Friday, August 19, 2016


Researching today I came across this creepy finding:
Department of Defense Ovarian Cancer Research Program (OCRP)

The OCRP stimulates and supports innovative, integrated, multidisciplinary research in the etiology, detection, prevention and control of ovarian cancer. Within this context, priorities and target award levels are set annually by an expert panel, which includes ovarian cancer survivor advocates. Ovarian cancer survivors also participate in the peer review of proposals. This year (FY ’09), the OCRP has received $20 million from Congress – double the amount it has received in recent years. Since its inception in 1997, over 170 awards have been made totaling $122 million.
Please tell me why the Department of Defense has an Ovarian Cancer Research Program?

If you click on the links (e.g., to the "history" of the program) you will get an error message (e.g.,


  1. Probably more to suppress radiological causes of ovarian cancer which has exploded in part 30 years like prostate cancers.

  2. In the past 30 years

  3. very likely as anony says above, control the spin by controlling the data.


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