Friday, July 19, 2019

The Race to Nuclear Annihilation

The price of uranium has been salvaged by political supporters after the precipitous post-Fukushima Daiichi decline:
Hoyle, Rhiannon (2019, July 18). Uranium climbs as US rejects import limits. The Wall Street Journal B11
Uranium prices jumped to a four-month high after President Trump held back from imposing limits on US imports of the nuclear fuel, saying he didn't regard it as a national security risk....

US Senators Leff and McCain in their report on Wall Street banks involvement in physical commodities documented that uranium supply-chains produced proliferation concerns and presented potential catastrophic accident hazards[xiv]. I agree.

Despite these efforts to save free flowing uranium, the commodity remains less than half the $70 pound price in early 2011 prior to the Fukushima disaster.

The solution for the bear market in uranium and for all problems nuclear is, of course, more nuclear.

Accordingly, Senator Lindsey Graham and retired General Jack Keane recommend wide-scale adoption of nuclear energy across the Middle East, with uranium fuel sold by the US, Russia, China and European states in an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal titled, "Call Iran's Bluff with an Offer of Nuclear Power" (July 16, 2019 p. A17).

Although their solution might work for Iran, promoting nuclear development across the Middle East is a sure path to disaster, as this recent essay by James Dorsey demonstrates:
Dorsey, James (2019, June 25). The Middle East: Barrelling towards a nuclear and ballistic missiles arms race




    not a good time to go into outer space and also here on earth this might mean more health problems




      Impending nuclear disaster, catastrophic climate change: Trump must be impeached

      Impeach Trump Now, He is Careening America To Nuclear Catastrophe by Nuclear Deregulation and Ignoring Climate Change

      The Radioactively Polluted Oceans

    2. Impeach Trump Now. Trump Is Turning Nevada and America into an Unregulated Nuclear Waste Dump.  Trump Deregulating Nuclear Reactors in Harms way in the Face of Unprecedented Flooding and Climate change.

      Fallon Nevada is a major Cancer Cluster in The USA.  Fallon is a place where a nuclear bomb was detonated far north in Nevada from the Nevada Open Air nuclear Test Range in Southern Nevada, where hundreds of Open Air nuclear bombs were detonated on American Citizens across The west USA and beyond.

      There was a nuclear Bomb, detonated 30 miles from Fallon Nevada into Fallons water supply. Nuclear Waste was fracked into Fallons Water Suppply by Dick Cheneys Haliburten, in the first fracking experiments in the 1960s.

      The media said Fallon Nevada's Cancer Cluster may have been from leaking Fuel from a military base closeby but the Residents of the state of Nevada and Fallon Nevada, know better. Fallon, Nevada is one of the worst cancer clusters, in the world. Fallon, Nevada has one of the highest rates of birth defects, in the world.

      Project Shoal. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Project Shoal was an underground nuclear test that took place on October 26, 1963

      Las Vegas Sun

      Here’s a Nevada nuclear blast site you can visit — just don’t eat the dirt
      At the Project Shoal site, where a nuclear weapon was detonated on Oct. 26, 1963"

      The government has The Price-Anderson Act and US Nuclear Secrets act in place, to protect the US government, The US Nuclear Reactor-Owner and Operator-Corporations, Uranium companies,  and Nuclear WAR complex companies from liability.

      Nuclear War Barons like Boeing, Raytheon Nuclear arms and missles Sales Profit 2017, $50  billion
      Lockheed Martin. Arms sales: $35..7 billion
      Boeing: $31.4 billion.
      Northrop Grumann. Arms and nuclear related $28 billion profits
      General Dynamics. sales: $24 billion

      Nuclear Reactor Companies, Nuclear MIC companies, Nuclear Waste Companies like Halliburten and Holtec get special full legal shield protection from lawsuits for Nuking US citizens and inundating America with nuclear waste. Radionuclides from from nuclear bomb production, Nuclear Reactors, Nuclear Weapons Testing, Uranium Mining and Production, Nuclear Waste Dumps. 

    3. The sleazy american congress has  always protected the US government, Nuclear Reactor Corporate Operators, Uranium Companies, the US Military and US Nuclear waste Corporations from lawsuits for inundating america with Radioacive-Radionuclide poison The worst poison in the universe. There have been numerous down-winder settlements, that are are pittances .  The down-winder pittances cannot make up for the millions of deaths, birth-defects, cancers, radionuclide-related illnesses that are passed on genetically and acutely destroy lives in America.

