Sunday, September 27, 2015

Dear Future Generations: Sorry


  1. hitting the 9 lives time now that caldicott talks about. so rerribly sad. i sampled water in seattle and it had tritium. so sad. i just tear up hen i think about it. have seen and practiced in 2cancer clusters. some antiintellectuals at enenews hate me and my healing brethern but we hwve spent years of hands on experience seeing people die from cancer in close to uranium dumps and in down winders. there is no hormesis. that is a sick joke. i think dana is right about enenews. Hormesis
    Radiation hormesis is a wingnut hypothesis that low doses of external ionizing radiation,within the region of and just above background levels are beneficial to life.
    No one even knows what natural backgound levels are anymore. Background levels are growing and have changed significantly in the world since 1945.
    Background levels have grown 6 times since the mid fifties as doc has pointed out.

    Radiation hormesis conmen and women claim that there are magical unknown reserve mechanisms in the biochemistry and immune system of our bodies that are stimulated by radiation and repair damage caused by the glut of manmade radiosiotope pollution and ionizing radiation exposure in that persons lifetime defying billions years of evolution.

    The world is now covered with manmade radiosotopes and that never existed in billions of years of evolution.
    They throw out a crackpot con that has been banned by the fda because it killed so many people who bought radioactive snake oil. Radiothor radium therapy. All the radiation therapys that supposedly treat cancer. Its all nonsense.
    The biochemical mechanisms , metabolic systems, and enzyme systems that exist in our bodies have always had to do so in the presence of K40. Because there is K40 in our bodies that has changed over billions of years of evolution and the cells exposed to it have to . 95 % of our dna is garbage and has no genetic value probably from K40. The toxic window for added radionucleides is more narrow than we can imagine becuase more radionucleides in our body have an additive effect Hormesis is pure bunk and propaganda just as the fluoridation lie and tetraethylead lead in gasoline lies were.

    Life is very tenuous, fragile, and precious. There is probably less life in the universe than we imagine if you think about more clearly and critically and do not jump to magic thinking or terribly biased conclusions that fit a money making or military scheme that is dishonest and criminal.

    I have stood next to a barrel of refined Uranium 238 which contains 0.7% U235. Does it make a difference when the U235 concentration is 2%. Of course it does. It makes the difference between absobring enough concentrated U235 into your skin and lungs to gaurentee cancer sooner or later . U235 is such a strong alpha emitter even being only 2 percent or even 1 percent of a uranium batch is lethal.

    There has never been an incidence of sponateous adaption ro acute radiation poisoning or chronic radiation poisoning in any persons lifetime. Claiming quantum mechanics and homeopathy means there is radiation hormesis just makes the whole thing that more outlandish.

    They make outlandish claims that unknown biomedical mechanisms in our bodies are sufficiently effective when stimulated as to not only cancel the detrimental effects of ionizing radiation but also inhibit disease not related to radiation exposure.
    Most everyone here knows what radiation therapy does to people.
    Manmade Ionizing radiation is destroying the atomic and molecular fabric of our world. It is the gift that keeps on giving

  2. If you really want to understand how low level and high level radiation are effecting our health listen to this audio from the supreme experts in the field dr wertelecki and dr caldicott

    the money and power of propaganda of disinformation shills at enenews at at ian goddards site at james corbetts site are a sad commentary on how far the counter agents and spooks will go. then there is atomic insights and the nerc and iaea which are blatantly pronuclear

    1. I am talking about in the forum at enenews not admin. there have been many good commentators at enenews. joyb is one. activistists and smart people. chased off by anti-intellectuals and darkness. Its good what kelly did. so sad to see it go down like this.

  3. Take tinnitus for example. Tinnitus is always at the top of the list as a major sign and symptom of poisoning as listed in goldfrank whether it be radiation, chemical, heavy metal and it can lead to permanent tinnitus.Yet a disinfo thing told a person who had sx of toxic tinnitus it was from calicification. from same said hormesis promoter. we live longer now because of antibiotics. people died before penicillin and sulfa from a scratch. that is changing though. just ask anyone who has mrsa. There is a lot of evidence that tinnitus is a consequence of neuroplastic alterations in the central auditory pathway. These alterations are assumed to result from a disturbed sensory input, caused by hearing loss.[28] Hearing loss could indeed cause a homeostatic response of neurons in the central auditory system, and therefore cause tinnitus.[29]

    Despite the opinion amongst researchers that tinnitus is primarily a central nervous system pathology, there certainly exists a class of people whose tinnitus is peripherally based.

    Tinnitus can be caused by heavy metal poisoning, radiation poisoning, and ototoxic drugs and poisons. It can be permanent.


    Ototoxic drugs (such as aspirin) can also cause tinnitus, as they may cause hearing loss, or increase the damage done by exposure to loud noise. Those damages can occur even at doses that are not considered ototoxic.Tinnitus is also a classical side effect of quinidine, a Class IA anti-arrhythmic. Quinine is an ototoxic poison as is mercury, tetraethyl lead, other heavy metals and some radionucleides. Exposure to acute gamma and beta doses denature blood vessels in the inner ear, sensitive nerves there, and other sensitive tissue.

    1. Very interesting comments. I'm agree with your arguments.


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