Friday, October 4, 2019

It Takes a Second to Say Goodbye

More research on the annihilating capacity of nuclear weapons:
Axe, David (2019, October 3). A ‘Limited’ Nuclear War Quickly Could Kill 90 Million People. The National Interest,

A “small” nuclear war would kill or injure more than 90 million people within just a few hours.That’s the startling conclusion that a team of researchers at Princeton University reached when they simulated an exchange of small-yield “tactical” nuclear weapons between the United States and Russia.

I am reminded of that song 'It takes a Second to say Goodbye ' on U2's classic and still forceful collection titled War:


  1. Aside from all the nuclear-power plant explosions, meltdowns, and hi-level nuclear waste and used-nuclear fuel fires, this is what quora has to say about a reactor getting hit.

    "The spent fuel will vaporize and become pyrophoric, even with a small nuke, resulting in an area of deadly fallout far worse than anything a nuclear bomb can do on its own. Areas of direct contamination will remain uninhabitable for a very long time. It is the worst possible outcome in any nuclear weapons use." Jun 13, 2017 › What-wou...
    What would happen if a nuclear warhead hit a nuclear powerplant ...

    1. 10,000 bombs all at once. Russia knows this, China knows this. Its game over for the world.

      Terrorists don't know this, but they wouldn;t care

    2. Watch "Trump Rallies Eerily Resemble Twilight Zone He's Alive Episode" on YouTube

  2. Well, it may not be a problem if, as was recommended at an AOC town hall meeting, people begin eating children. Was this just a spoof? If so, the acting was superb. At lest as good as that done by Greta at the UN.

    And by the way I hope everyone has had their flu shot although it sounds like there may have been a slip up that will result in people being immunized for the wrong flue bugs. Oh, well.

    I would like to recommend a good book by a French political scientist called Century Of Horrors. He argues that we have not done enough reflection on Communism, which should be obvious given the enthusiasm for what Lenin called a step towards Communism, i.e. socialism.

    1. You worked for the government as a librarian, you old socialist hippocrit. You collect a socialist pension and collect social security. Supports the government subsidizing and bailing out nuclear reactors. Another sponge socialist. No class. Then it puts gutter propaganda from the internet and fox news up. It is also a racist and hateful thing

    2. How some Psyyops, Operatives and other agents work on twitter and the internet

    3. Two little Scotty dogs who have gotten loose and also gotten very hungry and are now barking and barking. You are like that. Desperate for attention and like many on the Left are telling handy lies . . . Feeding you attention is like feeding coyotes which is really not a good idea.

  3. It should be possible to be a Democrat and at the same time be an honest commentator. But if such persons exists they are hard to find. If everything is subjective then nothing is. The concept loses its meaning just like stupid statements like there is no truth!

    Already the word Democrat has taken on the meaning of barbarian, jihadi, and imbecile. People who have gone through a dehellenization process and have trouble using reason make good Democrats and wild men and women!

    Anyone can scream and yell and repeat things heard on TV. . . And write nasty comments.

  4. Redundant Systems for Survival in the Grand Solar Minimum (w/Celeste Bishop Solum)

  5. I have concluded that it would be safe to yell fire on this blog presently as there is no one here. So----FIRE FIRE FIRE RUN FOR YOUR LIVES

    1. There's nowhere to run.

  6. Well, then don't run, walk, and you will see several exits hidden in the shadows! And I was just kidding about the FIRE. . . there was smoke but no FIRE. I hope no one had a panic attack.

  7. Hank Williams on the Kate Smith Evening Hour

  8. Energy from Space | The Shift Has Begun

    weakening earth shield weakening sun's
    moving out of a magnetized hydrogen cloud
    serious health effects

  9. Backlash erupts at video depicting Trump killing media, critics | TheHill
    A video depicting President Trump shooting and stabbing media organizations and some of his most prominent critics drew widespread backlash after The New York Times reported it was played at a conservative conference over the weekend at Trump’s Doral resort.

    Democrats and media organizations warned as the video circulated on YouTube and social media that it could incite further violence, with some calling on Trump to speak out and condemn the clip.

    “At a conference of Trump supporters, they played a video of our president murdering journalists in a church. Last year, a Trump supporter sent bombs to CNN—and a shooter entered a church yesterday. This video isn’t funny. It will get people killed,” tweeted former Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas), a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate.


