Monday, October 3, 2016

Deep Politics and the Nuclear Complex

As the US charade of democratic politics unfolds in this year's presidential elections, I wonder about the latent machinations of power.

With this in mind, I consider the deep politics implicated in the new alliance between TEPCO and GE coupled with proposed new liability limits for Japan's utilities:

Japan’s Tepco and GE to Launch Digital Transformation of Utility’s Fleet of Thermal-Powered Stations (September 26, 2016). GE News Room,

Utilities may get caps on liability in time of serious nuke accidents. (October 2, 2016). The Asahi Shimbun,
In the event of a serious nuclear accident, the government is considering capping the liability of electric power companies and placing the burden beyond that on the public in the form of taxes or higher electricity rates. The Cabinet Office plans to submit the plan to an experts’ panel along with the current program, which does not contain such caps, sources said.
The global nuclear complex - composed of government and corporate institutions and authorities - is a "limited liability" regime, which is supplemented by "expert" knowledge about radiation that frames exposure effects in limited ways.

It seems that the corporate nuclear institutions are becoming ever more concentrated, which of course augments their power to shape international and national law, energy development, and human and ecological welfare.

The state becomes their tool, although its capture is so far incomplete.


Sunrise October 2 2016 at Fukushima Daiichi from the Futaba Cam View:


  1. The colors in the sky around futaba make it look like a different planet with a different atmospheric composition. Like something they uses to do on the old star trek series to simulate other planet atmospheres only this is too real.

  2. Japan is at the stage now where it is devouring itself. It cannot be stopped. Nuclear was always that way.

  3. I have so much admiration for out weez. People protested against yucca mountain because it is unsafe. There is no place to put this stuff. If they would stop making radioactive waste and keep it out of peoples back yards it would be nice. I am sure you have done a lot. You are a very good hearted person like Majia is.

  4. A new article debunking mixing theory about leukemia and cancer close to nuclear power plants


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