Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Excising Critical Thought Via McDonaldization of Education

The Washington Post imagines a dystopic future where only the elite are educated while the children of the masses are taught a pre-given curriculum, that no doubt would be purged of truths unrelated to efficiency and compliance:

"At some point, it’s possible to imagine a scenario where the top, highest-paid human talent migrates to the nation’s most elite universities, while robots take over the teaching and training of students in community colleges or vocational schools, where most of the emphasis is on learning certain very specific skills that can be used over and over again in the workplace. The less creativity that’s required of students, the more likely is it that a robot could provide the type of instruction required to educate them."

Dominic Basulto (2015, June 2) Watch out college professors, the robots are coming for your jobs. The Washington Post, 

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  1. Yes, we see this with the continuing dumbing down of the general population who can be bought off with iPhones and TV cheap entertainment to accept their slave status.

    But, I teach low level students and no freakin' robot could teach them what I do. If it is just "push this button and do this" automated system can do that, but robots will never be able to actually "teach", I don't think so.

    Richard Wilcox


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