Friday, May 16, 2014

WSJ: Japan's Abe Moves to Bolster Military

Wall Street Journal Friday May 16 page 8:
"Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe took a significant step toward removing six-decade old constraints on Japan's military, a move that could enable Tokyo to play a greater security role in an increasingly tense East Asia...
...Abe said his government would kick of discussions to determine whether to change the interpretation of the constitution to permit the use of 'collective self-defense'... [end]
Majia here: the article ends by explaining that once a decision is made on the change in interpretation, a "cascade of changes to its defense-related laws" will follow.

Militarism and war are most certainly rising in Asia.

Please see my previous post about Japan's nuclear weapons' capabilities in the context of its "collective self-defense"


  1. "Govt halts fee for non-existent nuke waste site after 30 years and $43 billion collected from taxpayers."

    "He [Clinton Bastin, world renown nuclear expert] even gave us the calculation on the physical volume produced since the beginning... a football-field sized rectangle, four- to five-feet high. That is all. The rest is all "filler and stabalizer" material, which increases the volume tremendously. Using the engineers' plans would have reduced the football field size by 98%.

    But that would have also eliminated the uranium mining business to keep supplying new fuel. And the big contractors like GE saw a long term fortune to be made on handling “dangerous waste”. So what happened? "

  2. We really are dealing with irresponsible persons. Now in Ukraine the Kiev government has decided to go back to the Westinghouse fuel rods which did not work very well in the past. 5 reactors that should be treated with the greatest care will be part of an experiment to see if they fail with this fuel. Last time the rods deformed. If the wind is blowing north west when something goes wrong then most of Europe will be contaminated. I wonder where Germany is? Clearly the USA has already decided that radiation is healthful. This is a kind of big shot madness. The problem with nuclear power has already now joined the other conspiracy theories. So pay no mind or be ridiculed.

  3. And now more bad news from WIPP and the kitty litter problem. What we have are typical human problems and the usual run of human beings. A small percentage of people are capable of dealing with dangerous technology. Most are not. So developing dangerous technology was sure to put the whole planet in jeopardy. And it has. All these problems we now face were the result of carelessness. Because the technology was so sophisticated did not mean any particular transformation of the human being. He went on as he had. Distracted, confused, worried about something or other and not aware enough for his job and immediate needs it demanded be attended to. It only takes a lapse here and a lapse there and radioactive material runs loose. That the world has not experienced a nuclear war is a genuine miracle. How close have we come? Do we even want to know? The only solution that I can think of would be to abandon high technology. But that is not likely. So it is just a matter of time before the planet is uninhabitable.

  4. The PTB understand the simple math:
    The more humans, the higher the number of genius level intellects, the more we can communicate, the greater the chance their 3000+ year rule will be ended.
    Therefore they have no choice but to engineer our destruction. They are too few to do it themselves, so they are forced to trick us into doing it to ourselves using their ideas of religion, money, nation, the left-right politics paradigm, the psych-war of the Tavistock promulgated MSM and other mind-control weapons HUMAN beings made for them in exchange for MONEY! I'd weep, if I had tears left.


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