Tuesday, December 28, 2010

David DeGraw: You Go!!!!

David DeGraw refuses to participate in the journalism of appeasement. Good for him! He refuses to temper truth. He refuses to bow to power. He speaks truth to power.

Thank you!

Here are a few stats from his article. These data points demonstrate why he refused to be complicit with a media-propaganda complex that has become completely corrupted:
DeGraw writes: "Here’s a list of stats that I am sure you are already extremely sick of hearing, what we have already passively accepted as “the new normal,” some new ALL-TIME RECORDS for you:

3 million families foreclosed upon;
30 million people in need of employment;
43 million people on food stamps;
52 million people in poverty;
59 million people without healthcare;
239 million living paycheck to paycheck;
$144 billion in Wall Street bonuses;
$13 Trillion in investible wealth within 1% of US population.
Ask yourself this question: How sick and depraved of a society do you have to live in to get an outcome like this?

We now have the highest and most severe inequality of wealth in the history of the United States. We have witnessed an economic shock and awe campaign, acts of financial terrorism have impoverished tens of millions of people and put our future prospects in an urgently dire situation. We know who is responsible for it, yet nothing is done to hold them accountable, and most astounding of all, the people responsible for this (a financial terrorism network) are still in power!

Majia here: I'm a regular follower of his Amped Status site. I very much admire his work and style!

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