Friday, March 18, 2016

Very High Emissions Today

It seems like a pointless task to check the Fukushima webcams everyday. I'm not sure why I do it other than to prove that "cold shutdown" is a lie because Daiichi remains hot enough to spew visible steam (and smoke?) into the atmosphere.

Emissions have been high for the last couple of weeks. Today they are very high.

After looking at the TEPCO cams this morning I suspected that it might be raining because the emissions were so thick. However, the Futaba intersection shows dry streets and a clear view of the horizon so the emissions cannot be explained by precipitation.

It looks as if the "pumper ship" I've noticed before in the harbor is back, visible on the TBS cam. In the past, the presence of the ship has coincided with high emissions. Today the ship is staying mostly out of view, but it did partially sail into the cam view for a few minutes, as illustrated below: