Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Emergency: Major Criticality

I believe I witnessed a major criticality via the Tepco web cam

Time stamp was 4:01am sep 26

A purple sphere and flames in the foreground of the common spent fuel pool building were followed by streaming emissions, still present at 4:21

I brought into my office academic colleagues to witness the phenomena

Please take shelter if downwind and warn others.Watch the cam and prepare for fallout if it fails.

PowerPoint Slides of Event

For background on my analysis of current conditions at the site, please see my interviews with Voice of Russia, within which I described the deteriorating conditions being reported at plant:
Sep 7, 2013 Voice of Russia

July 23 2013 Voice of Russia

I also created a PowerPoint of data examining reports of conditions at the plant and evidence of criticalities, which can be seen here  or here

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  1. Majia,
    Not sure what the purple orb is, however I've seen some videos recently.

    I noticed a few things:

    1. #4 looks completely stable - in contrast to all the latest panic articles about it collapsing. - which I believe are a distraction.

    2. #3 is still burning madly - much worse than a year ago - this shows me the true awesome power of nuclear - the fact that something can burn hard for 18 months or more.

    3. They've cleaned all the rubble off the top of #3. Any overhead photos will show the breached containment, or more likely will be doctored to cover it up.

    4. They seem to have created some type of real time panel pixilation of the daytime view which covers up the flames and smoke somewhat.

    5. There is a tower missing. There was a transmission tower over near unit 1 and I no longer see it. Do you know what happened to it? It was in the vicinity of where the large gashes in the earth had opened up - did they tear it down?


  2. what words work: none (maybe mu...

    radChick's Niagra math vid - removed, unavailable

    terminated this month, with loud disclaimer:

    again: MU

  3. Wow, that's frightening.
    I can't imagine what sort of power could cause that anomaly.
    Keep up the good work, it's appreciated.

  4. Thank you all for your comments

    I feel so exhausted from this struggle. Radiation spikes detected in the US and France reinforce the message that the site is very out of control

    Will the symptoms be denied even as disease and death rise?

    I saw today that there are now 44 suspected cases of thyroid cancer among Fukushima children.

    How many children must be sacrificed at nuclear's alter?

    1. Majia,

      You have compassion about children. You understand the linkage between radiation and children's suffering - our leaders and decision makers either; a. don't understand the linkage; b. don't have compassion; c. understand but don't care; or d. understand and care, but don't care enough to trade off their wealth and power.

      I suspect d.

      Do you think Oblama doesn't know he kills children in those drone strikes? They probably try to hide it from him, but he has to have heard somewhere along the way. He writes it off as a necessary cost for him and his financiers to retain their wealth and power, and rationalizes that in a twisted love of his country. Kill children? Trample the constitution? Lie to the world? - all in the same vein. It seems ludicrous to you, but that's why you are not one of them.

      The Japanese government may have had a window of opportunity to better save the children, but that window is long closed. For whatever the reasons, as soon as they made the decision to downplay the severity and shield the disaster from the media the die was cast, and the children were sacrificed. There is no turning back now. The machinery is in place to uphold the lies, and like the runaway nuclear fission, it is nearly impossible to stop.

      At this point, the leaders of Japan would be committing professional and financial suicide to reveal the true nature of the disaster. In their twisted minds it is literally their reputation, their wealth, their family and children pitted against those poor unfortunate ones in the path of the radiation - in this context, is there any wonder who wins and who loses? Is there any question why the truth is so difficult to reveal? Is there any question what they will continue to do and how hard they will fight?

    2. And as if all that weren't enough, Japan's economy truly hangs in the balance - so there is no possible way the Japanese government is going to allow dissent. There is no possible way they are going to reveal the ineptness that has occurred. There is no possible way they are going to reduce shipments of food and products because of radiation. And there is no possible way they are going to let a few cases of cancer or dead children get in the way of an Olympic victory.

