Friday, May 8, 2015

This is the problem

Newman, Jesse (2015, May 8). FDA Dates Blue Bell Listeria to 2013. The Wall Street Journal, p. B7:

"Two years before ice-cream maker Blue Bell Creameries LP recalled all its frozen desserts from grocery stores, it had evidence of a deadly pathogen in one of its three processing plants, according to inspection reports released on Thursday by the FDA... the company neglected to improve its sanitary procedures [and] ... [failed] to adequately test for contamination in its Alabama facility" 

Three deaths and multiple illnesses have been linked to this outbreak.

The company knew they had a problem but did not take adequate corrective action.

Consequently, people died.

This happens all the time and yet nothing changes.

The risks can be catastrophic for individuals and, at times, for entire societies.

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  1. Civilization which justifies itself by pointing to progress and which depends on the misery and labor of peasants has reached a certain crisis point where it may be about to collapse. Not now but sometime not so far off. The absence of integrity in all the institutions is an indicator of this. Lying in general has become an acceptable social modus operandi--apparently. GMO food is a fine example of the abuse of scientific knowledge. Criminal science we might say.
    I am not sure things are hopeless yet. I am not sure how things might be turned around. Perhaps those who are now just leaving college will do something unexpected and move things in a new and better direction.
    It is beyond obvious that many areas are out of control from war making to nuclear power to genetic engineering to herbicides and pesticides to fluoride to psychiatric and other pharmaceuticals to the political impoverishments of vast numbers of people . . . Nepal for example. Endless lying for what? The specious and spurious happiness of the few? The psychosis of a species may be more than a metaphor.


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