Saturday, April 10, 2021

My Covid-19 Shot

Here is my experience with Covid-19 Vaccination:

I believe I had an early strain of Covid-19 in December 2019. Everyone in my family was affected. We all recovered but I experienced hyper-sensitivities with allergies and asthma that spring that troubled my breathing. These problems were resolved by Singulair

In the fall of 2020, I developed Valley Fever, a common but serious fungal infection here in AZ. I had a fever of 103 for 2 weeks and then another week at 102. I believe I am fully recovered from the valley fever and have been hiking over 25 miles a week.

I was reluctant to get any of the covid-19 shots because I have a history of anaphylactic reactions, which were worsened by my December 2019 illness. 

However, the increasingly contagious and more lethal variants, coupled with not-so-subtle COERCION by my employer, led me to get my first Moderna shot on Tuesday 4/6. No immediate effects.

Wednesday 4/8 In addition to the expected sore arm, I experienced unusual tightness in my lungs while exercising and had trouble with deep breathing, but those symptoms resolved within 12 hours.

Thursday 4/8 sore arm worsened. Took Zyrtec, an allergy medicine, as precaution and because my spring allergies are bothersome, although no problems breathing.

Friday 4/9 Terrible stomach pain, diarrhea, and pain in my gall bladder area. 

Called the allergist office who administered the shot Friday at 2:30 pm. Office closed. No one taking calls. Not able to leave message because the messaging system was not functioning properly.

Looked online at CDC and FDA site for information about extreme pain but found nothing specific beyond this link which suggested these symptoms were allergic related

Pain in GI was extreme and persisted for about 16 hours. Took Pepcid. No help. Took 25 milligrams of Benadryl in the afternoon and that seemed to help a bit. Took another 25 milligrams of Benadryl later that evening and it also seemed to help.

But still in distress from pain. 11:30 pm called United Health Care's Nurse line and spoke to a nurse who was absolutely less than helpful. In fact, worst experience with nurseline in 26 years. 

Saturday 4/10 Stomach and gall bladder area are still sore but improved. I think I'm through the worse. What would have happened had I not loaded up on antihistamines?

My experience was that when I had ADVERSE REACTIONS there was no one or site that I could go to get reliable information about whether my reaction was allergy-based and whether it risked escalating. 

Doctors were unresponsive and the nurse line patronizing.

I am pretty confident that my GI problems were allergic related since the Benadryl offered so much relief but there is of course the possibility that I unknowingly ate some food or food preservative that elicited the reaction - e.g., I am very allergic to sulfates and have experienced pain in the gall bladder area after eating dried fruit treated with sulfites, as well as other foods I'm allergic to, such as tomatoes.

Moving forward, I will not be getting the second Moderna shot. I believe that my previous infection and the one shot are enough protection and another shot isn't worth the risk given second shots are notoriously more likely to produce symptoms.

However, my family will get theirs because I am the only person who experienced these symptoms. I'm also the only one with a history of anaphylactic reactions.

I feel that the mass rollout of an experimental vaccination without adequate medical supports - as illustrated through my experience - is going to reap severe problems.

I was concerned that with my medical history I would be at risk. And yet there was no supports to evaluate precisely those symptoms that emerged as potential indicators of allergic reaction, beyond showing up at the emergency room.

And that is my story.


5/8 - I am well and my platelet count is fine. I found Benadryl most helpful in de-escalating the severe reaction I was having, which very much resembled the same reaction I get to the preservatives in dried fruit but much more extreme. Recognize that my experience is not medical advice. This is my experience. 

Speak to your physician if you experience severe "reactions" from your shot. Don't wait and do record your reactions in the VSafe system, which is hosted by the CDC. It is searchable so the CDC is trying to be transparent.


  1. I had a fungal infection and then chagas. Talk to guy at poison center and your doc. Astragalus, n acetyl choline, silymarin. Hope u feel better.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Majia. I'm glad you're not getting the second shot. It is difficult, if not impossible, to find any personal stories concerning the vaccines. It is not politically correct, or worse, not even allowed on social media now.

  3. I thought I had chagas 4 years ago. It is hard to lab test. Had a bump where a chagas bug bit me in 2017.

    I have been using ivermectin since 2019 for covid protection. I stopped using It last summer. I got a high fever that, I thought was covid. The bump from the kissing bug, would get inflamed and spread to multiple wheelZ on my back during the covid infection .

    I think we are all radiosapions now , since 1935 and that our immune systems are so screwed up, that they really don't know what in the hell they are doing or, what is happening.

