the food u can get is laced with pesticides. Where there are mountains of garbage and plastic everywhere. Where the air is full of particulates, carbon monoxide, heavy metal poisons, and who knows what else. Same for the water. The gross pollution is as bad in rural areas, the air and water quality is too.

      A country and place where no matter where you go, people spend most of their time in shitwagons, driving around buying shit they do not need or more contaminated food . This will be another great season for ebay and amazon as well, this year again. I am sure!

      When people are not driving and buying, they are being hyperentertained in consumer fantasyland or brainwashed by cable news.
      Then some go to church on sunday, where this lifestyle is condoned and encouraged, though it is grossly bereft of any spiritual or contemplative value.

      Pretty much a fake self-devouring society.

      What a messed up country what a messed up loser president and government of crooks

      A clown spent 100 milion of taxpayers money golfing where and when, it wants. Gasses innocent children.

      Preaches racism, hate, jingoistic-lies, fascism, more lies at every turn

      Water full of radium uranium from fracking ff burning and refining. The worst Radioactive waste everywhere even in smoke detectors.

      There are too many people now, in murica. There is a lot of dispossession.

      Immigration is used as a wedge issue like abortion. Trump has paid for many abortions. Trump likes cheap illegal labor and does not care about americans or illegs or immigration. He gassed children in mexico seeking assylum to make a sadistic show. Wasted millions to send troops there.
      A wall is just another huge, fake waste of money does nothing. Obama never gassed any refugee children in Mexico . Most of what the william thing says are lies and propaganda.

  3. Obama Administration Used Tear Gas, Pepper Spray at Border Dozens of Times, CBP Data Shows https://www.newsweek.com/obama-administration-used-tear-gas-pepper-spray-border-dozens-times-cbp-data-1233255

    Yes, America is such a terrible place we are doing the immigrants a favor by keeping them out. But since we have to waste money why not on a wall which will be A tourist attraction in no time.

    I would not trust anything any one in that miserable nation of America said. For all I know America is a great place and Clara November just wants to hog it all for herself and her friends.

    It does sound like Clara is a typical American, otherwise how would she know all these nasty things about America unless she herself was doing them also.

    But if what she is saying is true then probably it is as bad as or worse in other nations. So there is only one soluton and that is either the personal one of suicide or the one of praying and working for the end of the world.

    Suicide strikes me as a mistake since it might be more interesting to stick around and see how much worse it can get, though I suppose even by now all these toxins have damaged many people's brains to the point where nothing they write or say can be trusted, since it may be just the noise of a damaged brain?

    So let say that Joe or Alice grew up in difficult family situatons--alcoholic mother and drug addict father or the like. Then they both get poisoned along the way and finally end up in a university. Now I wouldn't know but it sounds like universities do their best to be utopic places of education where suddenly Alice and Joe get treated well but then they might not recognize its as such. Some of their professors and some students tell them how bad America and the world is. They realize in their toxic bodies that it is hopeless and drop out and get jobs wherever they can find them. They start watching certain detox videos and clean up their toxic bodies. They read good literature and avoid the meritricious news and entertainment. It turns out they are both highly gifted and begin creating some real literature and art. They are even modestly happy. They get married have several children whom they raise with great care. Later on the start a musical group which produces wonderful uplifting music. They revist the university and marvel how they managed to survive for three years. Meanwhile their moms and dads go through rehab or therapy and become fairly decent grandparents. At last hearing they were living happily ever after. They even hope Clara November will also find a real iife.

  4. Well willy the unknown. My parents were not substance abusers like yur parents were.

    That does not explain what a nasty nebbish,little nazi-librarian like willy unknown is. Probably too much white-entitlement or too many plutonium particles from Rocky-flats.

    My father did die young, from working too close to a nuclear facility and working in the nuclear industry as a young man. He also contributed many things to society. He helped many people, instead of being an envious twit that publishes hate.

