Sunday, June 27, 2010

Local Allowed Access Speaks Out Against BP and Pseudo Clean Up

Washington's Blog has an embedded video of a local woman who was granted behind the scenes access to the clean up.

Her observations are deeply disturbing.

1. BP describes their "clean up" as a balloon and pony show. The company is forewarned of offical visits to clean up sites so that they can move in clean crews. 70% to 80% of these crews are moved elsewhere immediately after the official and media leave.

I have heard this story reported by an elected official of one of LA's parishes so I have no doubt it is true.

2. BP makes it very difficult for workers to wear respirators and denying reports that clean up workers have become ill from their efforst. For instance, BP claimed that sickened workers rushed to the emergency room suffered from food poisoning.

3. BP is covering up the extent of the oil spill. Also see

4. BP is lying about the dangers to coastal residents from airborne volatiles stemming from the disaster, including hydrogen sulfide and benzene.

The video is a must watch and I'm grateful to Washington's blog for posting it.

The speaker in the video, the spouse of a fisherman, claims that her local community has been rendered expendable by BP.

Our besmirched nation has reached a stage of empire wherein the population has become more of a liability from the perspective of ruling interests, than a source of national vitality.

The willingness of the government to enable and support BP's cover-up indicates a profound crisis of democratic government.

The recent ruling by the Supreme Court that validates the government's ability to designate at will entities as "terrorists," while criminalizing any form of contact with these entities, points to a very dystopic future.

It is easy to imagine how voices such the one in the video mentioned in this post could be designated eco-terrorists counter to the interests of national security. In this scenario, Washington's blog (and mine) could be prosecuted as supporting terrorism. This scenario may sound extreme, but who would have expted that the federal government would tolerate this degree of fraud and deceit by BP?

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