Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Collective Homicidal Insanity Growing

We are going insane. Yesterday I posted on research demonstrating that low levels of exposure to ionizing radiation can impair hippocampal neurogenesis. Several commentators noted that damage to the hippocampus accelerates cognitive decline and memory loss.

Perhaps that is what is happening. The long-term effects of 100 years of radiological and chemical assaults against biological life are beginning to show in the growth of homicidal psychosis.

There is no doubt that humanity is capable of collective psychosis. What are beliefs and ideologies but ideas made material through the collective beliefs of a population unified by commitment to their propagation and defense.

In a sense, our mostly widely and deeply held beliefs in religious and scientific narratives exemplify our capacity for collective psychosis.

The real question concerns the tenor of our collective psychosis. Sometimes our collective madness is homicidal. War between groups/nations and homicidal purges erupt as stressors cause viral contagion of brute violence.

And that moment of collective homicidal madness is upon us as the ascendant Hobbesian ideology and strategy of government is inflected with a sadistic impulse to punish and afflict misery.

The signs are everywhere.

Most recently here:
Adam Goldman (2018, March 13). Gina Haspel, Trump’s Choice for C.I.A., Played Role in Torture Program. The New York Times,
Just over a year after the Sept. 11 attacks, the C.I.A. dispatched the veteran clandestine officer Gina Haspel to oversee a secret prison in Thailand. Shortly after, agency contractors in the frantic hunt for the conspirators waterboarded a Qaeda suspect three times and subjected him to brutal interrogation techniques. Ms. Haspel’s time running the prison, code-named Cat’s Eye, began her deep involvement in the agency’s counterterrorism operations and showed her willingness to take part in the agency’s rendition, detention and interrogation program, which shaped her career. She was a rising star until that dark chapter in C.I.A. history began to emerge publicly.
The intensification of sadism can be illustrated as trending across myriad social domains, as illustrated by efforts to cut food stamps and a looming war in the Middle East.

The sadistic tendencies fuel the descent into collective homicidal madness.

It is a rather depressing descent for those capable of seeing it the wave of destructive energy growing and growing....


  1. A holy roller white, woman was bitching about her food stamps getting cut and, her subsidized low-income rent getting raised. She supports trump she say, because he supports christian values, and so does her pastor and flock.

    A lady asked her why she voted for, and supports trump, as he dismantles the safety net.
    The holy roller woman told the other lady, she "Has a very sensitve spirit", and "She feels like the lady, who was asking her about her voting for trump, is influenced by satan, so she does not want to talk about it anymore."
    If I knew that woman personally, i would not have anything to do with her, because she is a psychotic nut. And it is getting worse.

  2. Holy rollers are homophobic and think gay people should be rehabilitated or locked away. Holy rollers are rabidly against abortion and family planning. Holy rollers believe these are the end times. They look forward to, and pray every day for, a big apocalypse of mass mayhem, murder, and genocide.

  3. The oligarch fascists, and christofascists in power now, are actually showing themselves to be more demented, psycotic,and bloodthirsty than The maniac George W Bush and his gaggle of mass-murderers. That is quite an infamous achievement because, George W Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Wolfowitz, et al and his christofascists were easily more psychotic and murderous than Adolf Hitler and his movement of homicidal insanity.

  4. Especially when one considers cluster bombs, smart bombs, and depleted uranium mumitions

  5. Wasn't this article mistaken and forced to retract. I assume the NYT intends to mislead and avoid it. However, when it comes to starting a fire in the fireplace the NYT is superior to the Denver Post.

    1. Widely Reported Haspel CIA Torture Claim Was Fake News; Retracted By ProPublica

  6. Generous usage of psychological terms by people who really do not know their precise meanings to the extent they have exact meanings is very reminiscent of calling everything disliked in the past the work of the devil, of Satanic possession and demons. I guess in both cases the persons involved hope or hoped to ward off the bad and the evil. Does it work?