      I hope this gives you a renewed sense of the power suppressing the truth. You are literally struggling with powerful psychopathic people who feel they are in a life and death struggle against you.

      Is it any wonder it is exhausting?

      I listened to you on the radio broadcast and I could feel your compassion, however you impressively controlled the anxiety and anger that I know you feel and spoke calmly with facts. That is something I'm not capable of, and a skill that will be necessary.

      Given the above, I see only two paths by which this status quo changes. The first is the violent, revolutionary one - which I fear. If the public's combined fear flashes (and it would be a flash, almost overnight) to the point where enough feel that their future is in lost, they will become violent. This is a real possibility in Japan, however the very ones who are stricken with terrible health issues will have difficulty initiating and sustaining a fight.

      The alternative is to wait for the scale of the disaster to overwhelm them. This is the path we are on, and it puts the entire globe at risk. The leaders have not yet recognized that this disaster is unstoppable, and immense in scope. They do not seem to understand the high likelihood of "domino" plant failures - when those start to occur they will have to surrender their position.

      This is the dilemma I have been in for a 18 months, since I dropped off of Enenews. I realized that the very thing I despise - the continuing unfolding of environmental tragedy and human suffering at Fukushima is the only thing which has the power to bring the truth to light.

      Perhaps there is another solution. One which relieves the political pressures and allows us to get off the knife edge and on a path of problem solving vs. covering up the situation and allowing it to advance uncontrolled.

      I don't really have the ability to figure that one out yet.


    3. I responded to your comment with a new post.

      I agree with you analysis. The problem solving path is elusive precisely for the reasons you identify.

  5. James,

    Do you think that the videos of sfp 4 are real? There are the transcripts from Jaczko and others early on where they have doubts about the validity of what they were being told. Hatrick Penry goes into this somewhat in his recent videos.

    1. I don't believe the SFP 4 ever dried up completely. I think it's gotten hot, and possibly there has been some reactions in or near it, but I don't think it burned completely.

      I'm aware there was a segment in the FOIA documents where they reported to Jaczko that the fuel pool was dry.

      Here's why I think it's incorrect: First off, the immediate area of sfp 4 did not suffer major damage in the fire/explosion that occurred on March 15th. The blast damage was all around SFP4 and above it, but it did not appear to have affected the pool itself.

      Secondly, there were several underwater videos of SFP4 about a year after the disaster that clearly showed rows of fuel assemblies that were intact.

      Most telling is the fact that Tepco spent a great deal of effort reinforcing underneath and around SFP4 in June/July 2011 timeframe. There are photos of the work and it is quite impressive. They put in a bunch of stainless steel structural jacks under the floor. They added massive reinforced concrete structure. This had to be tremendously costly in effort and money. There is no reason to do it if the pool was not intact.

      So how can we explain the early report that the pool was dry? The initial report of the fire in building #4 - which before March 15th remained relatively intact - was that the building suffered a "machinery fire".

      Awhile back I came to an aha moment about that statement. There are two pools in each one of the buildings. The Spent Fuel pool which is on the south side of the reactor and is about 15 meters on all three sides; and a "machinery pool" or "equipment pool" which is opposite the reactor on the north side of the building. It is the same depth as the SFP, but somewhat smaller in length and width.

      I believe the machinery pool #4 is what boiled dry after the tsunami, and where the fire and subsequent explosion occurred in building 4.
      If you study the blast damage in building 4, you will quickly realize that the blast epicenter was that machinery pool, not the SFP.

    2. What was in there? This confused me for a long time. You'll recall that reactor #4 was shut down for maintenance and the RPV cap was removed at the time of the accident. There was no fuel in the reactor - it had been removed to another location, so work could be done inside the reactor.

      I speculate that they had hot fuel that had been removed from the reactor core, and was scheduled to go back into the reactor - in the machinery pool at the time of the disaster. That hot fuel very quickly burned off all of the water and exploded - sending hot fuel all over the site and blowing the roof and walls out of the reactor 4 building.

