Monday, October 17, 2016

Winner of Niigata Gubernatorial Election Upsets LDP Nuclear Plans

Good news!

Upset in Niigata pushing LDP to review nuclear energy policy October 17, 2016 THE ASAHI SHIMBUN

An opposition-backed candidate’s victory in the Niigata gubernatorial election threw the Abe administration into a state of shock over the possible consequences to its nuclear energy policy and its standing on the national level.  Niigata Governor-elect Ryuichi Yoneyama has taken a cautious stance on restarting the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear plant in the prefecture, the key issue in the gubernatorial election north of Tokyo.... the voters’ rejection of the coalition-backed candidate means the Abe administration will have to review its energy policy.

and the new governor-elect calls for an investigation of the Fukushima nuclear crisis:

Niigata governor-elect calls for Fukushima nuclear crisis investigation

NIIGATA -- Governor-elect Ryuichi Yoneyama has called for getting to the bottom of the Fukushima nuclear crisis before debating the pros and cons of restarting the local atomic power station... Yoneyama said he is prepared to cooperate with an investigation being conducted by a panel comprised of the prefectural government and TEPCO into an incident in which the utility had concealed that meltdowns occurred at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear complex. 


  1. This is a good thing majia. I am so.glad you post these things. Japan's nuclear policy is important to the world now. Many people do not realize it. Fukushima is ruining Asia and the Pacific. If the leaders of the world did something to really contain fukushima, it could reduce the ongoing contamination. There is really no safe nuclear power plant in the world. No safe place to put waste. They all risk catastrophic contamination of the world. It's seems that everyone in America is distracted by Clinton and trump in America now. They are both pronuclear.


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    1. Interesting. Age of father is linked to autism rate with scientists speculating that acquired genetic and epigenetic changes are to blame.

      Someone once wrote at Enenews that humans will have to reproduce earlier to prevent too much accumulation of mutations.

      Of course, having babies early in life is not necessarily very good socially for parents or offspring.

  3. Short clip from as he documentary about thyroid cancer in fukushima after 311

  4. 82,000 jobs in NY from renewables. Not the measley 2,000 jobs from the CUOMO 7.6 billion dollar bailout of nuclear power in new York that will be directly extracted from taxpayers and lead to more nuclear waste. Lead to leaky old nuclear reactors online in danger of catastrophic failure. From Karl Grossman. Is CUOMO insane and partially brain dead?


    7/11 convenience stores in Japan sell fukushima radioactive rice with other rice

  6. Apologies for being OT but does anyone know if ENE News is still working ? Thanks. Feeky McGee

  7. Now in an enlightened society Jill Stein would stand a good chance of winning the election. Hillary would not even exist at a high level. Too bad Jill and Trump did not connect as she would be the ideal balance for him; and he would listen to her. She is very smart and articulate and has good ideas. But the media won't touch her as she would contrast with Hillary in an invidious way. Given her age she is remarkable alive. Well, too bad we live in darkness for the most part. But she is a hopeful sign of what is possible some day?

  8. Ron Paul endorsed Jill Stein. There in the USA which is why we need to make as many people aware of the ongoing catastrophe of fukushima, the ongoing nuclear power and nuclear war tragedies and the genotoxin destruction, as possible. Pandering for anyone who.has any person who is part of, or does not wish to at least start dismantling the nuclear security state good. The nuclear cult is destroying life on the planet


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