Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sabotaging Peace Talks?

Carol Morello & Brian Murphy (2010, June 10). Data-collecting spyware reportedly found at Iran nuclear talk venues.The Washington Post,

[excerpted] Sophisticated spyware believed linked to Israel infected computers at luxury hotels used as venues for nuclear negotiations with Iran, a Russian cybersecurity firm said Wednesday, but the extent of any possible data breach was not immediately known.

Moscow-based Kaspersky Lab did not specifically identify Israel as the mastermind behind the complex — almost undetectable — virus it stumbled across in early spring during a routine test.

But Eugene Kaspersky, chairman of the company, told a news conference in Moscow that it was most likely “state-sponsored malware” whose stealth and data-grabbing technology he described in Hollywood movie terms: “Kind of a mix of ‘Alien,’ ‘Terminator’ and ‘Predator.’ ”

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  1. Israel/US has been saying Iran is days within building a nuclear weapons for 30 years. Talk about chutspah, Israel has heaps of nuke weapons but those they deem so may not obtain them. As I understand it all of Israel's technology was stolen from the US, which is riddled with spies, paid for by beguiled US taxpayers. Why is Iran not allowed to have an independent country? Because the Rothschilds that created Israel in the first place are worth 500 trillion dollars and any country outside their central bank control is a "rogue state." Come to think of it, who owns the Washington Post?

    Richard Wilcox


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