    Obama never sent thousands of troops to the border to make a show of it. The obama gassed meme, is a plant with no specifics. Originated in Brietbart. Maybe some border people pepper sprayed an unruly drug trafficer or two.
    No refugees put their kids up to get gassed. That is just more pathological lying by willy.

    The gulpers are already suiciding themselves and screwing their children.

  5. " My parents were not substance abusers like yur parents were." So how did they get you. But more importantly you are one of the children that Majia talks about now and then who suffered from transgenerational genetic damage--in your case via your father's contamination. Well, according to you we all live now in contamiNation. No, I was talking about Joe and Alice and evidently made you jealous.

    I realize that Obama was a saint to the Left. Canonized by his zealous supporters sometime along the way. Pretty cute. Not sure what a Nazi librarian would be. Did you libertarian?

    Mean while Lisa who used to be George who used to be Mildred is an expectant mother. While she was Mildre she saved some eggs. And when she transitioned back to being a woman again wanted a child. Mildred was rich so Lisa is rich--even richer since George had a great head for finance; Lisa has engaged a woman who wanted to pay off student loans. Voila, in just a few months now a new child for her biolgocial mother's arms. The sperm donor was a taxi cab driver taken one night. He is all smiles. They are thinking a large family since Lisa found having children fun and easy. Maybe nine or ten. You just never know as Mildred wanted nothing to do with babies.

    And you were saying? Oh,yes, what fine people the immigrants are. Why don't you take some in?

    1. You are the most damaged thing, I have ever seen. No brain no heart.Too bad for you and your progeny. A true sociopath

    2. Face it Clara, you are just green with envy of Joe and Alice and Lisa who have meaningful lives when apparently you do not unless endless carping and critizing where you live and other people is really meaningful which is hard to believe.

    3. Meaningful lives? Take your troll pay and hope that your masters create test tube babies that thrive on radiation.

    4. Given my immense wealth already it would be a crime to take toll pay, so I will let you have it as you seem a bit low on bread.

    5. I have no problems in this regard at this time. But the reset will not be kind for any of us.

    6. I do not know what yur trip is freefall, nor do I care. I am antinuclear. I like what Majia has to post.
      There is an extremist-campus political group, that harrasses and threatens professors at ASU and at other universities.
      The group threatens to have professors fired , assaulted or killed.

      If majia posts an article, willy the unknown does not like, all the brown-shirt buzzwords come out. "Sociology professors that quote and talk about postmodermism (meaning foucolt the evil socialist) should be fired."
      All the jingojstic hate, misogeny and bigotry-buzzwords, fascist heirarchical structures come to bare. Millenials are inferior. Blacks are inferior. Muslims are inferior. Women are inferior. Nuclear-energy is alpha male and Jordon Peterson supports it so I support it. Students are inferior. It is ok to gas children cause they are migrants. Qanon says this qanon says that.

      Willy knows the que words. It knows what buttons to push. It is very sick.
      Anyone who has had a job, where some asshole goes for their throat knows.

      William starts pushing buttons and pulling out the code words for proud boy-brownshirts and their ilk, when Majia publishes something it does not like.
      Like about Postmodernism. The buzzwords like
      Cultural Marxism, start flowing. What the hell is cultural marxism? It is pure racist garbage.
      This is the largest melting pot in the world. Nazispeak and fascistapeak like this jerk, want free-speech for themselves but no one else.

    7. I too am anti-nuclear as well as anti-war. But I am also anti-political.

      We have now reached a point in America where choices are becoming more limited with little opportunity for positive outcomes.

      Take immigration, for instance. Previous presidents on both sides neglected border control to such a degree that sanctuary cities have been created.

      Meanwhile, America’s economy is imploding mostly due to “free trade” agreements that were good for corporations but not so good for the American people or even the slave laborers from other countries that took their jobs.

      Also, our foreign policy has been taken over by another country making traitors out of all our previous presidents (good riddance poppy bush) as well as the one in there now who appears to be the biggest Israeli boot-licker of them all.

