Friday, June 7, 2019

Give me shelter....

Doomsday clock ticks closer to midnight with the rise of right-wing authoritarianism and sabre-rattling worldwide:
INTERNATIONAL CAMPAIGN TO ABOLISH NUCLEAR WEAPONS (ICAN) and PAX: Snyder S, Beenes M, Walstra J, Riemersma M, and de Wilde J, Shorting our security – Financing the companies that make nuclear weapons, International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons and PAX joint report, Jun 2019.

I discovered this fallout shelter while visiting my son in his college town in Iowa. It is attached to the town post office and looks to be in good repair. I brought it to his attention. I personally have no desire to survive a nuclear war and/or cascading nuclear plant failures, but I can hope for the kids....




  1. There is no shelter. Humans are imbeciles. Maniacs preoccupied with war or prepping and crass materialism. Not suviving or sustaining.

    What a moronic subgroup of deranged monkeys humans are.

    The monkeys burn quadrillions of gallons of fossil fuels, that fill the air with fine microparticles and radionuclides-heavy metals and carbon monoxide. They then wonder why they are sick all the rime and stupid. The world is constantly polluted and additively pollluted from air poisons and chemicals, nuclear, chemical, massive amounts of plastics and military deathtoys and death toy poisons.

    We are on the edge of mass death. Too stupid to know it. There is no hormesis, except in the minds of the demented hormesis monkeys and the mouths of the psychopathic liars.

    Go to ukraine and Belarus . Talk to surivors of chernobyl. Talk to parents of kids, with chernobyl heart. a
    Talk to old timers and doctors. Talk to parents of kids with disabilities and birth defects. Talk to people who have no families left from cancer. Same in Japan now. Go to those places and inquire. You will be sickened, by what you hear and did not know. Japans death rate now
    is 10 times what it was. THERE IS NO PLACE TO HIDE. America is already a radionuclide sewerhole with barely breathable air, drinkable water and contaminated food . The life expectancy is now 60 or 64. 1 in 2 will die of cancer. Autism is one in 50 where it was 1 in 900 before the nuclear age. Older people have severely impaired organ reserve and it is effecting the young.

    Our medical doctors are clueless and medical system is rotten to-the-core.

    When things go very bad, 2 or more reactors will blow and their fuel pools with highlevel isotopes like cesium 137 plutonium strontium 90 will catch fire and life will not be living for anyone. The lucky ones will be the ones who get acute radiation poisoning early-on. The acute radiation victims, will have their hair fall out, open sores all over their bodies, puke their intestines and esophagus out, then bleed out of most pores in their bodies and die. Survivalism is bullshit. just do wat u can while u can

    The threat of a nuclear catastrophe is higher now than at any time since the most tense days of the Cold War, a leading international think tank has heard. Plummeting US-Russia relations, threats from terrorists and rogue states and, significantly, the behaviour of US President Donald Trump are key factors.
    Threat of nuclear catastrophe …

    1. microcarpa
      May2019:2.076&1.423 μSv/h INSIDE of a #car on Jyoban Motorway near Futaba,#Fukushima.Outside official MP reads 2.7 μSv/h.
      #Japan Abe fully reopened Jyoban MW&Route 6(min.2.7km f/Dai-ichi) 4yrs ago.
      Estimated 2 Tn Bq/yr radioactive substances spread w/cars on R6 only

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    3. Huddie Ledbetter
      Bourgois Blues

    4. “Empires are death cults, and death cults, on a subliminal basis, long for their own demise. Paradoxically, the collective mindset of imperium, even as it thrusts across the expanse of the world, renders itself insular, cut off from culturally enhancing novelty, as all the while, the homeland descends into a psychical swamp of churning madness.”

      – Phil Rochstroh, 2 or 3 Things I Know About Capitalism, Counterpunch

      Unfortunately our Nuclear Empire is a Nuclear Death Cult. there are a hundred thousand tons of hilevel nuclear waste in murica
      if u stood 30 feet from 30 or 50 lbs of it(which is not much volumetricly because it is so dense and heavy) it would kill you painfully in 20 minutes.
      Probably ebola cant tale hold from all the gamma emitters in the environment sterilizing things. Valley fever and protazoans like chagas are going gangbusters though

  2. "Doomsday clock ticks closer to midnight with the rise of right-wing authoritarianism and sabre-rattling worldwide:" Don't you have your directions confused?

