Saturday, January 25, 2014

Censorship on the Road to Extinction

A provocative Enenews headline from today: TV: At height of Fukushima emergency, region in California where plume hit had NO monitors — Email shows EPA ‘decided’ not to deploy RADNET to area — Only one left broke as radioactivity began spiking — “No clue” about exposure levels (MAP)

We shouldn't be surprised by EPA betrayal. Gina McCarthy, who administered the radiological division of the EPA in 2011, was responsible for overseeing Radnet. (Radnet is a contractor that is also invested in radiation-based medical scanning technology)

The EPA’s Inspector General issued a report stating Radnet monitoring during the disaster failed and that basic maintenance protocols had not been established. Yet, McCarthy, the point person for Radnet, was still appointed to head the entire EPA:

See also Enenews account: Obama pick to lead EPA is from 'Office of Air and Radiation' -- In charge of troubled 'RadNet' during Fukushima peak

McCarthy no doubt played a vital role in raising the EPA's protective action guidelines for radiation emergencies. The new standards for radionuclide levels are in some cases thousands of times higher than before. (see here for discussion).

There was a study planted in Environmental Health Perspectives that provided the scientific 'evidence' for raising the levels. I read EHP and was skeptical of the study, which suffered from gross ecological validity problems because it extrapolated human health safety from genetically modified mice exposed to gamma radiation only for 6 weeks and then killed. Yet the researchers concluded from their laboratory study that radiation exposure levels could be raised significantly:

Plant in Environmental Health Perspectives

Plant Erupts into a Poison Fruit

Wow! What a propaganda campaign. Bernays would be proud.

I then realized there is a conspiracy of silence around Fukushima because the problems there are beyond control, as in Hanford (see my post here on deteriorating conditions at the Daiichi site).

Censorship appears ongoing.

Radnet has taken down the Yuma monitoring. I’ve been watching Radnet data since 2011 and Yuma takes a beating because the small mountain range there traps eastern headed winds:

Bakersfield Radnet monitoring is down. Bakersfield had high readings in 2012. Why take it down when radiation contamination levels are rising at Daiichi?  

Fresno is being censored with no data periods, but even so it looks high. 1000 cpm used to the EPA alert level:

Los Angeles is also playing games with the data 


There is evidence of a deliberate and ongoing effort to censor Radnet data. I suspect that radiation monitoring data now constitute classified information.

Decision makers no doubt think this subterfuge will prevent ‘unnecessary panic’ given each exposure is classified as safely within the new protective action standards’ permissible dose levels:

EPA: Cancer Risk Coefficients for Environmental Exposure to Radionuclides,

page 3: "For both internal and external exposure, a risk coefficient for a given radionuclide is based on the assumption that this is the only radionuclide present in the environmental medium. That is, doses due to decay chain members produced in the environment prior to the intake of, or external exposure to, the radionuclides are not considered”

Majia here: Bio-accumulation, bio-magnification, and trans-generational transmission of mutations are deliberately ignored.

Censorship denies individuals knowledge necessary for personal mitigation. It destroys public accountability and sustains corruption and greed.

This is the road to extinction.

The geneticists who participated in the US 1956 BEAR report warned that mutations cause by exposure to radiation are heritable and that trans-generational accumulation of mutations could feasibly lead to widespread reproductive failures.

They warned about these dangers in 1956 as atmospheric testing reached a frenzy that would not be extinguished until the Soviets and the US agreed to ban atmospheric testing in 1963.

See my discussions here of the propaganda wars waged by the Atomic Energy Agency:

Systematic Bias in the First Bear Report

Bear Report

Now, after decades of radiation exposure from atmospheric fallout, routine nuclear plant emissions, medical tests, etc. we are being HAMMERED by Fukushima fallout and we are naked, denied the protections of democratic citizenship.


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  1. The characters in Cormac McCarthy's great novel, BLOOD MERIDIAN, are not the sort one would want to have running the nation. But I suspect with somewhat better manners, these are just the sort. And they have been doing it for years. Judge Holden seems far better for the mysterious hand behind the scenes guiding the nation to apocalypse. The novel is not an easy read as the violence is prolific and vivid. When I read it I was sure McCarthy was simply portraying this nation's hidden self--well, not very hidden these days in the Middle East.
    Aspartame, vaccinations of unknown consequences, pharmaceuticals, the same, pesticides, now GMO's . . . they, the Elect, must view us much the way psychologists view rats in an experiment. Hard to really get a sense of what that is like unless one has a touch of psychopath which I hope one does not. I put this forth here because I think for many of us it is very hard to grasp such unmitigated callousness and hatred--really. One is certainly left looking through the glass darkly.
    I really appreciate your work and the fact that it is very readable and intelligible. "5,600 becquerels of radioactive tritium per liter" is not something I can immediately translate into a practical meaning. However, intuitively the whole situation seems like it is slowly sliding into an even greater disaster which TEPCO has no real interest in. I wonder with their Yakuza gathered work force if they are doing anything constructive at all. Is it now mostly appearance? I think TEPCO would love to just vanish. Our "government" has definitely determined that millions of cancer patients down the road is a price it is willing to pay as was once said of the half million Iraqi children killed by another madman and his gang. When M. Albright made the remark, it was to me so corrosive and vile that I had to replay the sound a number of times to believe she had said it. I already knew about the deaths. Can we really think anymore that the Ruling Elite or whatever they are give a damn? ENEnews and some citizen groups are the bright spots these days. We need to forget about the gov and go it alone. Thanks again and the best of luck.

    1. Hi William

      Thank you for your comments. McCarthy's film The Road was it for me. The anarchic greed depicted in the film can most certainly be seen in TEPCO and the world governments' handling of this disaster.

      I don't understand how the ruling elite cannot care because their children's children are also at stake.

      Unfortunately, I think you are correct and we can only 'go it alone' and hope for the best.

  2. i love you you have given me an arsanal of information to wage war aganist the nucular propodanda machine keep up th good work and all credit goes back to you always.


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