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Autism and the Environment: Defining Away Risks to Human Well Being

This morning in the Wall Street Journal I saw an article titled, "Shifting Standards Cloud Autism's Prognosis" addressing the statistical increase in autism diagnoses and the imminent move by the CDC to redefine autism more narrowly, with the expected effect of lower reported incidents:
Jo Craven McGinty (May 4, 2018). On Autism, Shifting U.S. standards cloud the number of cases. The Wall Street Journal. Available
The latest report by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention uses two sets. One shows a growing number of children with autism. The other, when strictly applied, identifies 18% fewer cases.  For now, the report, which was published last week, gives priority to the looser standard, but when the CDC issues its next report two years from now, the more stringent measure will take precedence
Although I don't deny that diagnostic practices play a role in constructing autism incidents, I also believe that there is a REAL increase in autism, Pervasive Development Disorder, and generalized anxiety among American children that is not simply a function of physicians' categorizations.

In 2005 I published a book titled,Constructing Autism: Unravelling the Truth and Understand the Social

In this book I examine the research on autism and conclude that autism is primarily an environmental disease. Here are some of my conclusions forwarded in that book and my subsequent work on autism:

1. Autism is heterogeneous, meaning not all people who have the label autism have the same underlying biological condition. The good news about autism is that people change over their lifespan and early intervention and accommodations can make very important differences in quality of life and independence levels for people with autism.

The bad news is more and more kids are being diagnosed with autism and environmental factors are probably largely responsible.

2. The human brain is very complicated and many environmental factors may cause disruptions in neurological development in utero, including viruses and a wide array of environmental pollutants including a range of chemicals and, I now believe, ionizing radiation.

Genes play a role but the catalyst for genetic disruptions (including de novo mutations and harmful epigenetic changes), I believe, are primarily environmental.

3. Exclusively genetic explanations (devoid of environmental mediations) for autism were pursued scientifically because there exist a range of economic and political reinforcers for genetic explanations, while environmental research is difficult to fund because it is unpopular with industry. Bio-medical researchers who don't get grants typically don't get tenure.

4. Research on autism has failed to find a clear autism genotype, although several replicable findings in the literature point to environmental exposures that produce DE NOVO mutations found in higher frequency in people with autism compared to their parents and unaffected sibilings.

I argue that ionizing radiation may produce de novo mutations that have been strongly correlated with autism.

5. I have also suggested that certain genes may be more susceptible to environmental hazards. For example, research indicates that NK CD 56 cells are very radiosensitive and they have also been implicated as dysfunctional in children with autism. Maybe there is a connection here? (See my post here:

6. Additionally, certain bodily systems are more radiosensitive, such as the thyroid gland. Autism rates in California and thyroid issues in infants both increased after Fukushima's fallout rained out over that state: See my discussion here: Majia's Blog: Sharp Increase in Autism Rate Among Californi
a ...

7. Changing diagnostic practices by narrowing the criteria for autism will simply shift incidents to other categorizations, such as Pervasive Development Disorder, which will likely become the new catch all for describing children with disturbed and/or delayed development.

8. Neurological diseases are growing in incidents in children and adults. We may define them away diagnostically but the impacts will still be felt socially.


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  4. "Pervasive Developmental Disorder" is the language of satire but in the wide world of psychology and psychiatry there are no Jonathan Swifts. The family living next door to me have a autistic or Asperger's son who is in his early teens? A very restless fellow who jogs around the home and avoids contact with strangers like me--though he has seen me now for over three years. I know his parents and the oldest son and the youngest, a daughter, are fine. They used to live in Florida. I suspect vaccinations more than anything else. We would already know were it not for the financial problems the truth would bring. The gap between the conventional doctor and nutritionist and the alternative is getting increasingly large.

    I suspect that at least half of the mysteries in the medical world are such for reasons having to do with various industries. I am sure a few know the causes and have been silenced by threats.

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  6. Please be civil in disagreeing. Thank you

  7. Saw a couple yesterday who took their autistic child to an Oriental Medicine doctor who did chelation on the child. They mentioned that it was to remove mercury from vaccines. The child's autism symptoms went away.

    1. Chelation may be helpful in some cases, particularly when lead poisoning is involved, but is also very DANGEROUS and should only be performed by MEDICAL EXPERTS.

      Chelation gone wrong can kill!


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