      What most fail to realize is the bloody hell that America has coming for their grand designs to be fulfilled. The immigrants are the first round of scapegoats but they will not be the last. Sooner or later, the gun owners will be the ones marched to the camps as they must be for the New World Order to be successful.

      While the liberals cheer, they fail to realize that this was the last measure of protection against government tyranny.

      After disarmament is accomplished, the rest can then be completely enslaved or killed off at their government’s leisure. For all you population control advocates, you will soon be getting what you asked for.

      The way out? We must turn and face the real enemy that makes kings out of presidents and stop supportering any of these Satanic psychopathic bastards.

      Otherwise, sooner or later, the particular group you are affiliated with will be targeted for destruction.

  6. How to create a weak society? Well, it is being successfully done in Europe. In detail you want to weaken the family which will weaken the children and the kinds of adults they will become. So do the things that will result in single parent families. Forbid the boys from rough and tumble play which according to recent research will effect the bones and other aspects and produce weak men. Keep all the kids inside. And while you are at it attack men for being men. Make both men and women believe they are not having enough sex and see to it that they are obssessed wih sex. At the university level push postmodernism and cultural Marxism and deny that life has a purpose. Promote in various subtle ways despair and increase the suicide rate. Despise marriage and the traditional family. Depise tradition and take the classics out of the curriculum. Have lots of studies programs. Burden students with impossible debt. Blame as much as possible and encourage a victimhood attitude. Focus on oppressors. Dedicate oneself to identity politics. Treat facts and reason with contempt. Encourge imagination rather than truth. Encourage lying as an alternative to knowing. let your emotions rule. In Europe the fact that Muslim men are raping many women is okay because that is their culture. Grooming young girls in England is also okay because who knows--politically correct. If you do these things well and a few others then the society will collapse and utopia will result? Apparently.

    1. This thing is a stalker, a harrasser, a paid troll, and a creep.
      A lot of projection there. This thing does not think for itself. Projection regurgitation. Pure identity politics and lies.

      This applies them.

      We can predict the behavior of a malignant narcissist. He’ll lie pathologically, gaslight, project, he’ll be disposed to cause harm, suffering, or distress deliberately; He has no real identity, morals, or ethics, no empathy just envy, contempt & an inability to process criticism

      How would you like to have to salute this every morning?https://mobile.twitter.com/JSCCounterPunch/media/grid?idx=0

    2. I see nothing written in this comment that is untrue. Unlimited immigration is what finished off the Roman Empire also. And if you think Fundamentalist Christians are crazy, wait until you’re living under Sharia law.

      Men will be the ones holding their battle rifles when the wolf is at your door and you’ll be damned glad that they are.

    3. Thanks. You are right. The cabal of extremely wealthy men want a one world government. They will use the Muslims, the Communists, Marxists, naive academics and students . . . any willing fool. Empire is an ancient and deeply rooted notion in the human psyche. People are drawn to the pomp and ceremony of kings and queens, to a global aristocracy, to a fabulous world capital. To all that power and riches directed at human suffering. That is the promise to the sea of human suffering. So why not? Something to think about. Do we want an exalt personage telling us how we should live? I am sure some people do. In many of the older realms the king or pharaoh
      was considered a god and worshiped. That might be easier than it sounds if everyone is doing it.

    4. Yes, the personality cult followers of our last two presidents coincides with what you say. We have been warned against idolatry and still don’t understand what that means.

      The true avatars do not seek our adulation. They encourage us to follow “the kingdom within” as they do.

    5. I agree with your point about the "personality cults of the last two presidents." Obama and Trump both have devoted followers who are too often blind to their faults.