      Trump has launched an assault on the world and America through it's Unchecked- Mindless , chaotic and insane neoliberal authoritarianism. It is devoted to destrying all natural beauty in America and turning America into a nuclear and chemical-poisoned wasteland. Trump and it's minions are now opening LARGE national Parks of americas most treasured beautiful, natural wilderness areas to Dune Buggys, Motocross Motorcycles, Quads, and other ATVs. Pristine hiking and backpacking areas and trgails setup, by Teddy Roosevet to
      Preserve the Beauty of America's most gorgeous natural wonders.

      Places where camping is allowed but, people had the sense to respect the beauty and bounteries of America's most beautiful natural settings and places.

      Ntatural settings in Places like Yosemite, Yellowstone, Zion, Glacier, Canyonlands will be over-run with loud-unmuffled quad-dunebuggies that will destroy the beauty of these natural wonders, with rutted out quad quagmires, blackrubber all over the rocks decimation of wildlife, and erosive rivers of catastrophic destruction that only these ugly machines can do enmasse. There will be no more scenic tranquility. There will be only the noise and air pollution of frenetic , insane monkeys in their final death spiral.
      It is reminiscent of The Bruce Dern's Movie: Silent Running, where the last Remaining Forests and natural habitats
      on earth are put in massive domes to orbit the sun.

      Watch "Silent Running (1972), trailer" on YouTube

      The irony, is that most of us who understand fukushima and the onslaught of planet destroying radionuclides, it continues to release makes space travel not as feasable as we have been brainwaahed to believe . The cosmic rays in space are far more deadly than the gamma and beta emitters from Nuke bombs and nuclear reactors and make our fantasies about space travel mostly pure fantasy diarrhea. There is also the problem of launching the massive number of chemical polluting rockets that would even make such a fool-hardy fantasy remotely possible.

    2. The Tsunami of radionuclides unleashed by the nucleoapes over the past 75 years are planet, are killing the earth.

      That is what is happening with the deranged-deregulation frenzy of this madman and it's minions.

      Scorched earth policy.

      The nuclear insanity of this administartion dwarfs all previous administrations. Deregulation. Nuclear war is survivable. Nuclear space wars. Nuclear reactors in the battlefield. Nuclear safety regulation by Nuclear Operators. Nuclear weapons in space. SMRs.  Intermediate range nuclear missiles. Mass production of more Nuclear Warheads. Mass production of tactical Nuclear Warheads. First-Strike Nuclear policy by Trump and the pentagon. The most extreme money wasting insanity as the world drowns in floods of radionuclides. Fantsy nuclear reactors in space.
      There will be a major nuclear accident in the USA in the coming year or so.
      1. Trump has deregulated the safety supervision of reactors in america.

      2. Trump has failed to reinforce reactors in the face of natural disaters after, what was seen to happen with fukushima. Trump is allowing nuclear operators to monitor their own safety is a large part of the extent of the Chernobyl and Fukushima Catastrophes.  No other presdent has done this, since more independent operators were allowed to run nuclear reactors in the USA in the 1970s and 1980s.

      3. The 97 reactors in the USA are all embrittled. Most are more than 25 years old. Many 30 to 56 years old . All, well past their closing dates.  Trump Forces them to stay opened. Trump forces taxpayers to foot the bill for these unprofitable planet killers.

      4. They all have poor power backup, in the face of natural disasters and other emergencies. Inability to prevent meltdowns from lack of power. Lack of backup that will lead to nuclear meltdowns, explosions,  and fuel fires soon like Fukushima.

      5. They all suffer form management and corporate malfeasance. Nuclear operators keep reactors going with earthquakes, hurricanes and floods going on right on top of them . This has been demonstrated recently, with STP project in Bay City Texas with Hurricane Harvey, massuce earthquakes in s Calfornia with diablo canyon. Hurricane Maria and Brunswick Nuclear Plant.

      6. The operators use contract labor with no drug monitoring and outdated Nuclear computer instrumentation and monitoring systems.

