Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Fukushima Daiichi: Former TEPCO Exec Fails to Take Responsibility for the Seawall Fiasco

Sakai Muto, former VP of Tokyo Electric Power, who is being tried for negligence, testified October 16 that he had not been informed of the chance of a tsunami impacting the Daiichi facility and therefore did not authorize countermeasures:
Mikiharu Sugiura and Chikako Kawahara (2018, October 16). Ex-TEPCO exec denies being told of need for tsunami steps THE ASAHI SHIMBUN
A former vice president of Tokyo Electric Power Co. refused to take any responsibility for the Fukushima nuclear disaster, testifying in court Oct. 16 that he was never made aware of the possibility of destructive tsunami striking the facility and, therefore, did not authorize countermeasures.
This is an interesting case of an executive refusing to "fall on his sword" and take blame for the Fukushima Daiichi disaster.

Holding individuals accountable is important for fostering a broader culture of responsibility and ethics but "individualizing" problems that are system wide through tokenization can lay disproportionate blame upon individuals who simply followed the logic and disposition of the systems they were embedded in.

The systems that enable and promote particular behaviors over others must be interrogated and reformed in order to prevent catastrophic risks, such as those still presented by the Fukushima Daiichi disaster whose effluents continue to threaten the ocean and the atmosphere, as illustrated by this story:
80% of ‘purified’ Fukushima plant water exceeds radiation limits (September 30, 2018). The Japan Times,

Jiji PressTOKYO (Jiji Press) — About 80 percent of water stored at the meltdown-hit Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power station after purification work still contains radioactive materials above the environmental standards, officials at the plant’s operator, Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings Inc., have admitted.

The revelation came at a time when TEPCO and the government are considering ways to dispose of the “purified” water, of which amount has risen as high as about 940,000 tons.
The water is contaminated with radioactive strontium, iodine, and tritium

All of these radioactive elements bioaccumulate in living tissues. These radioactive elements will become concentrated in ocean life, with consequences unknown. Iodine-131 bioaccumulates in the human endocrine system.

High risk and low accountability are a very dangerous combination, especially when encoded into systems.

Fukushima Daiichi October 17 23:34 and 23:59. As I watched, I saw two large "sparks" fly up from the left side of the Unit 1 building (building with scaffolding) but unit 2 (building behind white vent stack) has the most visible emissions on this cam:




  1. This is a very illuminating talk by a very smart woman,an attorney who for thirty years has pursued child sex crimes. "An Unholy Alliance: the UN, Soros, and the Francis Papacy - Elizabeth Yore"

  2. I know they keep threatening to dump that contaminated water but they wouldn't kill off the rest of marine life; would they?

    See some of those sparks you noted.

    1. The worst case scenario has already occured in Japan. It can happen in America. What makes you foolish people think it will not?

      A fuel pool fire and or a meltdown. America is already inundated with radionuclides but, a flood will push it over the top. There will be a 60 thousand tons of high-level waste in New Mexico, by next year. Poorly stored in badly assembled cask. The lids of those said casks are not even sealed properly. 3 similar casks exploded in Idaho. What will happen, when a hundred explode outside in the Texas sun?

      It is like organ reserve. We are born with two of everything and a big brain and liver. When the creep goes to far, you just die or get cancer. It can happen here. The whole country a huge inflamed cancer cluster, irrevocably riddled with high percentages of birth-defects and sterility, like some towns in the United States, already are.

      There is the gate keeping propaganda, that Japan dodged a bullet. Many people here and there no otherwise. Minimizing, cover-up at it’s worse! It has always been that way with the nucleoapes
      There are enough radionuclides in Japan to wipe-it out 100 times over! It will not happen overnight. A slow hideous death-knell.

      The latest and largest nuclear waste scam in the USA is owned by Henry Kissinger, the worst neocon in history. Encoraged by Trump and Perry. Henry Kissinger NWO king. The b.s. memes do not even make sense anymore. It is a huge unregulated and poorly managed scam waiting to be catastrophic.

      Japan is a terrible mess.
      Watch Busby’s video about Cesium 137, in an apartment airfilter in Tokyo. Look at Kaltofen’s numbers, from car and air filters tested in Tokyo and Yokohama!

      There are many-many sick people in Japan. People get acute radiation sickeness with dust-storms and when it rains in Yokohama.
      It is getting worse.
      3 reactors, discharged their contents into the environment . 1 or more fuel pools with zirconium-clad rods, caught fire. A thousand times, worse than Chernobyl can be extrapolated simply by the volume of material released!
      Maybe it did not kill the Pacific all the way. It left hot spots

      The pacific is already badly damaged and, over-fished.
      The massive Fukushima tragedy did not help! The pacific is poisoned, from years of bomb testing, chemicals and, dumping of other radioactiive trash into it.

      The Pacific is big but, not too big to be affected by Fukushima.

      On the other hand, Japan is screwed. Most people with any sense would not visit Japan or a lot of places in Russia, China, even India but, most people are stupid or brain-washed or have short memories.

      Your fuhrer-man Trump is set to pass emergency legislation, to make it mandatory to subsidize coal and old- crappy reactors. Whether before or after the election. He has backed out of the nuclear treaty that banned medium range nuclear weapons!

      Trump is good biddies with Abe. He does nothing to block millions of tons of radioactive water, from being dumped into, the already sick Pacific Ocean.

      Trump always supports the proud boy browns shirts to go to the streets to foment racism and violence.

      If people protested nuclear in cities he would round them up and prosecute them with the rule-of-law. His supporters call for military tribunals on people like real antinuclear advocates. They are called instigators.

      Proud antinuclear advocates like Helen Calddicott are derogatorily referred to as Social Justice Warriors because, they talk against turning more areas in the USA and world into Nuclear- Industrial-Sacrifice zones.

      I guess the proud trump supporters calling for Tribunals, will have to extradite people like Caldicott and Busby. Why do so many of you people buy into those lies and that evil bullshit?


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