    Bloody Gina was a central figure in the most Bloody Torture program in History run by the CIA one of the most shameful periods in American History

    Gina Haspel Ran a secret torture program in Thailand

    She oversaw the torture of a detainee

    THat was waterboarded 83 times
    Slammed against walls
    Locked in a small cffin shaped box

    She personally oversaw the destruction of the videotapes that documenyed the torture

    Gina Haspel noted co-creator of the CIAs Enhanced Interrogation Program
    "The sessions accelerated rapidly progressing quickly to the water board after large box, walling, and small box periods. [Abu Zubaydah] seems very resistant to the water board. Longest time with the cloth over his face so far has been 17 seconds. This is sure to increase shortly. NO useful information so far. … He did vomit a couple of times during the water board with some beans and rice. It’s been 10 hours since he ate so this is surprising and disturbing. We plan to only feed Ensure for a while now. I’m head[ing] back for another water board session."

  8. "I was inside the CIA's Langley, Va., headquarters on Sept. 11, 2001. Like all Americans, I was traumatized, and I volunteered to go overseas to help bring al-Qaeda's leaders to justice. I headed counterterrorism operations in Pakistan from January to May 2002. My team captured dozens of al-Qaeda fighters, including senior training-camp commanders. One of the fighters whom I played an integral role in capturing was Abu Zubaida, mistakenly thought at the time to be the third-ranking person in the militant group.

    By that May, the CIA had decided to torture him. When I returned to CIA headquarters that month, a senior officer in the Counterterrorism Center asked me if I wanted to be "trained in the use of enhanced interrogation techniques." I had never heard the term, so I asked what it meant. After a brief explanation, I declined. I said that I had a moral and ethical problem with torture and that -- the judgment of the Justice Department notwithstanding -- I thought it was illegal.

    Unfortunately, there were plenty of people in the U.S. government who were all too willing to allow the practice to go on. One of them was Gina Haspel, whom President Trump nominated Tuesday as the CIA's next director"

    1. 9/11 was clearly an inside job--consider Bldg 7. How anyone in the CIA knew otherwise is hard to grasp. Yes, torture is a bad idea, but so is one's own government blowing up populated buildings and blaming it on relatively primitive people. How can any one this late in the game still buy the official 9/11 story?

  9. This is a good article about the very thing william just said. How our fake , networks controlled by oligarchs Bill Gates, MSNBC want to build shoddy reactors all over the planet. Msnbc uses a hardcore spook wnd bloody ginas former boss, to justify hiring her. CNN HELPED MAKE Pandora Box and showed it. Its oligarchs have their loody hands entrenched in the military complex ad infinitem war, new nuclear weapons, new nuclear power. Cnn uses bloody ginas spook associates to justify her hiring too.

  10. If anyone was responsible for 911, it was Bush and co, the republican party, the neocons, the saudis, israhell, and the spooks. Trump is all in with that bunch. He is showcasing torture too.
    What more could anyone ask for? That is to be starved to death. To be bankrupted by a corrupt crooked government. To have access to healthcare denied-after the military and govt nuked its own citizens and veterans. To be tortured by cops who love trumps new torture policy.
    To be continuously nuked by more uranium minimg-more nuclear waste-more nuke-power-more nuke bombs. To be poisoned by government and corporationsand thankful for it, with no recourse because all monitoring and laws against it . To be ripped off by trump the kochs, and the republicans, and have your face rubbed in it.

  11. All laws against govt and corporate pollution gutted

  12. A huge reason for these acts of violence is the pill pushers. They make a profit giving mind altering chemicals to already unstable people.

    So take a person that is on the edge of loosing control and give them medications to take at home unsupervised for weeks, then months and sometimes years that have a "black box warning" printed plainly on them?

    Then we all wonder why they freak out and go on a killing spree? Really???

    These crimes were overwhelmingly associated with illegal drug users just over a decade ago, now they are common place with those taking prescription meds..

    Just do a little research (if you can get the actual stats) and you will see that these acts of violence directly correlate to the drugs given to mental patients without supervision.

    And showing up at the doctors office once a month or even once a week for 30 minuets IS NOT proper supervision!!!

    So the answer was to create a warning pamphlet and give it to a borderline person and then expect them to make rational decisions on how to take these medications unsupervised and at home?

    Here's some history on ssri's and other brain altering chemicals:

    So basically the idea is to give a person that has proven decision making and mental/emotional problems a (or 2 or 3) bottle(s) of brain chemistry altering medications and send them home with a warning pamphlet? Then they are expected to make correct decisions on administering these mind altering meds to themselves? Really????

