Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Wildfire gets closer to Idaho nuke research site

The US West is burning up and all the radioactive elements sequestered in flora are being set free in the flames:
AP (July 24 2019) Wildfire gets closer to Idaho nuke research site Yahoo
Officials say a wildfire burning on the sprawling grounds of the remote Idaho National Laboratory nuclear research site has grown and pushed closer to buildings.
Officials with the National Interagency Fire Center said Wednesday that some buildings are threatened by the fire, which grew to an estimated 155 square miles (401 square kilometers).


  1. I did not know that the Nuclear waste that exploded in Beatty Nevada was the from the Disassembled sodium reactor, that melted down at Santa Susana. I found that out from Kim Kardashian. The nuclear waste buried in Beatty Idaho was supposed to be low level. Another lie per usual. i wonder how much highly rafioactive gamma beta-emitters are there. There were tow experimental nuclear meltdowns in that area. There are numerous highlevel nuclear waste sights in that area.

    Fairbanks is up to 22 days this year with wildfire smoke significantly restricting visibility. This is the fifth year since 2004 there has been 3 weeks or more of smoke. In the 52 years before 2004, that happened only one summer (1957). #akwx



    1. The waste was in Beatty nevada not idaho. Sorry

      Early on Sunday Oct. 25, an underground fire caused an explosion in a low-level nuclear waste site in the desert 10 miles from Beatty, Nevada, and 115 miles northwest of Las Vegas. The explosion and fire followed flash flooding that shut down Beatty’s escape routes: US 95 and State Highway 373.
      Exploding Radioactive Waste

      Youtube video

      exploding nuclear waste nevada

  2. Elevated Gamma Radiation was detected yesterday, July 14, 2019, 50 miles North of Little Rock, Arkansas by the Energy One Reactor in Russelville Arkansas. This was one of the reactors damaged by the massive midwest flooding, this year.

    The State of Arkansas has closed down the RadNet radiation monitoring site. Arkansas’ local RadNet is a under Arkansas’ political control.

    Elevated radiation level was made by a federal government radiation monitoring machine.

  3. Another spin of the wheel where the currency of the bet placed is your life.

    I watched a commercial today featuring the upcoming Tokyo Olympics next summer.

    I know we're screwed, but only a fool marches to their death.

  4. Consider How Much Radioactive shit there is in the water supplies of California and really Most of America. Drinking bottled water does not help matters

    The Crisis Lurking in Californians’ Taps: How 1,000 Water Systems May Be at Risk

    "The troubled districts, which operate in mostly poor areas on thin budgets, receive little oversight and face a host of problems.

    ImageRosalba Moralez estimated that her family spent about $150 a month on bottled water in addition to the family’s $67 monthly payment to the water district in Willowbrook, Calif.
    Rosalba Moralez estimated that her family spent about $150 a month on bottled water in addition to the family’s $67 monthly payment to the water district in Willowbrook,
    COMPTON, Calif. — It was bath time and Rosalba Moralez heard a cry. She rushed to the bathroom and found her 7-year-old daughter, Alexxa, being doused with brown, putrid water.

    “We kept running the tub, we turned on the sink, we flushed the toilet. All the water was coming out dirty,” Ms. Moralez said.

    For more than a year, discolored water has regularly gushed from faucets in the family’s bathroom and kitchen, as in hundreds of other households here in Willowbrook, Calif., an unincorporated community near Compton in South Los Angeles."

  5. Hiding The Decline In Fire Burn Acreage

  6. Edward Gibbon, the great British historian, considered the 2nd century probably the best time to have been alive. He might have chosen the 14th to have been the worst with first a serious famine and then the Black Death which I believe killed over half the European population. But Gibbon lived in the 18th century. Now I think many persons would say the 20th century.

    Although natural phenomenon still take the lives of many, like the tsunami in Indian Ocean some years back, it looks like humans now have the task of taking large numbers of lives as 20th century Communism did. And if even a fraction of what people tell us here in the comments is true, we should expect the deaths of billions in the near future. Of course a significant number of people will celebrate such mass slaughter since according to them there are already too many people, about 7 billion too many.

    When it comes to the elimination of large numbers of people we should turn to an expert. Josef Stalin is our man. When he was in one of his religious moods he would say, he was helping God eliminate scum from the earth. His humor. So as Communism's foremost spokesman he once remarked, when one persons dies it is a tragedy; when a million die it is a statistic. Consoling or not he spoke a truth.

    I think we are dealing with fate. Moira. If so then we can do nothing. I once naively thought that after Chernobyl and then Fukushima great strides would be taken to controlling all things nuclear. But destiny said no.

    When Mt Toba exploded it was about sixty times more powerful than Krakatoa and decimated the human species leaving only about ten thousand breeding pairs.

  7. Why Are There So Many Real Witches On University Campuses?

    1. This is an outrageously stupid video wherein a misogynistic man spews falsehoods as scientific truths in an effort to promote hate and violence against women, especially middle-aged and older women who have some limited access to power.

      I can only hope the person who left this link does not believe this sick propaganda.


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