      7. Rotting infrstructure. Embrittled containment and reactor vessels. Failing and corroded pipes. 30  year old  rusted, surplus , diesel backup generators that fail to crankup in test drills. Failing cooling systems. Holes in reactor containment.

      8. Tens of thousands of tons of the most dangerous, expolsive, pyrophoric, HIGH-LEVEL Nuclear waste, stored in the most flimsy containment, on concrete pads, and at san Onofre. Thanks perry and trump

      NUCLEAR REACTOR and Nuclear Waste MONITORING DEREGULATION AND CONTINUED  NUCLEAR OPERATOR MALFEASANCE will create, more nuclear catastrophe, soon in america and we have already had, a lot.

    3. From the Incompetent Moron in Chief That Wants To Arm Saudi Arabia with Nuclear Weapons and Help Build several Nuclear Reactors for the 911 Perpetrators

      Trump is not pulling out of Syria to get American troops out of the Middle East. He is Moving them to Saudi Arabia, to help The Corrupt-Moronic Blood Thirsty Thug in Saudi Arabia that is not unlike himself. Trump is also leaving Syria because, his family got a bribe to sell out the Kurd's.
      Saudi Arabia is getting it's ass kicked in Yemen By the
      Houthis. Hundreds of once arrogant Saudi Troops and American Mercenaries run by Trump's mercenary Buddy, Eric Prinze have been captured by the Houthis. Trump is moving american Troops from Syria to SA and from elsewhere.

      "It is clear to us that Iran bears responsibility for this attack. There is no other plausible explanation. We support ongoing investigations to establish further details."

      The statement above was not written by Franz Kafka. In fact, it was written by a Kafka derivative: Brussels-based European bureaucracy. The Merkel-Macron-Johnson trio, representing Germany, France and the UK, seems to know what no "ongoing investigation" has unearthed: that Tehran was definitively responsible for the twin aerial strikes on Saudi oil installations.

      "There is no other plausible explanation" translates as the occultation of Yemen. Yemen only features as the pounding ground of a vicious Saudi war, de facto supported by Washington and London and conducted with US and UK weapons, which has generated a horrendous humanitarian crisis.

      So Iran is the culprit, no evidence provided, end of story, even if the "investigation continues."

      Hassan Ali Al-Emad, Yemeni scholar and the son of a prominent tribal leader with ascendance over ten clans, begs to differ. "From a military perspective, nobody ever took our forces in Yemen seriously. Perhaps they started understanding it when our missiles hit Aramco."

      A satellite image from the US government shows damage to oil and gas infrastructure from weekend drone attacks at Abqaig on September 15.
      Al-Emad said: "Yemeni people have been encircled by an embargo. Why are Yemeni airports still closed? Children are dying without treatment. In this current war, the first door [to be closed against enemies] was Damascus. The second door is Yemen." Al-Emad considers that Hezbollah's Secretary-General Sayed Nasrallah and the Houthis are involved in the same struggle.

      Al-Emad was born in Sana'a in a Zaydi family influenced by Wahhabi practices. Yet when he was 20, in 1997, he converted to Ahlulbayat after comparative studies between Sunni, Zaydi and the Imamiyyah - the branch of Shi'ite Islam that believes in 12 imams. He abandoned Zaydi in what could be considered a Voltairean act: because the sect cannot withstand critical analysis.

      I talked and broke bread - and hummus - with Al-Emad, in Beirut, during the New Horizon conference among scholars from Lebanon, Iran, Italy, Canada, Russia and Germany. Although he says he cannot get into detail about military secrets, he confirmed: "Past Yemeni governments had missiles, but after 9/11 Yemen was banned from buying weapons from Russia. But we still had 400 missiles in warehouses in South Yemen. We used 200 Scuds - the rest is still there [laughs]."

      Al-Emad breaks down Houthi weaponry into three categories: the old missile stock; cannibalized missiles using different spare parts ("transformation made in Yemen"); and those with new technology that use reverse engineering. He stressed: "We accept help from everybody," which suggests that not only Tehran and Hezbollah are pitching in.

      © AFP
      Smoke billows from the Aramco oil facility in Abqaiq in Saudi Arabia's Eastern province after the Sept 14 attacks.
      Al-Emad's key demand is actually

  10. Thanks Weez. I saw that on the over-flowing rivers as well. So sad....

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