      Furthermore - and I have no proof of this whatsoever - but I speculate that they were getting the #4 reactor ready to load MOX into it's core - if that speculation is correct, then they may have been storing MOX in that machinery pool and that's what blew up.

      If I'm correct, that is very, very frightening; first it means that the MOX fuel is highly volatile - so dangerous it will explode if an accident occurs during refueling. Second, it means that Plutonium laced MOX blasted all over the site on March 14th when #3 blew up, and again on March 15th when the #4 building blew.

      I further speculate that it's possible they were storing MOX in the machinery pool #3 - and that may have contributed to the devastation in the #3 explosion. You will note that there are numerous accounts that the explosion of #3 was from the SFP. Even Arnie Gundersen makes that claim. However that is impossible - because the #3 SFP somehow survived the blast, just like SFP4. There are photos of water still in it after the explosion, and they also had underwater videos afterwards that shows the fuel assemblies still intact, although covered with lots of debris from the explosion. I do believe since then SFP#3 has suffered a series of "fires" - but in the initial aftermath, it remained secure.

      I'm not familiar with any analysis that attempts to answer what I speculate here. I'm not aware that anyone has asked Tepco to account for what was in the machinery pools, and I have not seen any information given that would shed light on it. Hope that answers your question.


    3. I found the video referred to above under the name of Hatrick Penry. I've never seen any of his writings about Fukushima - I'll have to review more than that one.

      Apparently he's trying to prove a "coverup" by going through the FOIA documents, line by line regarding the confusion over whether SFP4 had water in it after the explosion on March 15th.

      He needs to be careful. His logic is flawed.

      Tepco and the Japanese government have lied and covered this thing up over and over and over again.

      I could give you 100 examples - but this one about SFP4 is not one of them.

      He loses his logic when he fails to realize that Jaczko is really trying to figure out whether he has to retract his statement of whether the pools are empty or not - and ultimately his guys choose to tell him he doesn't have to. They go back and forth about the steam - which obviously can't come from a dry pool. Jaczko realizes this, but his folks won't acknowledge it.

      The truth is, as I say above, the SFP4 never did lose it's water. Amazingly SFP3 never did either. Yes, they both heated up, because the cooling circulation was interrupted, but they didn't go dry.

      As I say above. I believe the confusion comes in around the "machinery pool" - which I think was dry. I think its obvious from the document that the japanese handlers didn't have a clue as to where anything was in the buildings - which is crazy, because I didn't know a thing about the design of a nuke plant 3 days earlier, but had memorized the floorplan and layout by that time. I'm just some idiot on the internet, you would think they would find somebody smarter than me to inform the world of this stuff.

      Everyone needs to understand the coverup here is not about the SFP4 - it's about the fact that they were storing something in the machinery pool that blew the entire building apart....

      I would advise Hatrick Penry to look a little deeper and test his conclusions a little more carefully - otherwise his arguments will be flawed, and he will be proven not credible.


  6. Your thoughts on this proposal, is this something to get behind.

    1. I watched the guy's video and read up on him some.

      Perhaps I'm completely jaded by this whole Fuku episode, but one thing he says right up front in that video set off the alarm klaxons in my head:

      He says - paraphrasing, that Fukushima is really bad then in one sentence he mentions "radioactive water", Cesium, and Strontium as being the danger at Fukushima.

      I would bet a fair sum that those three words are on the nuke industry's preferred "talking points" on the nuclear disaster.

      As opposed to "MOX", plutonium, open criitcality, meltdown, china syndrome, radiation in the ocean, - any number of a hundred other things.

      Is it a coincidence? Possible, but I doubt it. If it's intentional, then this guy is on the nuke industry's payroll and his project is a "honey pot" trying to trap legitimate anti nukes.

      If it's accidental on his part, then he's so darn ignorant that I'm not sure following him on an activity would be fruitful.

      Sorry, I call them the way i see them.



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