  7. "Thucydides uses the frightening story to warn of the wild — and often dangerous — swings in public opinion innate to democratic culture. The historian seems at times obsessed with these explosions of Athenian popular passions, offering an even longer and more hair-raising account of popular mood swings over invading Sicily. We forget sometimes that the Athenian democracy that gave us Sophocles and Pericles also, in a fit of unhinged outrage, executed Socrates by a majority vote of one of its popular courts." --Victor Davis Hanson

    1. Yes - contagious homicidal madness is something I've written about extensively. I don't fully understand the conditions of its possibilities nor do I know how to recognize the signs but it seems as if we are getting close to a state-shift

  8. #unity4j Randy Credico Exclusive Tell-All with Abby Martin on Wikileaks & Roger Stone youtube.com/attribution_li…
    View details ·
    Good @YouTube video youtu.be/PCCEeK0cofs?a Randy Credico Exclusive Tell-All with Abby Martin on Wikileaks & Roger Stone

    1. Things do not appear to be going so well. Several Gm jobs gone. The economy appears to be tanking. What a fraud this president is. Corporate mismanagement and looting, seriously tanking the economy, after only 2 years.
      Government mismanagement, tanking everything. That includes more war , and, possibly a nuclear war in the mideast. A new arms race. American farmers going broke. The border fiasco is like nero-Trump fiddling, as america falls apart.

    2. Time to jump off the cliff? or wait until after the Holidays?

  9. To Freefall:There are too many people in America. Especially for this level of consumption. Open immigration is what both the corporate parties want. They just lie about it. It is a wedge issue.

    There is an extremist-campus political group, that harrasses and threatens professors at ASU and at other universities.
    The group threatens to have professors fired or even kill them. Willy knows the que words. It knows what buttons to push. It is very sick.
    Anyone who has had a job, where some asshole goes for their throat knows.

    This nasty little jerk starts pushing buttons and pulling out the code words for proud boy-brownshirts and their ilk, when Majia publishes something it does not like Postmodernism. Cultural Marxism. What the fuck is cultural marxism? This is the largest melting pot in the world. Nazi assholes like this jerk want free-speech for themselves but no one else.

  10. Maybe freefall is a fascist or promoter of cambridge analytica propaganda-conspiracy ideations and lies. Who knows. The deep state and its corporate billionaire patrons have deep pockets. They are good at funneling dark money even if it is blatantly political. The repukes just shift further right and the other party follows. It is why the mic gets bigger the duopoly stays and the oppression gets worse. Harvey wasserman says Right Wing populism is the big lie. It is just fascism plain and simple. Fascism is violence. It it is the word of the day. It is what this admin uses to hide the raping of amerikca. No bs or conspiracy nonsense, can cover or obfuscate that anymore.

    OpEdNews Op Eds 11/29/2018 at 14:17:32
    Who's funding Bannon's Fourth Reich?
    By Wayne Madsen       Message Wayne Madsen      

    Former Donald Trump chief strategist and 2016 campaign manager Steve Bannon has become a neo-Nazi frequent flyer. Bannon established his organization, known simply as "The Movement," with the help of some far-right Belgian politicians. In a worrying trend, The Movement is forging close ties with far-right parties and politicians around the world, including Brazil's incoming president, Jair Bolsonaro, an admitted admirer of Adolf Hitler.

    "The Movement," a secretariat of neo-Nazi and fascist parties is headquartered in Brussels in the same suburban Brussels estate that houses the far-right PartiPopulaire, which is led by Mischaƫl Modrikamen. Modrikamen was the only Belgian political leader to have endorsed Trump in 2016. Modrikamen also rejects a Palestinian state and his party refers to the West Bank by its Israeli names, Judea and Samaria.

    Modrikamen's association with Bannon is emblematic of the current alliance between the Israeli right-wing political establishment and fascist and neo-Nazi parties around the world. Modrikamen's Jewish father, Marcel, was arrested in Belgium at the age of 16 by the Gestapo for being a member of the Belgian Resistance to Nazi occupation. While many neo-Nazi parties support the right-wing government of Israel and the Jewish settlers in the West Bank, they launch anti-Semitic attacks against Jewish targets in their home countries. This paradox was satirized by a cartoon in the Belgian weekly, Le Vif. The cartoon shows Bannon, surrounded by flies, telling a puzzled Modrikamen, "First, we de-Jew Europe."

