Thursday, September 14, 2023

Studies Find Natural Immunity to COVID-19 Far Superior to Vaccine Induced Immunity


Dr. John Campbell reviews this study, which like the Cleveland Clinic Study [doi:], finds natural immunity to be far superior in efficacy and durability to vaccine induced immunity:

Gazit, S. et al., (2022). Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) Naturally Acquired Immunity versus Vaccine-induced Immunity, Reinfections versus Breakthrough Infections: A Retrospective Cohort Study. Clinical Infectious Diseases, 75(1),



The findings of this study that natural immunity is 27 times superior to vaccine induced immunity raises important questions regarding the rationale for US CDC recommendations that everyone be re-vaccinated.

I've written quite extensively about the hazards with the current vaccination regime. See my last post here:

I've been studying the various narratives that circulate across print and social media regarding the rationale for pushing the vaccines. These narratives include:

ECONOMIC/COMMERCIAL NARRATIVE:  Narrative holds that US and other nations' regulatory agencies are captured by commercial interests and policy is therefore driven by greed rather than public health. Biden's bid to create a new economic boom in the bio-economy is linked to this narrative.

GEOPOLITICAL NARRATIVE: Narrative holds that geopolitical conflict between China and the US are manifesting in viral bio-warfare and the vaccines are military counter-measures deployed in lock-step formulation without consideration of new evidence of risk-benefit ratios.

POPULIST NARRATIVE: Narrative holds that the Club of Rome dystopic type scenarios of global over-population are driving elite efforts to de-populate the earth, especially developed nations, using vaccines that have hidden impacts on fertility as imagined in the British version of the Utopia series.


There may be other foundational narratives but these are the most dominant ones I've encountered. Each offers an explanation for the irrational unwillingness to confront vaccine induced injuries and to incorporate efficacy data other than produced by the vaccine manufacturers themselves.

Trailer for UK British Utopia Series


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