      Quakes Prompt Fears of Devastating Consequences of Proposed Nuclear Waste Dump in Nevada

      Holtecs shoddy Legacy using Thin Cannisters to Contain High Level Nuclear Waste that is Stored By San Diego Ca, 40 thousand Tons in New Mexico, and West texas above Ground Above aquifers

      Harvey Wasserman: America’s “Hole-in-the-Head” Nuke Suicide Pact Gets Court Approval By Harvey Wasserman, 18 April 19

      "The Supreme Court has just now certified the deadliest and most economically destructive scam of the entire Trump catastrophe.

      Every downwind American is now threatened with deadly radiation while state after state bankrupts itself with soaring electric bills and ecological disaster"

      Trump is downgrading Highlevel Nuclear-Waste
      High level Nuclear waste that would kill a person standing 20 feet from 50 lbs of it, in 30 minutes. Trmp is busily Downgrading the most Dangerous Hilelevel Nuclear waste to Lowlevel waste

      Impeach Trump Now, He is Careening America to Nuclear Catastrophe By Nuclear Deregulation and Ignoring Climate Change

      "Trump and his crew are working hard to keep aged-dangerous reactors opened, in America. They are doing so, in spite of the flooding and hurricanes that destroyed a good part of Houston three years ago, and put half of New Orleans under water last week. There are many beat-up reactors in areas like this in the USA!

      Climate change is much more dangerous than we are led to think. The flooding in Iowa, Nebraska, Louisiana, Arkansas almost set off 4 of the oldest, most cracked and embrittled nuclear reactors in the world in the past weeks and last couple of months. It is due to unprecedented flooding in the mid-west and south."

      Trump is abrogating Nuclear arms and missile treaties . Trump is changing Pentagon nuclear policy to First strike, so that he can Manufacture multiple small Tactical Nuclear weapons . Smal Tactical Nuclear Weapons to Be Used on Countries like Iraq and in his Multitrillion dollar  William Teller Space Force boondogle. This is while america is iradiated to death from old shoddy reactors, gowing nuke waste, new nuclear arms production, crappy infrastructure and so much more!

  2. David Berlinski on Science, Philosophy, and Society

    1. St. George has a MS in Library Science He cannot read a science journal or scientific paper.

      Berlinski has a PhD in Philosophy. Berlinski writes about biology and evolution.

      The paid Nuclear Shills like Schellinberger and Thomas, have degrees in philosophy too.
      I have a PhD in hard science, an MS in Toxicology and a nationally approved Board Ceritification. 35 years of experiencw. It shows What bozos the science haters and Nuclear Shills are. It also shows how fake the low-brow Trump and Koch paid shills and propagandists are.
      Shows how ignorant, these poorly educated Pro-Nuclears-currs are.

    2. The Greenland ice sheet, has  lost half of its surface cover (more than 2 billion tons) in a matter of days. It hasn’t happened before.

      It will again next year and be worse. The rest of the ice will be gone. Where do you suppose the water, from the melting ice caps goes? Why are there so many wildfires now in the north, deep into alaska and, in australia?

      There are massive rain storms across the globe that just open up, and dump rivers of rain in a matter of hours . Several of them flooded the Mid Western and Southern United states so badly, that they put a dozen Nuclear reactors in peril.

      Could  the radical changes in ocean levels, salinity gradients, temperatures, ocean streams and jet streams be contributing to the extremes in flooding phenomenon?
      The melting of the ice caps is from the earth heating up drastically. The temperatures in mid-latitudes appoaching 120 degrees on consequtive days are heating up. France has to shut down Nuclear reactors because, of heat waves in Europe that are killing hundreds of people.
      Why are islands being inundated ?  Could it be from the poles melting? Islands  that existed in the oceans and seas 20 years ago, covered by water .
      Why are temperatures in the middle latitudes so high now, that people cannot live there anymore . Millions of  people in mid latitudes, are climate refugees. Carl Sagan knew. Millions of people in flooded temperates zomes are climate refugees. Millions of survivors of wildfires are now climate refugees.