    The "strange bedfellows" accommodation is reminiscent of the concordat established between Ze'ev Jabotinsky's and Naftali Lubenchik's "Revisionist Zionist" of the 1930s and 40s and Nazi Germany. The Lehi movement, also known as the Stern Gang, favored a Revisionist Zionist alliance with Adolf Hitler to drive the British out of the Palestine mandate territory. The Lehi Movement later morphed into the present-day Likud Party of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. In late 1940, the Lehi met with a Nazi diplomat in Beirut to discuss increased Jewish immigration from Europe to Palestine, in contravention of British caps on immigration to the mandate territory. The German diplomat, Werner Otto von Hentig, an admirer of Zionist leader Chaim Weizmann, managed to convince Hitler to remove all obstacles to increased Jewish migration from Europe to Palestine via Yugoslav and Greek ports. This was known as the Haavara (Transfer) Agreement. Von Hentig later became an adviser to the Saudi royal family.

    1. The primary goal of The Movement is to upend next year's elections for the European Parliament. Because national laws in nine European Union countries ban the infusion of foreign cash and in-kind donations of support to political campaigns, including the campaign advice that Bannon's Movement is offering, Bannon must carry out his work on the fringes of the laws. Although Bannon's organization is based in Brussels, he sees the UK, which will soon depart the EU, as the best base of operations from which to launch his "Fourth Reich" alliance of fascist parties on the European mainland. Bannon's political infrastructure in Britain centers around anti-European Union UK Independence Party founder Nigel Farage and Farage's one-time chief adviser, Raheem Kassam.

  11. Four EU countries that allow foreign campaign help--Finland, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Denmark--are where Bannon is concentrating his efforts to elect far-right candidates as Members of the European Parliament (MEPs). Bannon has established a working relationship with the governing Fidesz Party in Hungary; Matteo Salvini, the Italian Interior Minister and leader of the League party; Dutch Party of Freedom leader Geert Wilders; the far-right Vox party in Spain; Flemish nationalist Vlaams Belang leader Filip Dewinter; the National Rally of Marine Le Pen in France; and the governing Law and Justice of Poland. Bannon has established links with the Italian fascist party, Brothers of Italy, and its leader, Giorgia Meloni. Bannon has also forged ties with far-right politicians in Switzerland, which is not an EU member, and far-right white Afrikaner groups like the Suidlanders.

    Right-wingers, some the children and grandchildren of the white Rhodesian diaspora around the world, others neo-Nazi and white supremacists, are championing a return of white minority rule to Zimbabwe, the former white-ruled Rhodesia. Slogans like "Make Zimbabwe Rhodesia Again" are appearing on social media. Bannon also has links to the resurgent Rhodesian diaspora movement.

    Although the United States and Britain have laws preventing foreign cash infusions into their political campaigns, Bannon and his associates, including British right-wing businessman Arron Banks, were able to skirt those laws. In 2015, Bannon was able to funnel money and assistance to Banks's Leave EU campaign. The vehicle was Bannon's and the Mercers' Cambridge Analytica. The UK-based Cambridge Analytica and its sister firm, SCL Elections, both defunct, are under investigation by Britain's Parliament, National Crime Agency, and the UK Electoral Commission for illegally laundering foreign funds into the Brexit campaign in 2015 and 2016. Similarly, Cambridge Analytica is under investigation by U.S. Justice Department Special Counsel Robert Mueller for acting as an interface between the Trump campaign and foreign interests.

