Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Brave Editorial in The Mainichi

Japan Political Pulse: What will become of the nuclear burden? The Mainichi, March 14, 2016,

.... [closing paragraph] Even if Japan sets out now on a path away from nuclear energy, it will have to move forward while shouldering the burden of a massive amount of nuclear waste. We have a moral responsibility to not create any more nuclear pollution than we have already, and to not place additional burdens on our future generations. (By Takao Yamada, Special Senior Writer) 


  1. Japanese exports down again. I am so sad about Japan yet, I feel a similar fate is befalling america.

    I could not imagine the racial tension and devisiveness created by a guy like trump as president. Things are bad enough as it is. It reminds me of the movie V is for Vendetta.

    1. You need to be careful when it comes to Trump as his positions have so terrified the Oligarchy that MSM has been working over time to smear him. As far as I can tell Trump is a good guy--but not used to being a political figure. Hilary by contrast is a war criminal and a psychopath (Prof. Francis Boyle) & has acted irresponsibly with gov documents, She is given a rather pleasant presentation. People who have actually known Trump like his butler of 20 years like the man. But ask the Secret Service about Hilary. So be careful as Trump is a real threat to the Oligarchs. My observation of the man is that he is very open to learning and not afraid to admit he has been wrong. He is not an ideologue. He can not be bought or intimidated.

    2. I should add that were the Republican Party to dispose of Trump, they have no one who could beat Hilary. On the other hand many of Sanders' supporters will cross over to Trump, if he is the nominee. So it is either four to eight more years of someone worse than Obama! or someone new who will want his Presidency to be the best just like his golf courses. And he had to consult experts to get those golf courses, so he will find the best people for political advise.

    3. I worry about trump's disregard for rule of law and prosecution of immigrants. That said, it is interesting how much the establishment fears him.