Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Failure to Measure Fukushima Radiation Contamination Adequately

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Fukushima: Japanese government and IAEA ignore radiation risks to coastal population Tim Deere-Jones 28th September 2015http://www.theecologist.org/News/news_analysis/2985454/fukushima_japanese_government_and_iaea_ignore_radiation_risks_to_coastal_population.html

Radiation can be carried long distances by marine currents, concentrated in sediments, and carried in sea spray 16km or more inland, writes Tim Deere-Jones. So Fukushima poses a hazard to coastal populations and any who eat produce from their farms. So what are the Japanese Government and IAEA doing? Ignoring the problem, and failing to gather data.
There will be no data about the fate of Fukushima marine radioactivity along the 400km Pacific coast of Honshu island, most affected by the Fukushima event, and no research at the shoreline where coastal zone populations are most exposed to it. Review of the official Japanese marine monitoring programme reveals that the Japanese government is turning a blind eye to the risks of marine radiation from the stricken Fukushima site. The strategy it has adopted, with the support of the IAEA, consistently ignores the latest evidence about the way marine radioactivity behaves in inshore marine environments and the potential radiological risks to coastal populations. 

... there is an almost total absence of any work on the long lived alpha emitters, which have been only sparsely studied in the relatively small sea area immediately adjacent to the Fukushima outfalls. In the context of the high risks to be incurred from internal doses of such alpha emitters, and their well-attested transportability in marine environments, this is an astonishing omission....

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  1. The people in power and their middle classes are enamored with themselves. There are not socialists and ca0italists. There are only money driven or military driven nuclear nations an d non nuclear nations. The nuclear nations are all headed for the same fate as Japan and the Ukraine. They are one nuclearr accident awy from becoming anarchic mince meat like the ukraine or the walking dead like japan. Then there are places like kazakstan and belurus that are so saturated with nuclear waste they are dead.

  2. Watch the fury over thyroid cancer that is about to ensue in Japan


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