    In recent weeks, Bannon has spoken at the

  12. Oxford Union in England, despite Oxford University protests that saw picket signs bearing the messages "Fascists Not Welcome," "Racist Bannon Not Welcome Here," "Steve Bannon Out of Oxford," and "Kick Racism Off Our Campus." Earlier this month, Bannon appeared at a debate in Toronto, sponsored by the Aurea Foundation, a charitable organization established by Barrick Gold founder Peter Munk. Protesters in the audience unfurled a banner that read, "No Hate. No Bigotry. No Place for Bannon's White Supremacy."

    Bannon was also invited to speak at the News Xchange conference in Edinburgh. When she discovered that Bannon was one of the conference speakers, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon withdrew from participation in the event. Bannon was greeted by protest signs, such as "Nae Nazis."

    Where Bannon is obtaining the funds to travel throughout Europe, pushing his fascist movement, has many governments inquiring about his funding sources. Ironically, Bannon claims a large portion of his personal fortune arises from his owning partial rights to the sitcom Seinfeld, a program whose Jewish actors and characters might seem anathema to Bannon's friends in the neo-Nazi movement.

    Bannon was a key player in the former election manipulation firm, Cambridge Analytica, which was behind the malfeasance involved in the 2016 Brexit referendum in the United Kingdom and the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Bannon also co-founded the right-wing Breitbart News in 2006. Cambridge Analytica and Breitbart received financial support from billionaire hedge fund tycoon Robert Mercer and his daughter, Rebekah Mercer. Bannon's Belgian partner's wife, Yasmine Dehaene, serves as secretary general of her husband's Parti Populaire. She was also executive director of the alliance of far-right parties in the European Parliament, the Alliance for Direct Democracy in Europe (ADDE). Campaign financing violations and in-fighting within the UK Independence Party of Trump's and Bannon's colleague, Farage, saw the ADDE ultimately collapse.

    In December 2016, a little over a month after Trump's election, Dahaene was in Israel,along with her husband, to speak at the second Jerusalem Leaders Summit, an invitation-only event. The first summit, in 2015, also featured Dahaene and her ADDE as participants, along with the right-wing Heritage Foundation of the United States. The Modrikamens are frequent travelers to Israel.

    1. Participating in the 2016 summit were Representative David Brat of Virginia and Republican Representative-elect Scott Taylor of Virginia--Republicans, who were recently defeated by Democrats--Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked; Becky Norton Dunlop of the Heritage Foundation and Trump's presidential transitional team; UKIP MEPs Bill Etheridge, Paul Nuttall, Roger Helmer, and Ray Finch; and Sanford Saunders, co-managing shareholder of Greenberg Traurig, the one-time Washington, DC, law firm of disgraced and convicted Republican super-lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

      It seems unlikely that Bannon's operations in Europe and his high-cost travel--involving private planes, chauffeured vehicles, and expensive luxury hotels--to Paris, London, Rome, Venice, Lyon, Prague, Edinburgh, and other cities are being underwritten by partial royalties from Seinfeld re-runs. The Mercers claim they cut Bannon off after his stint as Trump's chief strategist in the White House. There are reports that Trump, who calls Bannon "Sloppy Steve"--a reference to Bannon's often unshaven and unkempt appearance--still communicate via the phone. It is also widely believed that Bannon continues to have an interest in the follow-on companies to Cambridge Analytica, which include Emerdata and Auspex International. Although there are multiple denials by the principals, Bannon and his election manipulation associates, who have monetized psychographic data mined from social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google, are believed to have played a part in the electoral wins of Bolsonaro in Brazil and Prime Minister Imran Khan in Pakistan.

