Thursday, August 18, 2016

Uranium in Drinking Water Spikes in Areas Across North America, Officials Dismiss Concerns

Several North American locations are experiencing spikes in uranium levels in drinking water. These cases are not connected with clear causes. Ill-informed or unethical public officials are telling residents the uranium is not risky, "largely safe to drink" because levels are not "acute."

In other words, since the uranium levels aren't causing acute radiation symptoms, the water is safe to drink:
Susan Dunlap. 2016, August 18. Uranium in water leading to money woes for Whitehall

A chronic case of uranium showing up in Whitehall’s two public wells is forcing the town of about 1,000 people to look for money to solve the problem… Whitehall, however, will likely need to drill a new well or install treatment in the existing wells, Kristi Ponozzo, director of public policy at the Montana Department of Environmental Quality, said Tuesday.  She also confirmed that the situation is not acute.

Rachel Ward. August 14, 2016. Councillor urges calm after Bridgetown water uranium spike. CBC News August 14, 2016,
After a weekend of "panic" over a uranium spike in public drinking water, a councillor in an Annapolis Valley town is urging calm.  The water in Bridgetown is indeed safe for people to drink, Coun. Horace Hurlburt said.  The Municipality of the County of Annapolis initially said on its website that elevated uranium levels have been found in the water supply but that it was largely safe to drink…. The official cause of the uranium spike in Bridgetown water is not yet known, he said.

David Hudnall. From 2010–2014, Wake County Found 40 Private Wells with Dangerous Levels of Uranium. Then It Stopped Testing. Indyweek, August 17, 2016

Last week, a little-known Bahama, N.C.-based data-science nonprofit called Insightus issued an alarming report regarding uranium levels in private water wells in Wake County.  Using obscure but publicly available state databases, Insightus found that chemical samples from private wells concentrated in the eastern part of the county—in and near towns such as Zebulon, Rolesville, and Wendell—routinely register dangerous levels of uranium.

Or, rather, they did—until 2014, when Wake County abruptly removed uranium from the list of chemicals for which it regularly tests. The INDY has examined Insightus's findings and confirmed its conclusions. Between 2010 and 2014, according to records maintained by the North Carolina State Laboratory of Public Health, forty private wells in eastern Wake County were found to contain amounts of uranium in excess of the Environmental Protection Agency's maximum contaminant level of 0.03 mg/L. (Chronic ingestion of drinking water with elevated levels of uranium contributes to kidney damage, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and may also correlate to increased cancer risks.)
There is much I could write here but classes resume today and I'm on a tight schedule.

So, let me simply say that URANIUM is CHEMICALLY GENOTOXIC in addition to being RADIOACTIVE and emitting ALPHA particles in its decay processes, which are capable of shredding DNA.


  1. I think that cancer has become a medical scam with at least half the cases being due to fraudulently reported laboratory tests. For those doing nothing is preferable. The standard treatments will weaken the health and possibly lead to death. Where cancer is present alternative treatments are greatly to be preferred. Unless this latest treatment is a money maker it will fade away and vanish. My neighbor was told she had cancer . . . she had surgery . . . she began to notice odd responses from her doctor who failed to tell her important things about the biopsy and the effects of the surgery.
    When she elected to go her own way from that point on having discovered there were numerous complaints about the doctor and that he had to redo the surgery on her breast, he became quite nasty and she even had to change her primary doctor. I began to think the diagnosis was not legitimate.
    Essentially she was kept uninformed and pressured to have further radiation and chemo as well as take a drug to stop her periods for six months! Later tests have shown no cancer present a year later. She will never know if she ever had cancer.

  2. That's really stupid William. If cancer is not treated early you will die. Seen it too much. There are no real cures to metastatic stage 4 and 5 cancers. Just a little prolongation of life. We are fragile creatures. When things become saturated with genotoxic carcinogens of our own making to live the absurd lifestyles we live, and put up with the incredible nuclear security state, what elsebis to be expected? Many chronic diseases now are the result of our contaminated life support system as well

  3. Your research is too limited. Clearly the AMA is controlling the sort of information available about cancer. By treated early you mean with surgery, chemo and radiation. These are often death warrants. Look into the alternatives!

  4. Find it hard to comprehend that people here are so ignorant of cancer. Very strange. Cancer has exploded in the past 75 years. No research needed. Talk to a neighbor or family that has had to cope with cancer. Stage 5 cancer has usually metasticized to many parts of the body. Ignorance, denial, stupidity, a spooky agenda is no excuse. Idiots that are confronted with cancer directly usually change their narcisstic tone. The survivors of cancer clusters, close to chemically and radionucleide contaminated superfund sites know about the terror and ravages of cancer. Wishing things will go away and spewing bs propaganda does not cut it.

  5. Our medical system has problems. Many doctors are not aware or do not look at the links of genotoxins to cancer as they should. Maybe the doctor was not on the up and up. Your case description is anecdotal. If a good doctor thinks you have cancer they have the ethical duty to tell you.

  6. Malpractice has ramifications either way. Misdiagnosis and unneeded surgery is gross malpractice. So is not diagnosing treatable cancer. Many people die prematurely from cancer in th us young and old. Some cancer only requires surgical intervention. Most people who choose radical interventions for advanced cancer have a long road. I wish people had enough sense not to blame cancer victims or write them off

  7. There are 4A and 4B stagings for cancer. What some people call stage 5 is stage 4B. These are usually inflammatory cancers or cancers that have metasticised to other organs.


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