    I do know they did and do biowarfare-stuff cause I used to work for thebastids. There isn't a word in any language to describe how rotten, stupid and crazy these people are who play with and, refine their magic rocks to radnukes for bombs and to boil water or for biowarfare. Beyond bonkers. Each cs137 atom breaks billions of dna linkages in one person.

    I got the moderna vaccine and it caused the bump and wheelZ on my back to go nutz. Mutiple wheez, hives, fever. It gave me something like chronic fatigue syndrome for a week. I toughed out the second vaccination, with two days of diarrhea because, I have had leukemia w high fevers, as a child and I have bad lungs from being a uranium miner .I have had pneumonia, I don't wanna die drowning in covid.

    I did get a positive chagas result finally. Used lampis. Then I got a strange fungal infection after two weeks of nitrofuzazone on my feet. Chronic chagas is hard to treat. I read that long term sporonox might kill chagas and chronic chagas eats yur heart like heart worms in dogs. I took sporonox for a month and ivermectin because it can kill chagas parasites too. Good news! I survived. The chagas bump is gone. I had high lfts. Saw a MD from China who does Chinese herbalism. We are working on regimens of glyccrhyzin, silymarin, n acetylcysteine, and astragalus to tune my immunity and cure my liver. Good luck Majia and be careful.

  4. More human insanity
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  5. It’s a tragedy. The combination of unburned hydrocarbons in soil and pyrophoric industrial waste like plutonium and uranium are causing wildfires. Each atom cesium-137 or plutonium-239 brakes billions of DNA linkages in the human body. Resulting in cancer birth defects, autoimmune disease. Plutonium reactors are the most unstable, excepting sodium-cooled reactors. Many reactors in the United States are a very unstable. America keeps Sabre rattling I’m building reactors plutonium bombs.
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  6. Let's not talk about bombs to the brain or the pulsesof severed limbs . I will always subtract my arms from your arms. We can save the world some other time. That's the way it seems to be now





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    But no. Congress’s “ICBM Coalition,” missile contractors Lockheed Martin, GE, Northrup-Grumman, Boeing, and United Technologies, hundreds of subcontractors, their lobbyists, and public relations departments have conjured implausible but scary sounding reasons for paying an estimated $264 billion for yet another new rocket system. Since 1955, the nuclear-armed rocket gravy train has invented reasons for Atlas missiles, Titan missiles, Minuteman I, II and III missiles, and even a few dozen Peacekeepers.

    The proposal to replace today’s 400 land-based ICBMs is so unsound and unpopular that even centrist organizations and individuals have condemned it (most for the wrong reasons), among them the editorial board of Bloomberg News, the Union of Concerned Scientists, the Arms Control Association, Defense News, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, former Secretary of Defense William Perry, and a handful of retired military commanders.

    Six years ago, the Bulletin referred to “the significant number of ‘expert’ studies that have appeared over the past five years suggesting that the ICBM leg of the nuclear triad should be deactivated”.[2]Gen. James Cartwright, a former Vice Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, chaired a 2012 study group whose final report — co-signed by then Senator and later Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel — said in part: “No sensible argument has been put forward for using nuclear weapons to solve any of the major 21st century problems we face …. In fact, nuclear weapons have on balance arguably become more a part of the problem than any solution.” Secretary Perry warns at his website, in speeches and in his memoir that ICBMs, “are simply too easy to launch on bad information and would be the most likely source of an accidental nuclear war,” and he says the ICBM system is “‘destabilizing’ in that it invites an attack from another power.”

    All these critics point to these same fundamental failures and risks of ICBMs

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    3. Fascism & genocidal war are the byproducts of our late-stage capitalist dystopia

    By RS
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  23. MAJIA, Be aware that there is a huge hump of additional complications that occur 15 to 30 days after the Jab. And that 90% of those killed by the virus just never go to the hospital....if a second flare up occurs, get medical help immediately.

  24. Find a good acupuncturist. Maybe an md acupuncturist and herbalist




  28. Terrifying! I am from, one of the worst nuclear sacrifice zones in the world! Small town. Three of my quaker sisters died of lung cancer out of 20 quakers. One was 35 her mom at 58 and our leader at 59. Makes me so sad. The mom and daughter died within a year of each other. Annie died in 1990. Sickeing. They continue to lie profusely mayak, chernobyl fukuahima 3 mile santa susana. Yada yada yada


  30. More evil from the evil american nuclear-empire

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  31. Article: Weapons in Space "Cannot Be Walked Back" | OpEdNews

  32. Once in a lifetime reprinted by permission of david byrne

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  36. Makes a good case for why Americans won't change and so many are seduced by nuclear insanity
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