    For those persons living on the southern border I think Ebola and the Plague are more likely threats. And there are some lesser diseases like typhoid fever and typhus . . . Or one could do a great bit of worry and slip and fall just right and die from a brain injury. Keep in mind that someone has to help out the least likely forms of perishing. The Drudge Report does a yeoman's job of keeping us alerted to the lesser killers.

    As a sociologist you must have a pretty good idea of the type of person who feels anxiety about the Nuclear. And how they differ from those that pick another form of death.

    1. such a dummy the ai troll is. racist ignorant propaganda and lies . cannot even get its disease propaganda straight. im sure the radionuclide saturated usa is busting at the guts to dump radioactive shit all over south and central america. Trump pompeo and bolton will probably fill their air with depleted uranium, when they start a war in venezuela and bolivia. millions of refugees streaming up north from fascist dicatators as they are now from guatemala and honduras and soon from brazil as the fascist bolsonaro cuts and burns thousands of acres of amazon rain forest and massacres indigenous people. the ai trolls puppet master is happy. Bolsonaro also promises to build 10 reactors in brazil and open many open pit auranium mines. The troll drools all over itself in the ecstasy of the murderous insanity and stupidity

    2. Bolsonaro is trashing thousands of acres or more of amazon daily. watvh the trolls that are unknown puke up a climate denial video, or meteor video, or smome hateful racist or bigot shit. get yur milkshakes out


      In the autumn of 1952, Chaplin and his family were sailing on Queen Elizabeth to attend the London opening of his film “Limelight”, when he was informed that he would be arrested if ever returned to America.

      Attorney General James McGranery had rescinded his re-entry permit on suspicion of the Communist inclinations and announced that Charlie Chaplin would have to answer questions about his political views and moral behavior before being allowed to re-enter the country.

      Chaplin satirized Adolf Hitler in The Great Dictator (1940)

      McGranery ordered the Immigration and Naturalization Service to hold Chaplin for hearings in case he attempted to return.

      On 23rd September Chaplin arrived in Southampton and in the evening gave a press conference in London, impugning to be a Communist, but rather someone “who wants nothing more for humanity than a roof over every man’s head”.

    4. French antinuclear article translated

      A hypocritical and biased debate

      "In the nuclear field, public debates are not established to seek the most satisfactory options for the general interest, but to give a democratic gloss to decisions already taken." [ 3 ]
      Despite the strong protest of associations in previous public debates, two laws in 2006 and 2016 [ 4 ] have endorsed the in-depth storage of the most radioactive waste.
      This is the same situation for the controversial subject of waste reprocessing: the so-called Multiannual Energy Planning Act already provides for its continuation [ 5 ] .
      So, what are we invited to discuss, if everything is already decided ?
      We are all the more skeptical that " there is no binding mechanism to ensure that the conclusions [of the debates] are taken into account. " 5 Moreover, how to debate while the figures on the actual volume of waste and their duration? are called "false" [ 6 ] ?
      A false debate to legitimize the pursuit of nuclear power

      While it is clear that a fundamental consideration must be made to decide the fate of waste, we dispute that it can be held within the framework proposed by the National Commission of Public Debate. The "mastery of the production cycle" and the "good management" of nuclear waste are fallacious commercial arguments to reassure the population and thus to continue the production of nuclear energy .
      We denounce this hypocrisy: the nuclear threatens our common future, the zero risk does not exist and the accident of Fukushima is a terrible warning. We demand the stop of the production of radioactive waste, thus the exit of the nuclear power. For waste already present, no democratic debate can take place before having initiated a nuclear exit plan and a freeze on all landfill projects.
      For a sustainable future: the urgency of sobriety!

      Contrary to popular belief, we could do without nuclear power without exploding our greenhouse gas emissions. For this, we must commit today to the path of sobriety, rethinking our modes of production and consumption. Numerous scenarios such as the NeWaWatt scenario show that a nuclear exit for 2035 and a 100% renewable energy mix by 2050 are possible [ 7 ] .
      Therefore, why stubbornly produce nuclear energy yet deadly, authoritarian and increasingly expensive? The solutions are known, there is more to debate, we must act.

    5. How to transform apocalypse fatigue into action on global warming | Per Espen Stoknes

      I did an ancient occult ceremony and now notice how cool these past months have been. I may in fact have over done it.