      There may have been climate change in human history that caused poplutation displacements. There are 400 nuclear reactors in the world now, dangerously threatened by extreme climate change, and all the morons can do is drede-up insane confaubulation or what may have happened in pre-recorded history.

      Sane people in Alaska, Scandanavia , the Pacific, Australia, the Middle East, South Asia know. The propaganda trolls lie about it for no good reason, other than the fact that they are deranged from dementia or pathologically irrational.

    3. I have never studied library science. You seem to have an information problem. Which islands are being inundated? I sort of like your climate refugees. We also have knowledge refugees. I fear you are an all talk and no action person though. What is your source about Greenland as I have heard the opposite.
      Maybe is time for us to go?

  3. Berlinski is Jewish so, Anonymous, you are probably unconsciously antisemitic. The world is flooded with people who have a PhD in a hard science and who at their best are second rate scientists. You should stick to your field whatever it is and not stray into the social sciences. And by the way are you using drugs?

  4. The Greenland ice sheet, lost half its ice this year. A fact. The troll cannot handle fact.

    A frustrated little nazi-wannabee librarian. Go stand in front of your mirror and put on your lipstick, while you repeat sieg heil in the mirror. A real sick little psycho-librarian. You get off on child torture on your computer, at least three times a day, you sick little thing.

    Blatant lies go nowhere. The truth makes you wet yourself.
    You are a a bufoon. You are probably a pedophile too. The troll is coming off of fentanyl pretty hard. The troll can lie, bait and slander with impunity because it threatens to send Nadesan lectures to the very anti-free-speech site That is the only reason it is here puking up it's evil bile, lies and propganda.

    Of course you know it was a second rate librarian because it got the titles when checking out books, which is about all a librarian really does.
    A vile , vindictive, jealous little know it all creep, that knows very little. It cannot read a scientic journal, so it hates scientists and all scientists are second rate. This will probably be censored in spite of the baiting and slander.

    1. Belinski is a creationiist. It is a religious zealot. Has no credentials.

      I am not a scientist troll. I saved many lives. You have said you want to kill, genetically inferior children. You think it is ok to cage and torture 13,000 young children. Psychopath. Could not check out books correctly. Involved in intrigues. Lord knows they tried to fire you. The troll could not handle, getting passed over by other ethnicities, though it was incompetent at merely checking out books properly.

    2. Yes, you do have a information problem, a serious one at that. You have my sympathies. Take care.

    3. The Troll could not check out Books, from the Library Properly and was Retired early for stealing them. Who has the information promblem?


      Harvey Wasserman Has always maintained that Fukushima is much worse than Chernobyl.

      Durnford did not give a damned about Fukushima till 2013 when he started getting money to sensationalize it.


      Harvey Wasserman: America’s “Hole-in-the-Head” Nuke Suicide Pact Gets Court Approval By Harvey Wasserman, 18 April 19

      The Supreme Court has just now certified the deadliest and most economically destructive scam of the entire Trump catastrophe.

      Every downwind American is now threatened with deadly radiation while state after state bankrupts itself with soaring electric bills and ecological disaster, crippling the Solartopian green energy revolution.

      It is, in short, the “hole in the head” wave of massive state-based nuke bailouts

      All across the US, brain-dead Trumpist legislatures are scamming public billions into dying nuke reactors that pose the #1 threat to human survival on this planet.

      All the world’s 440 reactors (98 in the US) are decrepit, crumbling, ready to blow. They’re uninspected, under-maintained, filthy, falling apart. They emit massive quantities of heat and radiation that cause climate chaos. Most are huge money-losers that can’t compete with green Solartopian technologies.

      They are epitomized by Ohio’s infamous “hole in the head” Davis-Besse nuke, currently crumbling outside Toledo. In keeping with the Luddite wave now sweeping Trumpnation, the Ohio legislature may soon fork over billions to keep it running toward the ultimate failure.

      The state-based nuke bailout craze actually started with New York governor Andrew Cuomo.

      In 2016-2017, he began gouging the Empire State for some $7.6 billion to underwrite four dying upstate nukes. All lose mega-cash while killing countless jobs by raising electric rates and blocking renewables.

      Wind, solar, batteries and LED/efficiency were set to make the Empire state both energy independent and fully employed. But Cuomo is blocking that by scamming ratepayers as far away as Long Island who get zero juice from the nukes they’re being forced to subsidize.