    But what if these medications alter his brain chemistry in a way that makes him suicidal and even worse, homicidal.

    Then what? Well we have witnessed the results now.

    1. Wrong. THE huge reasons for the increases in violence in murica, stem from a crappy economic displacement and downward spiral, no one wants to acknowledge. It is growing worse.
      We live in a violent, murderous-militarized-empire, that we are all brainwashed and propagandized to cheer on, while being good little boys and girls. We reside in a country that is so toxic and polluted, that it is actually causing the organic components of neuropsychiatric illneses that are exploding in prevalence, throughout the country, as comorbidities, to the cognitive dissonance, anger, stress, violence, and irrationality that are engulging this country.
      The crappy doctor dope, they try to foist for the major systemic causes of the ongoing, societal and structural breakdown, do not help so much. They only treat symltoms or zone scizophreics, bipolars and severely demented people out so much, that they cannot function anyway. Addictive quaCK treatments certainly do make things worse in america. You are right though, the ability to conceptualize a holistic medical treatment does not exist in much of what is left of this greedy, ugly society.

  13. Here's one worth sharing.....

    To our youth come the spoils...

  14. Not all violent people are on psychiatric drugs. The ones who are, had severe neuropychiatric issues before they saw a doctor.

  15. Most psychtropic drugs are not very good. Especially the addictive ones. They make a lot of money, so even though they have no place as valid medical treatment, they are pushed in this socirty for money.
    Shrinks continue to prescribe amphetamines is for money. Quaint little adhd clinics, for underachieving high school students, in metropolitan areas exist, that should not.
     Little difference between meth and adhd amphetamine.
    Xanax for anxiety , and knlonopin for bipolar, though the cures are often worse than the percieved ailments, and often make them worse.
    Opioids for chronic, neuropathic pain, and nmda pain make absolutely no sense. Our medical system is such a mess, that doctors cannot make it any more on the crooked, unerimbursements from private insurance companies. 
    They resort to scam, fraudulent pain management clinics and adhd clinic.  Patients have to pay cash to get the drugs they seek. People with real pain issues are misdiagnosed and undertreated. Many of the rest, are hopelessley dispossesed. 

    The dispossed souls, self-treat their depression with addictive doctor dope and will pay out the nose for more. No wonder there is an opioid crisis.

    There have been retroactive studies, that showed, that tetraethyl-lead exposure contributed significantly, to increased levels of violence and crime in inner cities. Inner cities where tetraethyl lead was the highest until 1996 in the United States. Tetraethyl lead was discontinued as a gas additive in 1996.

    Chemical, heavy metal, radionuclide pollution , likely contribute as organic components of neuropsychiatric conditions like depression and other neuropsychiatric illness that is highly prevalent in this highy polluted, country and economy. 

    Organophosphates destroy neostriatum tissue, organic lead and heavy metals are scattershot, at shrinking gray matter.  Heavy metal poisoning gas been demonstrated to destroy Frontal lobe tissue and contribute to icleased impulsiveness in conditions like mad hatters syndrome fro mercury poisoning. 

    Heavy metals affect memory components in the midbrain, where short term memory components and wakefullness, awareness aspects of neurophysiology are. 

    The magic antidepressant probably help some people and, it probably causes others trouble.  

    Drugs, used in this society treat symptoms, mostly. It is a highly competitive, dog-eat-dog, militaristic society. The contadictory elements of mental health balance, and finacial survival becoming hard, for most to keep up with.

    1. "Shrinks continue to prescribe amphetamines is for money. Quaint little adhd clinics, for underachieving high school students"

      Funny thing (not so funny at all) is the fact that these very smart and extremely bored kids are medicated to a point that is criminal under no child left behind theology.

      I know, I was one of them years ago and so bored after hearing the same sad facts over and over again that I (go figure) got bored and studied something else.

      All smart children are left behind if you work a curve.

      The real curve is stupidity for the sake of a buck and time.

      Time to actually smarten up.

  16. Are you a Guinea Worm?


  17. And it's real too...

  18. Expecting some certified folks (na not really certified folks) to push pills on our kids and poisons on the adults... How surprising and unusual huh...

    Dane brammage knows no bounds...

    1. Oh yea and some can still do and do for our children and grand kids too...


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