Thursday, November 9, 2017

Dear Google, Please Tell Me Why "The Radiation that Counts" Won't Show Up in Your Search Results

There are 9 comments on my blog post The Radiation that Counts and the post has been viewed 70 times, according to my Google blog's page view statistics.

Yet, this post does not show up in any of the search results for the Google search "majia's blog the radiation that counts" using both Mozilla and Google as my browsers.

That means that my blog post The Radiation that Counts is being CENSORED.

I would like to know why it is being censored?

I would like to know what criteria are being deployed to suggest that the content of that post poses such a direct threat to security that censorship is warranted?

And perhaps some rationale can be provided for the strange logic that biological effects exclusively afflict non-human animals in friendly radiation zones?
Jeff McMahon (2017, October 30). Three Ways Radiation Has Changed The Monkeys Of Fukushima. Forbes,

I guess I should count my blessings that my posts are merely censored and I am otherwise left to live my life without fear of sudden arrest or rendition. Thank you for that.

UPDATE 11/10/2017 Last night my post "The Radiation that Counts" suddenly began appearing in search results. That post has now been viewed 100 times and has 9 comments. Why the sudden change in search ranking?  It has only been viewed 30 more times (with no new comments) since it was completely invisible in search results yesterday.


  1. 60,000 comments to epa, before trump, about allowing increased radiation in drinking water. Mostly by anti-nukers. Wiped out in one foul swoop! Spook republicans pretending to be anti-nuke do not care.

  2. According to CFACT, anyone who is antinuclear, is a hard-core leftist terrorist.

    But we have not seen any leftist terrorists, or antinuclear terrorists in America? Quite the opposite. We have seen neonazis, trying to make dirty bombs, in America. We have seen white nationalists and white supremecists, like Dylan Roof, do mass murders.

    What is CFACT? Why it is the pronuclear fukushima-denialist site run by Kelvin Kemm, that has denied that Fukushima occurred, since it happened on 3/11/2011.

    PHYSICIST:There was no nuclear disaster at Fukushima

    1. The author is so OVERTLY conflicted as the CEO of a nuclear entity that his credibility is ZERO.

  3. Why is CFACT, lumping antinucclear people with non-existant organizations?

  4. It is interesting that CFACT uses the antifa propaganda-meme to label antinuclear people that oppose their pronuclear genocide and climate-denial lies. The protest noted on the CFACT site was fake.

    There is not much of an antifa in america. There are about 90 percent of the people in america, who are fed-up with things. There are women who marched when trump was elected. They are not antifa. There are many, many people who oppose white supremecist's and police brutality. There are many, who oppose the, ongoing and massive, nuclear and chemical pollution of our life support systems. They are not antifa.

    The internet is dangerous because, unscrupulous people and groups, can pinpoint and generate propaganda memes, and try to get others, to run with them.

    CFACT itself is a fake organization. It is simply amazing that people, who call themselve anti-nuclear support the policies and stands, of an organization like CFACT. CFACT still denies that Fukushima happened. It promotes Trump, and the Trump brand politics and exploitation. It promotes exponenential growth of nuclear power.


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