      Cuomo originally promised the payouts would soon decline. Instead, they rose $50 million this year, even beyond the original bailout scam.

    6. The Illinois legislature is doing the same for three downstate reactors. New Jersey and Pennsylvania are contemplating a similar suicide.

      But Ohio may top them all.

      Center stage is FirstEnergy’s infamous money-losing Davis-Besse “hole-in-the-head” nuke near Toledo. Its bankrupt owner’s precursor blacked out the entire Northeast in 2003. FE says without a gargantuan bailout, DB will shut by 2021.

      So the gerrymandered GOP legislature may soon gouge tax/ratepayers some $300 million/year to keep DB and the nearby Perry reactor open, dooming the state’s remnant rust belt economy.

      DB dumps its waste heat into Lake Erie, between Toledo and Cleveland. A 1977 accident portended what destroyed its clone, Three Mile Island Unit Two, on March 28, 1979. TMI2’s owners later sued because lessons learned at DB that might’ve helped them avoid their own disaster were not passed on.

      In 2002, news of a hole in DB’s head astonished the industry. Dripping boric acid had eaten nearly through the reactor vessel head. Cleveland and the Great Lakes were 3/5ths of an inch from permanent irradiation.

      Rather than shut permanently, FE spent millions on a “fix” that failed. Then they cut through the containment and glued on a badly-fitted head from an unfinished Michigan reactor canceled by citizen action.

      Shoddy construction and faulty maintenance have perforated the building meant to shield the public from DB’s radiation. Its operating/maintenance costs soar while it can’t compete with methane.

      But it’s wind that Ohio’s nuke-loving lawmakers most hate. “North coast” breezes blow steadily over flat agricultural land filled with transmission lines. Farmers are desperate for the steady income turbines can bring, especially when sited so close to urban consumers. More than $4 billion in private funding is pending for Ohio wind farms, guaranteeing billions in longterm revenue and thousands of secure jobs.

      But in 2015, FE’s bought lawmakers concocted a setback provision meant to kill those projects. Other midwestern/Great Plains states are now filling with cheap nature-based electricity. But anti-wind Ohio may now bury its fiscal future with unsustainable electric rates.

      All reactors spew carbon 14 along with huge quantities of hot water and steam that warm the planet and kill trillions of marine creatures. Their cooling towers kill countless birds. All American reactors (except Watts Bar) are more than twenty years old; some are more than forty.

    7. Now the Trump-run Nuclear Regulatory Commission says it may simply stop inspecting these older reactors just as they most need it. They want owners to stop informing the public of mishaps just as they become more frequent and dangerous.

      The terrifying escalation of reactor disasters has risen from the near-miss at Michigan’s Fermi One (1966) to the melt-down at TMI (1979) to the mega-explosion at Chernobyl (1986) to the three melt-downs/four explosions at Fukushima.

      After that 2011 disaster, NRC staff compiled upgrades to guard against another one. But the Trump Commission killed them all, leaving the fleet even more dangerous than before Fukushima.

      When the next big reactor blows, industry hacks like Ann Coulter will be all over Fox explaining that radiation is good and that plutonium is pixie dust that really won’t harm our kids.

      But the ghastly death tolls at TMI, Chernobyl, and Fukushima say otherwise.

      Based on the insane claim that nukes deserve “zero emission credits,” the Supreme Court has cleared the way for still more of these insane bailouts.

      Grassroots Solartopians are fighting back. Ohio’s bailout has been held off for years, and may yet fail. They’ve petitioned California Governor Gavin Newsom to independently inspect Diablo Canyon.

      They’ve also poured into the bankruptcy court, where FirstEnergy’s inabilities are on global display alongside those of California’s Pacific Gas & Electric, the money-losing behemoth that in 2010 killed eight people with badly maintained pipelines, then killed eighty more with badly maintained power lines that incinerated an entire ecosystem, including 12,000 structures.

      The uncaring incompetence of this dying industry and its technology of death guarantee that unless these bailouts stop, far worse is yet to come.

      Harvey Wasserman’s Green Power & Wellness Show is podcast at; California Solartopia is broadcast at KPFK-Pacifica, 90.7 fm, Los Angeles. His Life & Death Spiral of US History: From Deganawidah to Solartopia will soon be at


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