Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Curious News: Moon Bases

I was reading the news this morning and saw that Shimizu and Kajima Corporations of Japan have been investigating building a moon base with concrete produced by mixing moon soil with melted ice (also extracted from the moon) using remotely operated construction machinery:
Japanese general contractors looking to build base on moon (Sep 18 2018). The Mainichi https://mainichi.jp/english/articles/20180918/p2a/00m/0na/013000c

Shimizu Corp. launched a frontier development office in April to find business opportunities in space. About 10 staffers are conducting research on how to construct a base on the moon....  Kajima Corp. has been conducting research on building a moon base with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) since 2016. They plan to send construction machinery to the moon and remotely control it to build a base. 
A moon base!

Last week I watched the Netflix documentary Unacknowledged exploring UFOs. The documentary reverses the argument that no compelling evidence exists for UFOs, alleging that decades of documented sightings by US military members, astronauts, and civilians have been discredited through propaganda aimed at cultivating doubt.

I am personally agnostic. As XFiles Fox Mulder was noted as saying: I want to believe but cannot quite get there....

That said, I was taken with the testimonials offered in the Unacknowledged documentary and have pondered the possibility that the military-industrial complex may have technologies that have far outstripped the everyday energy economies of 99 percent of us on Earth.

Indeed, in a previous post I joking requested that any local aliens AVOID sharing or leaving behind any technology that humans might reverse engineer.

As far as I can tell, we have a proven failure to use technologies first and foremost for peaceful purposes....

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