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Normalizing Deviance: The Thanatopolitics of Bio-Security and Biocapitalism

About 10 days ago, I described the symbolic ruptures and catastrophic networks of the the bio-capital-security complex, which includes corporations, government agencies, scientists/academics, and "civil society" organizations that symbiotically amplify institutional and/or elite agendas:An Essay on the Failing Bio-Capital-Security Complex

The formula for failing is simple: risk seeking behavior leads to crises that are ignored or exploited by well positioned networks and organizations

I study and teach risk & crisis communications. Risks are pursued and hazards ignored when profits or power are at play, as my case studies of the 2007-2008 financial crisis, the BP oil spill, the Fukushima crisis, the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear crisis, and now the pandemic (2020-2022) demonstrate.

To use the language of  Diane Vaughan in her study of the Challenger disaster, "deviance" is normalized when observations of harm and warnings are censored or otherwise repressed, as discussed in this review by WSJ reporter JB Meigs:

Meigs, J. B. (2024, May 1 0). "Challenger" review: How the space shuttle disaster happened. The Wall Street Journal.

Quote: "It’s tempting to assume that if we were in a risky enterprise we would spot the danger and raise the alarm. But the study of disasters shows that such assumptions are too easy. In any organization, the pressure to normalize deviance is strong; even the best-intentioned managers succumb to groupthink; and rules too rigidly followed can make it hard to cope with contingencies"KEY IDEA: pressure to normalize deviance leads to disasters!

Deviance is normalized when hazards - especially those offloaded to less-powerful "others" - are ignored because of "perverse incentives."

We see it now coming out in the pandemic. Gain-of-function research is being done haphazardly and is funded by governments and elite networks without transparency and accountability. Everyone should read the Congressional testimony about NIH funding of GoF:

Meanwhile, a historic lapse in medical ethics drives efforts to genetically engineer the synthesis of human proteins through mandated injectables, with no product liabilities.

Gene transfection experiments are being conducted on people with adverse outcomes denied.

But the externalities are getting difficult to ignore. The public health is plummeting in highly-vaccinated nations:

Jon Ungoed-Thomas (2024, May 19). Heart patients forced to wait over a year for treatment in England. The Guardian.

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) warns that heart care waiting lists are now at a record high, reaching 414,596 at the end of March 2024 in England, almost double what it was in 2020. The number of people waiting longer than a year for heart tests and treatments has risen to 10,893. Four years ago, the figure was just 53. ….
An analysis by the BHF published in January found the number of people dying in England before age 75 from heart and circulatory ­diseases had risen to its highest level in a decade. In 2022 more than 39,000 died in England prematurely of cardiovascular conditions, including heart attacks, coronary heart disease and stroke – an average of 750 people a week. It reported the annual total of deaths as the highest since 2008.

COVID-19, genetic susceptibilities, and lifestyle will take the blame but don't under-estimate the impact of the vaccines. The virus contains the optimized ACE-2 receptors and furin cleavage to enable virus to hijack cells. But the vaccine causes your body to produce almost identical spike proteins for a protracted duration, throughout your body, with the added hazard of the delivery mechanism - the so-called lipid nanopoarticles that are prone to cause clotting and auto-immune problems.

In a recent interview, Former CDC Director Robert Redfield (see here) lamented the loss of public confidence in public health agencies because of a lack of transparency around the vaccines, which he reportedly stated “saved a lot of lives” but also made some people “quite ill.”

“Those of us that tried to suggest there may be significant side effects from vaccines ... we kind of got canceled because no one wanted to talk about the potential that there was a problem from the vaccines because they were afraid that that would cause people not to want to get vaccinated,” Dr. Redfield said.

“I have a number of people that are quite ill and they never had COVID, but they are ill from the vaccine,” he continued. “And we just have to acknowledge that.”


Redfield is among a group of former vaccine advocates who are now "acknowledging" vaccine injuries, although all mentions of adverse effects were systematically ignored, censored and erased in 2021 and 2022.

I witnessed, in the flesh, medical professionals refusing to acknowledge vaccine injuries. In my personal case, the nurse line of my insurance company directed me not to go to the hospital, despite tremendous and unremitting chest pressure and breathing difficulties after the vaccine for days. I believe this study explains my experience, which is only "rare" because it was not adequately reported:

Bakos, Tamás, et al. ( 2024). "mRNA-LNP COVID-19 Vaccine Lipids Induce Complement Activation and Production of Proinflammatory Cytokines: Mechanisms, Effects of Complement Inhibitors, and Relevance to Adverse Reactions" International Journal of Molecular Sciences 25, no. 7: 3595.

Many people had adverse reactions to the COVID-19 vaccines, and some people died. People in our network died and had life-threatening reactions, almost all of which medical professionals neglected to report or even acknowledge. Many of those injured were under 40 years old.

Many people refused to acknowledge or discuss vaccine injuries. Some of those people villified any form of resistance to mandates and cancelled friends and family who disagreed with the grand experimentation upon the population.

Propaganda was used as never before to promote a single fabricated narrative of virus origins and to stigmatize and de-platform all dissent. Documentation of the mis-use of pandemic risk communication is well established. The country was deliberately divided into the "vaccinated" and the "unvaccinated" by health authorities, as I document here.

Forgiveness is going to take a long time. People lost lives and health. Those who refused were villified and censored. Many people lost jobs for resisting. Those who had adverse events and those who resisted were ignored or cancelled by the petty tyrants.

It will take a long time for forgiveness but before that can be achieved there must be truth and reconciliation and I don't see that happening.

Instead, it appears that Gain-of-function research on viruses continues and includes bird flu and other nasties as bio-security is cast as both defensive and offensive and as bio-capital cannabilizes the human body.

Meanwhile the material and symbolic failures of the bio-security are becoming increasingly apparent.

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