Monday, May 4, 2015

Did the May 3, 2015 Earthquake in Japan Cause Fukushima's Melted Fuel to Fission?

This video suggests that the earthquake that shook north east Japan May 3 2015 was responsible fro the emissions soon visible at Daiichi after the shaking stopped:

I strongly recommend watching the video.

I was not watching the cams during the earthquake but noticed that the emissions seemed unusually thick when I started watching the cams about 10 hours later.  I also documented the very large boat in the harbor

I created a file of screenshots because the fog didn't look right the next day:


I've been having trouble getting TEPCO cams 1 and 4 to load today.

In this recent video, Prof. Koide states repeatedly that the melted fuel requires continuous cooling to avoid escalation of reactions:  Hiroaki Koide: "The Trouble with Nuclear Power"

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  1. It is so obvious and sad. For those who wonder if such cam shots are merely "fog", I might point out that fog is caused by temperature differences, and wherever there is the heat of radiation, fog will form, especially at night when the air tries to cool.


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