      Many Americans and Europeans seem to believe that Bannon is a mere caricature of an obese modern-day Hermann Goering. He is much more dangerous. The "Movement" he represents has financial links going back to the U.S.-run "rat lines" that spirited Nazis out of Europe, including places like Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, and Yugoslavia, and ultimately to South America, Canada, and the United States. Many settled in Bannon's native southern California, where they became active in the right-wing "Captive Nations" movement that allied with far-right groups like the John Birch Society and Young Americans for Freedom. While there may not be lost "Nazi gold" financing Bannon's operations, there are generational links to the old Nazis who are assisting Trump's former "brain." One of these is Sebastian Gorka, the Hungarian-British-American who worked with Bannon at the White House before both were fired. Gorka holds the Hungarian Order of Vite'z, a medal awarded by the pro-Nazi regime in Hungary to Hungarians who fought with the Nazis against the Allies in World War II. Gorka's father, Paul Gorka, also holds the order.

    2. What is needed in Europe and other countries being wooed by Bannon and his so-called "populists," a feel-good cover name for Nazis and fascists, is a popular front reminiscent of that cobbled together in the 1930s and 40s by Europe's socialists, social democrats, communists, and radical liberals to fight against the Nazis and fascists. The Popular Fronts of Europe not only had to battle against the far-right, but the Trotskyists, who wanted to totally dominate leftist united fronts and exclude bourgeois parties like the liberals. Often, the Popular Fronts were rendered ineffective by internal division, particularly in Germany, Spain, and France.

      Today, the left in the United States has its own Trojan horses in "boutique" parties like the Greens and Libertarians, that cooperate with right-wing Republicans to deny electoral victories to the Democrats. Europe must learn how to be smarter than Bannon and his cohorts in combating the resurgence of Nazism and fascism.


    3. Prolly unknown and freefall the same. Same cambridge analytica buzzwords: Muslims, academics, communists, cultural marxists. Jingopatriotism. Promotion of violence. Language of violence. No mention of the deadly games of fascism and naziism which are inherently rooted in violence, racism, bigotry, murder, murderous oppression and hate. Your parents or granparents knew. Fascism is the contagious homicidal madness Majia speaks of. Too bad there are so many cowardly people and sociopaths in the world

    4. The Steve Bannon article's author is probably biased toward democrats but it has good information about Bannon's Movement.
      The United States modern-Imperial Economy has been a mixed-economy based on Liberal Democracy.
      The amount of consumption, the continuance of its imperial desires are not compatible with a sustainable economy and sustainable environment anymore.

      Fascism is about violence, suicide and genocide in the face of the
      Large social, economic and envirnmental problems we are now in.
      Look at what has happened in Ukraine and Japan since their major nuclear catastrophes.
      They are both now controlled by right-wing governments hell-bent on more major nuclear catastrophes,in those countries. The rulers of Japan and Ukraine, promise strong rule not rationality.
      Neo-nazis rome the countryside in the Ukraine, killing innocent civililians, while their old beat-up russian reactors, get more delapidated and dangerously close to melt-downs.

      Other nuclear contries continuously foist huge amounts of dangerous-highlevel nuclear waste upon them in the Ukraine. The dangerous waste is stored in poor containment, above ground. There have been accidents in the Ukraine above-ground waste-storage facilities.

      The far-right government of Abe, strives to open as many decrepit and probably earthquake-damaged reactors as possible post Fukushima. That is: opening damaged reactors in areas with large upticks of dangerous earthquakes in most of Japan, since Fukushima.
      Abe upped the ante post fukushima and wants to start manufacturing nuclear weapons and deploying them.
      Does anyone seriously think Japan, Ukraine, the United States, Korea, France can survive a major nuclear catastrophe like Fukushima or Chernobyl?
      One thing you can say about the jingistic, Far Right-Nationalistic Fascist, governments that Bannon and trump say they support in Poland, Brazil, America, Hungary etc is that they are extremely ProNuclear. PRO NUCLEAR POWER, PRONUCLEAR ARMAMENT. That is about as crazy as things can get. The high-pitched jingoism and saber-rattling.
      Cambridege Analytica is adept at manufacturing newspeak and constently changing versions of reality to meet their ideological needs.

      The reactors stay opened, the nuclear bomb inventories grow. We all are the the worse for it.


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