Friday, December 3, 2010

I'm Tired of Propaganda and Public Apathy

The mainstream news media is full of propaganda again. A friend said to me, "the U.S. economy is looking up!" I said, what numbers are you looking at?

She is following mainstream headlines like those in the Washington Post, NPR, and NYT.

Let us consider for a moment real economic data.

The National Association of Realtor's index is up slightly for November, but remains "more than 20% below its October 2009 mark" (Reddy, WSJ, 12/3/2010 p. 2).

Unemployment is up. The official number announced today is 9.8% but that number vastly understates the true scope of the problem (see John Williams' Shadow Stats for details).

2 million Americans are about to lose unemployment benefits.

Home foreclosures, personal bankruptcies, and credit card write-offs continue to remain at extremely high levels and are anticipated NOT to level off anytime soon.

Public employers including firefighters, police officers, and university faculty are facing massive layoffs. These layoffs will increase unemployment, foreclosures, and personal bankruptcies.

There is no recovery.

The sheeple need to get active demanding public works programs that truly build infrastructure and sustainable economies.

And the theatre surrounding US deficits needs to be cast aside for a real discussion of what is driving our deficits: bailouts for wealthy banksters, out-of-control military spending, and destitute populations dispossessed by industry in America.

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