Monday, April 17, 2017

BP Well in Alaska Leaking Oil and Gas

Another BP oil and gas disaster is underway. Nasdaq is reporting that BP has halted oil spraying from the well but that large amounts of gas continue to flow unhampered:
BP's Alaska Well Stops Leaking Oil, But Continues To Release Gas. Nasdaq,
The Department said that a Forward Looking Infrared ( FLIR ) overflight showed that the crude spray plume did not leave the pad, however, the situation is not safe yet for responders to access the area and confirm that there have been no impacts to adjacent tundra. No volume estimate for crude spray released is available at this time.

Notice that the "situation is not safe yet" for access by responders and that there is no volume estimate for crude spray released. Sounds pretty hush-hush to me. I first learned of the "spill" in the Wall Street Journal this morning, where the article is buried on B3.

I covered the BP oil spill pretty extensively at my blog in 2010 and wrote about the privatization of risk that occurred with this mega-disaster in my book Crisis Communication, Liberal Democracy and Ecological Sustainability:

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  1. Thanx 4 that article, haven`t read about
    it elsewhere.
    The best mankind can do, is wasting everything.
    and here some of the photos,


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