Tuesday, July 28, 2020

The Problem With Opening Schools

Mortality and morbidity are the two most common measures of disease impact ( Zylke & Bauchner, 2020).

Mortality is usually assessed as excess deaths attributed to the specified disease.

Morbidity concerns lasting health impacts, particularly with respect to newly acquired disease(s) and syndromes among survivors.

The disease, Covid-19, caused by the virus SARS-CoV-2 is still little understood but one issue is crystallizing:

The emphasis on mortality is distracting from morbidity generally and specially SEQUELAE.

What are sequelae? They are the pathological conditions caused by a disease or other hazard.

SARS-CoV-2 is able to invade cells lining blood vessels and colonize organs beyond lungs.

That colonization may not be evident until later.

The pathological conditions caused by this terrible virus include damage to the heart and central nervous system.

It is still not clear to me whether most people can even clear this virus entirely. I fear it lurks hidden and may only be revealed by down-regulated T cells and other immune anomalies that make individuals more susceptible to other insults (see Wang, et al, 2020).

Potential immunological susceptibilities to this virus have caused experts to worry we might get it over and over again as it mutates, particularly if it can persistently down-regulate T cells (see Kirkcaldy, 2020).

This aggressive virus is occurring in an existing context of environmental degradation and declining human reproductive health and longevity - see my discussion here.

These conditions remind me of bee and bat colony collapse. Entire colonies collapse when weakened by pesticides, fungus, mites, etc and then exposed to opportunist pathogens - such as a virus. The pathogen destroys enough of the population that the colony ceases to exist.


Several months ago I set up a search alert for news coverage of "Covid-19 and sick workers." Everyday I get notifications from mostly local news sites on hundreds of workers at a particular site testing positive after several had developed symptoms.

Most people think that if you're asymptomatic you are good to go but that may be very deceptive if the virus is hiding out, colonizing your cells. Although not necessarily contagious, asymptomatic carriers are likely to have significant and imminent health problems.

Every type of congregated workplace is getting hit - from oil refineries to agricultural workers, from grocery store workers to Amazon distribution centers. Masks aren't the golden ticket to disease freedom. They may help but they are not alone sufficient, based on the skyrocketing cases among health care workers in the most advanced economies, such as the US.

Requiring students to return to classrooms will test my hypothesis that this virus has the capacity to produce rippling disease eruptions that worsen across time, endangering social networks as the virus and other pathogens are shared in primary sites and subsequently circulate to vulnerable populations.

Vectors of contagion are clear: Toilets in most US schools that I've seen do not have lids. Many school bathrooms have blowers that have been proven empirically to simply spread bacteria around bathrooms.

Bathrooms will be a primary site of transmission unless all sorts of extreme measures are put into place.

PLEASE: Let's make sure that SARS-CoV-2 is not capable of producing human colony collapse BEFORE we open classrooms and further endanger our critical workers and most vulnerable populations.

Never before has the importance of the PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPLE been so obvious.


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  1. Sweden: the One Chart That Matters


    1. https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/the-unz-report/

    2. akn, that is hilarious, a "debunk" that is 100% ad hominem, shameful

    3. The reference sited is a media bias checker. It stated
      that unz news is a known partisan media site. A site that often promotes eztreme right-wing bias. This indicates that unz and is short on facts and heacy on emotional and ideolological appeal. In other words, it is propaganda. There is no discloaure for it's funding.
      Unz is funded by partisans.

      There are several studies that show that Sweden has not dealt well with Covid.
      The initiator of the comment was not personally attacked. No ad hominem

    4. The source, the publication, was ad hominem'd. Most sites lean left or right.

      It is still appropriate to address the accuracy of the statement itself, throwing it out due only to source is bullshit and shameful

    5. Not ad hominem. The article is biased. Sweden is significantly different from the USA. I has socialized medicine. Sweden stopped using aralen because of side-effects. Sweden has completely different demographics, climate, access than the usa. They took other measures. They have other ongoing problems with covid. The use of the study is cherry-picked. The context is extremely biased nased on the partisan inclination of the group that sited it.

  2. Imagine this: all colleges and universities close for the coming school year; and all professors will give up their salaries during that period. This would be a good test of the resolve of the faculty to save an age group largely naturally immune or at least unlikely to perish if they do get Covid-19.

    Probably most faculty members have enough resources to make it those few months without additional income. And for those that don't there would be food stamps and food banks. Also they could start Go Fund Me accounts. Also there will bound to be low paying jobs like those their former students have been stuck with.

    I personally doubt that extreme measurs in bathrooms would be necessary. But persons could simply refrain from using them until they return home.

    1. Maybe you should give up your Publicly Funded pension from a public funded university . You should give up your social security check, in protest. You can back go to the University, to check out books and check in books maskless from your anti-science mask protestors. You and donnie t jr. Mike Schellenberger, the Philosphy major armchair nuclear physicist. The philosopher armchair radiation biologist.

    2. No, family wealth and inventions. Universities have become centers of intellectual despair.

    3. Ha ha ha ha. u invented a pink paper clip for checking out special books

  3. The real problem is this: there are powerful individuals, some of whom you know quite well via the legacy media, who see Covid-19 as a money making opportunity the like of which may not again occur in their life times.

