Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Daiichi is HOT! Are Rising Rads Prompting TEPCO's Fuel Removal?

Daiichi has looked HOT recently!

Lost World from Enenews created a graphic overlay for the Tepco heat signature I've been noticing for months. The heat signature was particularly bad yesterday and today. Please see my screen shots at Dropbox here. My screenshots exhibit the same pattern as Lost World's graphic.

I'm concerned because the EPA Radnet system is registering rising radiation levels in US cities. Phoenix has had multiple peaks of excess of 500 CPM beta over the last 10 days or so. Concentrations of high peaks beg the question of the source.

Higher radiation levels are also present in other US cities often located under the jet stream at this time of year.

Its possible that Palo Verde Nuclear Plant is venting or refueling, spewing radionuclides, especially tritium, in the process. Or, perhaps San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant is partially to blame. Most all nuclear plants in the US were built in the 70s or early 80s and they are wearing down, becoming brittle, venting, leaking, etc.

That said, it seems very likely to me that Daiichi is getting very, very hot and that the rising radiation levels at the site are driving the current, purportedly dangerous, efforts to extract fuel from unit 4. Do take a look at the screen shots I linked above.

The radiation levels I'm seeing in US beta charts for cities under the jet stream at this time of year have not been this high since the Nov 2011 - January 2012 period when I believe fires occurred in units 3 and/or 4, based on webcam observations, Tepco's report of criticalities at the time, and studies of radiation fallout.

I'm dismayed to see that the EPA radnet system has stopped reporting data, especially beta data, for cities such as Bakersfield and Yuma.

Concealing a global-megadisaster, and thereby preventing mitigation, is equivalent to a war crime.