  3. Wow quite the commentary!
    stock out.


      Nuke bailout bill passes in OH after Trump operative interferes; battle moves to state senate

      Davis-Besse, and the Great Lake Erie it directly threatens with radioactive contamination
      The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that bankrupt FirstEnergy Nuclear's proposed bailout of its dangerously age-degraded Davis-Besse (photo, left) and Perry atomic reactors, just passed the OH state House of Representatives, by a vote of 53 to 43. The bailout also greases the skids for subsidizing some dirty old coal plants. The reactors are located on the Lake Erie shoreline in northern Ohio. Politico has reported that a Trump presidential campaign official intervened, urging OH Republican legislators to support the bailout, to boost Trump's 2020 re-election prospects in OH. Ten Democrats voted yes (wrong) on the highly controversial bill (House Bill 6, HB6), while 17 Republicans voted no (right). The bad Democratic votes need "spanks," while the good Republican votes deserve thanks.

      The war now moves to the OH state Senate. If you live in OH, please contact your state representative and senator directly, and spread word to everyone you know across your state to do the same. You can also phone your OH state legislator at 1-512-562-9139 and use a sample script.

      Join Protests: Toledo on Mon., June 3; Columbus on Wed., June 5; Akron on Fri., June 7. Please spread the word. Pointing to a new report, Environmental Defense Fund asks, "Why should Ohioans be forced to bail out a profitable company?... Independent research now confirms that the entire pretext for bailing out FirstEnergy's power plants is bogus." The bailouts must be stopped! Please take action! Learn more about such bailouts, at our Nuclear Costs website section.
      If you don't live in Ohio, please spread word to folks you know who do, alerting them about all this, and the various ways they can take action. This action alert can also be used as a model to follow, to resist old reactor bailouts proposed in other states
      Update on May 30, 2019 by Registered Commenteradmin
      Action alert from Becca Pollard, Sierra Club:

      Here's an updated script and list of Senate targets...
      Please pass this along to others who will want to help with this!

    2. I like Majias tongue-in-cheek comment about her kids being safe, in the event of a nuclear war in one of the old beat up 50s bomb shelter farces. Like the one in Iowa. Just get under your desk and put your hands over your head. Hell theres only 20 years of nuclear winter and an eternity of nuclear hellfire left after that.

    3. The Toll is In The Millions Counting Uranium Miners Cleanup Nuclear Waste Disposal Workers, Nuclear Weapons Workers Nuclear reactor workers.

      Oriiginally there were few safegaurds, at places like los alamos and hanford, in the forties. Lowly technicians may have had a few small-leaded glass boxes with gloves, to do experiments separating plutonium made in crude reactors from things like Strontium 90, Lawrencium, Californium, Cesium 134-137, RCobalt and more. Small hoods would not have been enough to protect them from the most poisonous radioactive substances on earth.

      The sacrificial scientists and technicians in The Manhatten Project and America’s continued nuclear weapons Manufacturing Program of 78 years.

      Eisenhower , Sec of war Stimson and, many others, told Truman that using the nuclear bomb, was not necessary to Japans surrender. One can see from the First Nuclear Reactor in Chicago, the nefarious nature of Nuclear Reactors and their inseparatability from the Nuclear Weapons industry.

      "The Columbia Journalism Review notes 33,480 is the number of American nuclear workers compensated by a government program who have died. “The government has acknowledged 15,000 of those deaths were due to work-related illnesses,” the magazine writes. “The rest only had illnesses linked to their nuclear work and may have died of old age or unrelated causes."

      And that is the tip of the iceberg. Most if not all, of the original Manhattan Project, technicians died 20 or 40 years ahead of their time. That was back in 1942, 1943, 1944, and 1945. Oppenheimer himself, died of a hideous throat cancer, in the sixties. Feinman, from Los Alamos, died prematurely from cancer.
      The lowly chemical technicians, charged with using glassware and ordinary chemicals, to separate the most dangerous-manmade , radionuclide substances in the universe.  The technicians, died young of cancer, leukemia, lymphona , dyscratias, thyroid cancers, heart anomolies . They died young or, on the job, so their Nuclear Bosses, like Leo Szilard, Glen Seaborg, Oppenheimer, The Generals, could basque in the glory of the monsterous apocolypic, poisons they had created. 

      They died, toiling in their little, laboratories, with inadequate safeguards and protections. They died in Chicago, At los Alamos, at Lawrence Livermore.

      Some died on-the-job from exposure, to the most poisonous-radioactive substances on earth. Most died from repeated exposure, to high level gamma-beta radionuclides: like californium, ruthenium, rkrypton, strontium 88-90, cesium 134-137, radioactive cobalts, iodine129 130 and 131, ytrium and many more These Man-Made,  radionuclides were the by-products of fission mixed in with their "Precious". Precious being the plutonium these bloodthirsty  people so coveted. 

