Monday, May 24, 2010

Chris Hedges: The Greeks Get It
Hedges applauds Greek resistance to enforced austerity:
"We are facing the collapse of the world’s financial system. It is the end of globalization. And in these final moments the rich are trying to get all they can while there is still time. The fusion of corporatism, militarism and internal and external intelligence agencies—much of their work done by private contractors—has given these corporations terrifying mechanisms of control. Think of it, as the Greeks do, as a species of foreign occupation. Think of the Greek riots as a struggle for liberation."

I agree with Hedges that the fusion of corporate power, perpetual war, and state surveillance and control are driving us into disaster. This type of society cannot address the pressing environmental issues that will spell disaster for humanity.

Instead, the corporate-war-machine cannibalizes (consumes) wealth and resources and numbs the populace of the US with trash tv and internet celebrity culture.

At least, I suppose, the Greeks get it...

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