    So instead of supporting hydroxychloroquine, zinc and one of several antibiotics which will work very well, they are trying to make sure their vaccine is the thing that works. I am very surprised that Majia who seems fairly savvy has not yet come cross the real truth and probably regards Bill Gates and Dr Fauci as the experts when there are many more doctors and others who have actually used this combo with their patients.

    Give this a try and listen to some doctor on the front line:


    1. And you will be wearing a mask like the big T soon and you are probably using them now

  4. Quinine is one of the most toxic drugs known and even moreso with it's more potent
    derivative, Hydroxychloroquine . Acute poisoning can lead to heart block and death. Renal failure and death. Seizures and death. Respiratory depression and death.

    Liver and diffuse organ damage.

    Chronic poisoning can cause irrevesible hearing loss and optic damage. Suicidal ideations that lead to death. Depression. Permanent neurotoxicity. It can lead to irreversible renal and liver damage.

    1. HCQ is one of the safest drugs on the market. All the BS that has come out shows one thing...how important it is for them to keep cures away, and to keep the fear at high levels.

      This video, by front line doctors, was viciously censored by Twitter and YouTube. Again showing how important it is to them to keep people away from real information.


    2. Frontline doctor.
      What a joke


      DTs favorite

    3. LOL so she is a woman of color and faith. You have no argument against her statements on HCQ?

    4. That's all this boy talks about. Identity politics. Crackpots, con-artists and charlatans come in all sizes, shapes, and colors but most crooked preachers are all the same at heart.

  5. Wow did I hit a nerve here!

    First, I believe schools should be online in the fall to protect students and teachers until we can better assess long-term disease consequences.

    Second, I find it interesting that rather than address my comments, based in research findings, my argument about risk was summarily dismissed. Why is that?

    Third, I don't have a public pension.

    Fourth, got some stock you want to sell before the market crashes in November? Seems to me that is what is driving this bullshit denialism.

    1. Did not think about machiavllian short sellers. Good point

    2. You may be biased since for you it would mean time to do something other than teach. Why are so many reputable doctors recommending a return to school for young people?

      Research comments: for your research material there exist those that are just the opposite. You have to use intuition at some point. Mine is that it's time to brave it out.

      But you are a more conventional, conservative person by nature. So nothing I write will have an effect. My comments are ephemera.

  6. Was referring to unkown. Unknown says schools should be open and peoplle should not wear masks. Unkown is just a part of the propaganda echo chamber. It doesnt care about rational arguements or people. It lives on a university pension hates universitys and university professors. It hates science.

  7. These front line doctors fully feel that all schools should open in fall.

    HCQ is one of the safest drugs on the market. All the BS that has come out shows one thing...how important it is for them to keep cures away, and to keep the fear at high levels.

    This video, by front line doctors, was viciously censored by Twitter and YouTube. Again showing how important it is to them to keep people away from real information.


    1. Shameful you are.
      I have been correct on 98% of everything COVID and Floyd related and weeks or months ahead of others.

    2. A legend in it's own malignant, twisted racist mind

  8. I posit here that the young ARE our vaccine, and that it was criminal to not send them all back to class around April 20th.

    Prove me wrong.

    This is ALL about getting rid of Trump so that communism can be rolled out. Just like Yugoslavia on second link



  9. I wrote this April 20, and stand by it


    Quick and Simple: We Need Young People to Get This VIRUS NOW! It is of critical importance.
    stock here

    I am flabbergasted that of the millions of medical professionals, of the 10's of Billions of dollars spent, the Trillions spent to "counteract" the Virus.....that I have the best models and the best understanding of what is actually going on.

    Some guy literally sitting in his basement, can bring more understanding and more truth to the situation than the entire rest of the world combined. The entire spectrum of science and media, and 24/7 coverage and breathlessness and barely a word of value coming out.

    1. Maybe 10s of billions mispent is more appropriate. STOCKPILES OF the incredibly toxic hydroxychloroquine to boost the banks accounts of currupt politicians. No cogent testing programs. No provisions for antivirals RNA antivirals that work.Patinets handed over to death panels as encouraged by republin politicians because there is no more room in icus. People endinging up on end-stage ventillators because steroids and antivirals were not used. People ending up w covid from the worst hygeine practices. Hyperbolic flabergast is an emotional appeal technique used in propaganda, manipulation, and misleading information.

    2. HCQ is $.53 per dose.

      You are low information, and that is shameful and dangerous.

      HCQ proven "potent inhibitor against SARS" in 2005, before anyone had a horse in the race.


    3. Here, here . . . three cheers for the human arising in the midst of a devolution back to homo erectus or the like.

    4. Covid19 did not exist in 2005. That is another cherry-picked study. The swedish stopped using the potent malaria drug because of side-effects

  10. Friends 22 yo daughter had 8mo baby stillborn from covid a month ago tracey is still sick and of course depressed. Doctors queationing whether she can have more children

    The hospital staff in fl where 8 doctors are very ill

    The young doctors in NY that have died from covid

    Hundreds of factory workers and meat packers

    covid among nuclear power plant workers

    Relatives in service industies where covid is rampant



    Coronavirus updates: US deaths surpass 150,000

    The neurotoxicity is possibly from t cell destruction

    Talked to a rtired microbiologist who thinks their is aids component to virus

  11. I had it, and I whooped it in 30 hours. I knew I could whoop it fast.

    It exists, a new virus, but its a strange one, because I never felt that way about a flu before....I knew I could whoop it fast.


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