      The sacrificial technicians, were trying to separate these radionuclides,  from the plutonium .  The plutonium, their bosses lusted after. Many died on the job. We will never hear about that.

    4. All for the glory of the Generals and Nuclear physicists. Vain-glories, who could care less about the biological effects of these apocolyptic poisons and,  still do not. 

      Thomas Edison Knew. Thomas  Edison's x-ray tube technician, died from tumors all over his body, from playing with x-rays. Edison also experimented with radium, Edison had a technician get sick from Radium exposure. Edison himself, got sick from it.

      Edison said "No one should play with radiation or radionuclides  they are incompatible with life,"  40 years before the ghouls unleashed their madness, at the University of Chicago.  There was a scientist in the 1920s,  who meticulously documented the mutagenicity of radioculides and radiation in fruitflies. He Showed that radiation induced-mutations, in a first generation of fruitflies of a particular strain, could destroy the strain. He showed that one-singe radiation-mutation induced in the first generation of flys, caused the extinction of that strain, after 10 repeated strains were birthed, from the mutated progener.

      The generals and nucleoape
      physicists knew about Edison

    5. , the Curies, the Fruitflies. They thought to themselves and, said to themselves, "What has that got to do with me and my Lust for Glory and money"

      Later, the radioactive waste from that first-filthy little graphite reactor, had to go somewhere.  Where did the poisonous apocolyptic-radioactive byproducts go. The deadly waste, of this pile of graphite and radioactive hell, glorified by the nucleocons again-and-again in historical, propaganda-brainwashing docudramas,  go?
      Few have bothered to pay attention, to these inconvenient side-notes of history.

      1. The Sacrificial Technicians, who delivered the plutonium of the bombs.
      2. The Victims of the criminally disposed radionuclide by-products later.

      This was the beginning of
      all the disingenuous lies and propaganda, we have been fed by the generals, the politicians and scientists, over the years. 

      The radionuclide death, was not sequestered or buried safely, underground.

      Some of it was shipped to other places in the United States.  Only God knows, what those places are.

      Some was buried in a park in Chicago.
      Some of it was shipped to West Lake Landfill, By Nuclear Sub-contractor Mallincrodt Chemical, outside of St Louis, Mo.

      The nuclear waste,  from the first nuclear reactor, is burning out of control, to this day. It is burning withe the West Lake Landfill. It is  insidiously-poisoning and irradiating the families in the vicinity of the landfill!

      It has not gotten any better. Karen Silkwood knew.  The Victims of the Plutonium Fires at Rocky Flats, in suburban Denver, knew and know.

      People around WIPP know .  The nucleopushers and politicans, will never safely sequester the radionuclide death. They will say it is too expensive. They will say, the waste is, not really so dangerous.

      Long live the American Nuclear Empire!

    6. The Nuclear empire propaganda media, is saying "At least there has never been a Chernobyl in America" after the HBO Chernobyl series is done.

      Jesus christ what a shallow statement. America never had a chernobyl!
      America detonated hundreds of open air nuclear bombs on its own citizens, in the heart of the western United sates from 1952 to 1963.
      The fallout went to los angeles AND all the way to the east coast.

      The military and nuclear industrial complex, also hoisted up nuclear reactors in the air at jackrabbit flats nevada . They purposely melted them down, to see the weather patterns the fallout would follow.

      The military and nuclear industrial complex, at hanford caused a puposeful partial meltdown of a reactor called the green run in 1949, to study the patterns of the flow of the radioactive iodine, in the wind patterns of the surrounding areas. There is a whole graveyard of dead women and babies in walla walla washington, from that crime.

      There were two complete meltdowns of research reactors in Idaho.

      The awful molten salt nuclear reactor at Santa Susana by los angeles melted down 3 times in ten years!

      We will never know the true extent of three mile island because it is the most covered up accident in nuclear history.

      The oil companies and military detonated over 20 nuclear bombs across the united states under major rivers, and over major aquifers in tennessee, georgia, new mexico, and colorado as a form of nuclear fracking to release oil and gas from oil shale, in the 60s and 70s. The results of these crimes are more insidious than chernobyl. Many kept secret. Not as publicized or easily documented, but they are worse, because they were deliberate.

    7. How Corporate Right wing parties Used Facebook to profligate and inundate blatant lies in the recent Australian election ROBERT MERCER Cambridge Analytica-style and KOCH-I360 style

      "It was a similar story in Sydney, in the multicultural electorate of Bennelong. Brian Owler, a former president of the Australian Medical Association running for Labor in the seat, says: “I was still explaining to people on election day that there was no death tax. It was really hard to convince them. They’d seen it on Facebook. I think it had a big effect.”

      Bannon the fascist-spook is aces at coordinating this kind of bullshit

    8. High Level Radionuclide Waste, is composed of concentrated, synthetic beta and gamma emitters. It is a byproduct of fission in reactors. It is lethaly toxic at a 50 billionth of a gram. It is pyrogenic and can react with materials to generate heat, gasses, fire and explosions. If a person were within 20 feet of 50 pounds of it, for 20 minutes, they would die of acute radiation poisoning after that 20 minute is up.

      It is the most radioactive and dangerous substace in the universe and Trump is insanely reclassifying it as low level nuclear waste.

      From Democracy Now

      Trump Administration Plans to Reclassify High-Level Radioactive Waste as Low-Risk

      HEADLINEJUN 07, 2019
      H10 trump administration radioactive waste nuclear energy department low risk

      The Trump administration is planning to reclassify high-level radioactive waste as low-risk, in a bid to cut as much as $40 billion from cleanup costs at nuclear weapons production sites around the U.S. A top Energy Department official called the proposal a “responsible, results-driven solution” to the problem of nuclear waste disposal. The move was condemned by environmentalists and scientists who say the waste needs to be contained in facilities deep underground. In a statement, the Natural Resources Defense Council said, “The Trump administration is moving to fundamentally alter more than 50 years of national consensus on how the most toxic and radioactive waste in the world is managed and ultimately disposed of

  4. "We’re in an age of ‘apocalypse anxiety’ and will never stop worrying about doomsday"

    ND: Does anyone actually read this monstrously long comments. This last one must be at least two foot in length. And shows little in the way of talent for composing polemics.

  5. this is an antinuclear blog troll many people read them except u . and u r paid to read them. go eat some peanuts and drool over jordan peterson.

    1. we ahould post some more since u brought it up.

    2. Mars and travel to Mars – will kill astronauts with ionising radiation


      Slow Down

      Elon Musk once said he’d likely move to Mars in his lifetime. But before we settle the Red Planet, the European Space Agency (ESA) urges extreme caution.

      That’s because it lacks the natural barriers that protect us Earthlings from cosmic radiation, which would put astronauts at risk of deadly health conditions. But they’re working on it — the ESA says it has partneredwith particle accelerators to recreate cosmic radiation in a controlled setting and build shields that can protect future explorers.

      Harsh Conditions

      Astronauts on the International Space Station are subjected to 200 times the cosmic radiation as people are on Earth, according to ExtremeTech. On Mars, that number jumps up to 700 — scientists have even suggested that Martian settlers may rapidly mutateto adapt.
      “The real problem is the large uncertainty surrounding the risks,” said ESA physicist Marco Durante in the press release. “We don’t understand space radiation very well and the long-lasting effects are unknown.”

      Shields Up

      The ESA found that a six-month stay on Mars would expose astronauts to “60% of the total radiation dose limit recommended for their entire career.”

      Ongoing experiments suggest that lithium is a promising material for future spacecraft and radiation shields, according to the press release, but they haven’t reached the point at which space travel becomes safe.
      As it stands today, we can’t go to Mars due to radiation,” said Durante. “It would be impossible to meet acceptable dose limits.”

      READ MORE: Radiation Makes Human Missions to Mars Too Dangerous: ESA [ExtremeTech]

    3. Dr Wertilicki ahort youtube on teratology. I do not see som much here about the combined and multiplied chemical, heavy metal, enzyme , radiation and biochemical disruptin effects of biocumulated radionuclides in gestating women but it does have a basic discernment between mutagennicity and teratogenicity and states that most of mutagenesis and mutagens lead to teratogenicity and morpholgical changes of the fetus in utero

      Teratology in a Nutshell - YouTube

  6. I see that all the Anonymoi are still kicking. I think you need to get your hands dirty and do some planting. Grow your own food. Spend some time in nature. You read too much stuff and much of it is simply erroneous. You are outside your league. Sorry but science is not your forte.

  7. nsaid like a true nuclear-shill

    1. Teratology in a Nutshell - YouTube

  8. Atomic bombs in California dams in order to blow them if the USA were invaded. And the removal of the atomic bombs in Orville
    Dam during the crisis back 2017. Anonymous surely knows this but others may not.

    "New California & The Oroville Dam Update"

  9. the trolls work hard to degrade antinuclear sites the work hard to disrup the flow of hard information about radionuclide science and nuclears catastrophic consequences


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